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  1. ya im trying to figure out a way that i can maybe fiberglass it into there somehow but there is more things in the way behind the eq so it will just creat more problems but ill have to figure something out.
  2. ya right now all i have is the sub hooked up to it and it does a great job of making up that stock electrical system that i have in the charger, just trying to get some more cash and im going to start on the big 3 and get a new battery. This weekend i will be installing that T1000-4ad and i will let you know it sounds.
  3. Ya I know I scratched it with my dremel butt I'm cleaning that up and painting it. It has gaps because the clips on the back of the shroud don't hold it in place very well but I fixed that with some velcrow so now it's flush.
  4. There used to be a poket there with my bass boost knob but then I decided to fit this in there. I like it a lot better. Haha and that cable is my iPod/iPad connection I would have liked it in the glove box but my damn IPad won't fit.
  5. Ya for some reason my ipad gave it more depth then what it really looks like in person, it's actually really flush.
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