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  1. i have what i think is 12 gauge wire and the relays are 12v/40amp i think.. maybe 24v.. they are relays from a hid relay kit and i have 10 amp fuse which i think should work since they are led light bars
  2. thanks for all the help guess next time will put pin numbers... only problem with that is not all relays have the same pin numbers.. but anyway thanks for the answer
  3. the red is power the grey is ground the magenta is power to the two lights in the back and the blue is power to the front bar.. the question i was asking is can i wire the two SPST relays to a single SPDT switch and turn the front light on and off then the back lights on and off... i really dont want to wire two power and ground runs from both relays so i was going to splice one relay into the others power and ground
  4. i am trying to wire my light bar and two 3x2 led lights to two separate SPST relays but to the same SPDT switch already mounted in my dash and was wondering if i could wire them like this the red and black lines are the ones i am concerned about.. they come off the power and ground pins from the relay and connect together and go to one ring terminal insead of two
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