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  1. If I could chose any of those cars it would be Steve Meade's ISF, CIVIC, or Tahoe! Also, 97ssblazer's Tahoe or Impala, along with RFaudiomustang's Mustang.
  2. Looking forward to seeing vids of this soon! I just joined your 517 Audio group on Facebook and man, you and your group have some amazing and clean builds! Are you still going to use the T2500-1bdCP? Those speakers look good bro and that paint job is sick! This is by FAR the cleanest Tahoe I've ever seen!
  3. Nice! The paint schemes on the Impala and Blazer came out REAL nice so this should be sweet too!
  4. Wait, you had the Monte painted? I always thought it was blue?
  5. Would be sweet if we could get a taste of what those 12's do to your Tahoe!
  6. Love this build so far! Can't wait to see it painted and shaved.
  7. Oh gotcha! This shall be a sweet build bro!
  8. Nice, can't wait man! Did you leave some of the audio/appearance looks on the Monte? (Like rims etc.)
  9. So, any idea of subs and interiors for the new build?
  10. Beautiful Monte man! Is the custom fiberglassed trunk panel removable? Oh, two more questions (I joined the forums around the time you sold the Impala) did you have a system in the white Impala and I remember you saying something about "1 good sub powered by the T1000-4" did you ever have a last system in the car?