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  1. Cool to see a lot of names I havent seen in years! I still lurk every now and then. Havent done much with my blazer this year. Blew the motor, put a new motor in it, made it to a couple shows, got my 160 sealed, and shattered the windshield. I bought a house so havent had much time for it really. Its been parked in my shop with the battery bank pulled and on a charger.
  2. Is there any way to get my build log out of archive? has been a while since ive been on but got some new content id like to put on it if possible


  3. Working all the time. lol. Gonna be at a couple more wi shows this year with it. There should be one in eauclaire which should be closer your way.
  4. Swapped out the soundqubed 4 channels for some crossfire ones. Also working on some doors for 4-5 crossfire 8’s per door
  5. Also, my windshield is breaking even more. Crack is spreading pretty quickly. Windshield seal is breaking as well. So I’ll be finishing up the roof mods soon with some 1/4” steel reinforcement along the inside of the windshield. Hopefully that will help door panels are also getting destroyed. Even with bolting my door panels on they are getting destroyed. So soon they will come off, doors will get a bunch of vibraflex, and will be making some wood doors
  6. Been a while since I posted. Quite a few changes happened and many more in store. Recently swapped out the soundqubed 3500’s for a crossfire 16k 😎. Man this thing puts out some crazy power. Wired at .35 and rising to 1.1 I clamped just over 21,000 watts. I’m so close to a 160 sealed. Best I’ve been able to manage is a 159.9 sealed on the dash. I’ll be working on switching everything that’s soundqubed in my truck to crossfire Made some adjustments to the wall. Shrunk about 1.5 cubes and extended the port 7.5”. I now have better cone control and don’t bottom out like I used to. Feels more punchy and peaks a bit lower.
  7. Shot of the amps. The piece that the 4 channels are on will get changed out to make the rca’s Look better. But over all super happy with how it turned out.
  8. All subs are mounted and all the amps are wired up! Been playing for about a day now and holy fuck. This is gonna be a killer system. Super punchy and the highs like to choke you. Was having some issues with one of my amps cutting out. So will have to get that looked at. But so far super impressed with it.
  9. You just gotta call full throttle batteries and ask for an empty case. They are technically display models. They cost about $40 shipped.
  10. Got my cmax battery secured and hooked up. Also deleted the agm under the hood using a full throttle empty group 34 case.
  11. From everything I have seen, these are worlds better than agm’s. Plus the weight savings is huge when you’re talking 100 pounds vs 600 pounds of my last battery. Bank And I will be deleting the agm under the hood. Got an empty group 34 battery from full throttle batteries. Will look like I have a battery under hood but will be empty
  12. I bought 3 banks from eBay then had paid someone to have the buss bars made. Then I assembled, cased it and hooked up the balancer. I’d say I have around $1,100-$1,200 into the bank total
  13. Super excited to see what all the buzz is about with the cmax banks. A teammate of mine hooked up a 110ah bank and could play a full song on a crossfire 16k at .5 ohm with the vehicle off and drop like .5v. Getting really excited to see how it does for me
  14. Getting close to being able to mount the subs! Got all the speaker wire ran and wired up. Even wires that won’t be seen gotta be neat. Got the seal off panels done with 5 layers of fiberglass. Got them body filled and sanded down. Got the first coat of black for the baffle done. Just need a second coat and it will be all ready to mount the subs!!
  15. Got two layers of primer and the first coat of white on now. Gonna look great with rgb's inside the wall Also got my 140ah cmax bank assembled and ready to go in
  16. Added the 5th layer of the baffle today, body filled and sanded the entire inside of the wall as well as the outside of the baffle, and ran a round over over the outside of the port So many screw holes to body fill. Lol
  17. Lol. I’ve been trying! We got a snow storm last week so that set me back a bit. Almost done inside the box. Just gotta sand, paint, and install port. Buss bars get here today for my 140ah cmax bank. So I’ll start on getting that all set up soon. Gotta redo my wiring under my hood and add a bunch of frame grounds and a couple more power runs.
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