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  1. so your getting 270amps from a oem ford 130 amp stator just because it has a copper rectifier ? anyone can buy those rectifiers i have stacks of them and i have the same jumper harness i have $100 that alt wont break 200amps
  2. no pics needed please read all the rules not just some of them.
  3. thanks for the feeedback guy ill post a work log next week with the build common vert :hairtrick:
  4. its the compitition around here for get spl and bass race its alll on who knows him more then the next person lol so fi q over revo?
  5. some of the people around here talkin like theres a waiting list or something stupid probly just people talkin most of the people around here act like scotts there best friend and blah blah lol
  6. fi Q ? is there a wait on getting them still?
  7. what price :db: lol i wasnt thinkin lol you asked the question and out came my answer lol
  8. so that sub is a + and ill be useing it in my Vert
  9. http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cf...tnumber=293-612 anyone think this is good for the money i have around 220 to spend anyone else suggest somthing else?
  10. o darn throw out bearing is gone had to buy a new clutch lol there goes a good 600 got stage 3 6 puck clutch from roush
  11. just 2 hours ago i walked all over the cobra with the blower got about 2 cars on him from a 50 roll and from a dig i took off quicker and he didnt have much time to catch up befor i turned off
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