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  1. Thanks, now I can get started... I'll let ya know how it goes, hows it sound in your buddies blazer.
  2. yessir, i dont care about seeing out the windows, u got the measurements and pics? that'd help alot, as far as ported or the way the speakers face im game for whatever sounds best. thanks...
  3. do you possibly have a sketch and a list of cut measurements. thanks
  4. 38" wide, 30" high, 28" long possibly 30" long if back is angled for hatch, i have a cadence z ultra drive 7000, could i do a 4th order possibly...
  5. i have a 2000 s10 blazer and wanna build a box to fit in for 4 15's and keep my back seat, its a 4 door and my 15's are some cheap lanzar maxp154d. can anyone help with type of box for biggest results and if so can u send deminsions, thanks...
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