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  1. This forum is the best they are so excepting to noobies and can always help with any questions you could have. Is it me or am I the only one that thinks it's funny when you see other forums complaining about how smd forum sucks because they get banned so fast. I just think they are jealous of the best
  2. Yep and it's hella easier to
  3. http://www.carnetix.com/optional_cables.htm this would have made it a lot easier for Steve.
  4. That's a Lil confusing if you don't know what it is at first
  5. I feel bad for welders having to use 2/0 ga and that stuff ain't exactly the most flexible
  6. It's not bad to run the two different runs just make sure you are not consuming to many watts because amplifiers draw in more power than they put out so if an 200 watt amp had a 90% efficiency rating than its using 220 watts The ground might be the problem for the four channel but make sure all of your speaker wiring is good and you aren't shorting out but to improve that ground make sure the paint is scraped away from it and tighten it if it shakes loose use a lock washer
  7. Yes you can just throw a toggle switch in the middle I know some systems bass sounds bad with some music but great with bassie music
  8. You can run the power wire through the firewall then run it under the floor trim clip panels back to the amps
  9. It's a lot of work for smaller system but for bigger systems that are trying to squeeze ever watt out of their system it helps with voltage drop and you charge in higher 18-19 volt range to get that from your alternator you need a adjustable vcm (voltage control module)and then you need a step down module to lower the voltage to the rest of the vehicle if you are looking to get extra power its easier to get 14v batteries and a vcm xs power makes some good vcm's
  10. I would get two small awg distribution blocks or make your own and hook all positives to one block and all the negatives to another they are all connected internally you wire them together so you don't bottleneck and will keep your voltage higher also make sure to turn the voltage as high as it can go to do the remote just use a wire from positive and put it in the remote and put a switch between to be able to turn it off
  11. Steve did a good job and I loved when that glass shattered like nothing.
  12. You need the crossover at the final impedance because your crossover doesn't know or care if you have two speakers it only matters the ohms if you have two 4 ohms in series its 8 ohms so you would need a 8 ohm crossover if you have two 8 ohm in parallel its 4 ohms and each channel needs a cross over if not you will have mono sound and why do all this work for sq but only run mono
  13. Thanks everyone for all of your replies anytime I need help with a question I know I can always have positive reinforcement at this forum. I really like the hifonics and the sundown ideas again thanks to every one - meridianofinsanity
  14. Thank I will look into those sundown E's what amps do you think would be a good pair for two of them?
  15. I'm not on too tight of a budget its flexible I haven't chosen the amps I will build the box my self I have installed systems before i will build the system around the subs
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