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  1. I was leaning towards Rhino. Still considering it. However I did contact Vault Pro about their safes and they seem very well built and secure. Likely going to go that way.
  2. So I am going to be in the market here soon for a new gun safe. Don't really trust the cheap one I have now. I am looking for recommendations you guys might have. Aiming for the ability to hold roughly 8 or so rifles as well as a few handguns and some other valuables/important documents. I'm not looking for a cheapo one either. I'm all for buying a nice one now and having for a long time. Any suggestions? I have been looking at some from Liberty as well as Rhino Metals but honestly am not sure which way I should go?
  3. Spent most the morning shooting. Started by running 250 rounds through the FNX. Shoots great. Not too snappy even with 124gr ammo. Ordered some 9mm in bulk for it this evening. Then I spent the rest of my morning dialing in my gas block on the 308 before zeroing the scope for 100 yards. Shoots a lot nicer with the correct gas setting and didn't have any failures in the 150 rounds I ran through it. All in all good day.
  4. Went out for ammo this afternoon and came back with a gun.... FNX9. Shop happened to have all the FNX line in. I had wanted the 45 but came to the quick realization that its taller grip and longer barrel were going to make concealment a bit harder. Have not shot it yet as it was dark out and raining by the time I made it home.
  5. Got the last few pieces in. Should be able to get the 308 running nice with the adjustable gas block.
  6. Put another 100 or so rounds though the 308 yesterday. Did 20 rounds 1 at a time in the mag, all locked back just fine. Did not have a single failure. However I am getting a consistent 1:30 ejection. Pair that with some cases that look like they are being stripped from the chamber a little early is leading me to believe the gun is a little overgassed. I went ahead and ordered an adjustable gas block for the rifle. Should make things better.
  7. Those marks are from locking lugs in the extension right at the top of the feed lips. I gave the gun a good cleaning and lubed it up as it was quiet dry. I will give it anther try this weekend. Will also try the 1 round in the mag to make sure it locks open each time.
  8. Well guys I need some input. Ran another 6 boxes of ammo through the 308 today. Had 2 failures to feed, both in the exact same fashion. The case if making it halfway into the chamber before being stopped. They both show the same marks in the same location of the case. No issue clearing as simply pulling the charging handle rearward an dropping the mag allows the case to fall free. One of the rounds was PMC 147gr 308W, the other Aguila 150gr 7.62*51. Not thinking it is an ammo issue. Using PMAGS as I don't have any other mags to try. The feed ramps look good with the exception that the feed ramps in the Aero upper don't perfectly match the Faxon extension feed ramps. However I don't think this would be caused by that difference as they are getting stuck at the very top of the feed ramp in the extension. I'm wondering it the sharp edges of the new feed ramps are just catching on the cases?
  9. Barrel has arrived. Starting to look like a rifle. Already headspace checked the bolt to the barrel and as expected with the Faxon barrel and Aero BCG, headspace is right where it should be. Only issue that has come up is the standard charging handle I have seemed to be bent, causing the handle to ride up the BCG face thus jamming the bolt carrier. I was able to correct it by hand and it now functions properly, however I do not have confidence in it now. Gonna go by my local shop as they carry BCM parts to see if they have any 7.62 charging handles in.
  10. Ordered my barrel and bolt carrier group today. Coupe more odds and ends and I should be ready to put this thing together.
  11. Im at exactly this point with my build as well. I have everything but a BCG, barrel and optic. My stock will be here Friday.
  12. Well I located and ordered an M5 builders set that was listed in stock. Just waiting for a reply on Monday from my FFL and the company to make sure it goes through. FIngers crossed...
  13. I'm checking the sites frequently as well. Unfortunately I don't have the ability to check most of the day when at work.
  14. Awesome collection. I went and looked at a DPMS 308 lower today. Much larger than the AR15 counter part.
  15. Indeed I have read up. I have signed up for multiple websites to notify me when they come in stock and I do check frequently.
  16. Cool just checking. Never tried the Ford tool. I have the Lisle tool and it works great.
  17. 5.4? If so have the spark plugs been changed recently? If not, a large chunk of that 4k might go to having them changed by the dealer... Other than that, nice truck. Besides the plug issues the 5.4 makes for a great motor.
  18. I have worked this one out before in high school. If I remember right it came out to nearly 11 million dollars....
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