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  1. Thanks I was planning on mounting the extra baffle outside the box, but I guess I can extend the box .75" in Depth and throw that in there so I don't have that extra .17 displacement.
  2. XD II'm pretty sure I figured it out on my own, just trying to get a second opinion. Didn't mean for my first response to come off so smart-assish haha my bad
  3. Saving wood isn't an issue. I've never heard of 45's hurting people's scores? And I don't know how to use torres box calculator which is why I was hoping someone would double check and help me out
  4. Well yes, if you actually read the post you would realize I used the12volt.com, accounting for displacements. Re Audio tells me the tuning will be at 31hz which I know is off.
  5. Planning has to be done today and building tomorrow as I go off to College in like 2 days... I'm building a new box, and picking up another SA-12 (already have 1 at the moment) running off a BRZ1700.1D. Sundown recommends 1.75cuft per subwoofer, I assume this is after displacements? The box size I am looking to build right now is 32W/14.5H/23D with a 4" slot port, which is a gross volume of 4.922 before port/subwoofer/45 displacements. I will be sealing off the trunk of my Cobalt SS sedan in the nearish future, therefore the port will be on the front (same face as the subs). Will it matter if the port is in between the subs or if the port shares a wall with the box? As far as port length goes, I used a mixture of the12volt.com and RE Audio box calculator to calculate tuning, and I'd like some input. I want it tuned between 32hz and 34hz (doesn't really matter too much to me, it's a daily driver). Right now, in the RE Audio calculator I have that box with a 4" slot port, 30" long. After port displacement my it says my volume is 4.021, each subwoofer is .14 displacement if I remember correctly, so -.28 = ~3.741cuft before I add in 45's? Therefore if I use small 45's in all the corners, ~3.5cuft and the 30" of port length should be perfect for a ~33hz output correct? Did I do any of my math wrong? Will 45's and a double baffle be enough bracing? Thanks
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