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  1. ok i just finished and deliverd the box ibuilt for a guy i work with it was for 2 10s 12 year old MTX speakers these look like crap but holy crap they where loud as hell amp gain was all the way down and it was set 18db + at 40hz wit gain off we left it like that they where shakin stuff inside his house and they worked well with rock and rap songs tahts what he was lookin for and i use sheetmetal as my coners just to see if they work ill take pics of one of the corners to show ya have they came out :^Forevrbumpn :^ PS my first box sucked nuts lol i am gunna redo it with the sheet metal corners and take my time a bit
  2. i ave did 2 of these so far 1st one didnt come out as great cause i didnt get hte 45 degree angle to work rigt(i cant cut them lol but im buildin my second one 2night ill post what happends on this one 2 10 old mtx speakers
  3. he showed me the same way as shown and now i can design a box just buy usin my cell phone its all in the math lol
  4. im gunna buy a plane ticket come over there and stand there and look at it scratching my head saying wow i think it be worth the price for the plane ticket (it could be better then sex to stand there and look at it LOL
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