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  1. Thanks for the input......I guess I'll have to I live in the Bahamas and the order and ship it here is costly over there is only 2 of these subs in the Bahamas
  2. Wanted to know the cost of it to recone mine
  3. Did you have the same sub
  4. Front part of the box it's a bit small
  5. If u look good u can see the gap
  6. {http://i957.photobucket.com/albums/ae54/anejo1/image_zps1cef02f0.jpg}
  7. Hey I have a Soundstream xxx 18 (it's a beast.....love it) and I was playing the other day and I start the hear this flapping noise so the thought it was the box so I went to brace it and then I realized the basket has lifted from the motor (the bolts that held it together rattled loose...is there anyway to tighten them back without destroying my perfectly good soft parts
  8. 35x30x15 box size?

    http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g5JdJW5OecM Check it out just throw some ideas out to you it's possible....
  9. 35x30x15 box size?

    Ok I'll stay tuned in what ports you going with
  10. 35x30x15 box size?

    I have the same issue with my sub and car sound stream xxx 18 and 07 civic ex coupe