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  1. Did some calculations for the wall specs. Decided to shrink the internal volume a little over 3 cubes and will be shortening the port by 4-5”. Good thing I didn’t glue in the port yet. Now I gotta resin over all these seams and resin the wood Box specs should be right around 28 cubes after all displacements tuned to just under 32hz.
  2. Starting to put the baffles on! Only have a pic of the first layer, but I have 3 out of 5 layers installed now. Will be working on the port today and hope to get the 4th layer of baffle on.
  3. Thanks man! And The box was 38” wide, 29” deep, and 20” tall. I believe it was about 5-6” from the tail gate. Tuned to 35hz with 17 sq inches of port per cube
  4. Thanks man! And yeah I’m constantly itching from that shit. Definitely one of my favorite parts of the build tho. Play some good tunes and get it lookin nice and smooth. Your build was one of the main reasons I got my blazer. And one of the first guys who really got me into audio. Its crazy thinking a couple years ago I was watching all the builds on smd thinking I’d never be able to do anything like it. This forum and many awesome members like yourself are really the reason I’m where I’m at today! You guys goin to slamology this year, I neeeeeed to hear that burban and meet you some day man.
  5. Getting the finishing touches done with sanding. The inside. 5 layers over the wheel wells and 2 layers over all the seams. Also got the layout for the baffles drawn up
  6. Starting all the fiberglass work. 4 layers over the wheel wells so far. Starting to fiberglass all of the seams. Time to make it rock solid 😎
  7. Thanks guys! Lost a bit of motivation with all the shitty weather, but ive been getting motivated again!
  8. Been a while since I updated. Been dealing with either -50° Weather or 3 feet of snow fall. So I haven’t done much to it in the last month. Got the wood roof finished. Final thickness is 2.25” thick. Then got the sides glued into place and connected to the roof with 45’s. Still a lot of work to be done, but the next step will be a second layer of 45° on top, attach the back sides, then work on fiberglassing over the wheel wells.
  9. Progress has been slow with the cold weather finally setting in. Was able to use a small propane heater inside my truck to warm it up enough to start my wood roof. First layer is 1/2” mdf. Second layer is 3/4 mdf. 3rd layer will either be 3/4 or 2 layers of 1/2”. So roof will end up being between 2 and 2.25” thick. Once the wood roof is all done I’ll be able to get the sides permanently mounted and things should start moving pretty quickly after that. Layer 1: Layer 2:
  10. I also installed a set of helper springs to help handle the weight. One set installed. Have another set to install if I need it. Super easy to do I was surprised. Raised up the back a couple inches
  11. Small update. Got the sides cut and glued together. Working on figuring out how I want to do the roof. Either a wood roof and then attach sides to that, or just a standard double layer top to the wall.
  12. Made some more progress. It’s not all glued in but that’s roughly how the floor of the wall will be. I took some vacation from work so I’ll be working on it all day tomorrow. Hope to get the floor all done and start on the sides and top. Its coming together a lot faster than I thought. Really excited to get this done working in the winter sucks. But it has been in the 30’s here all week so not too bad. Got some nice lights to work with when it’s dark. Don’t mind the shitty pics. Phone sucks taking pics at night.
  13. Got everything vacuumed out and cleaned up. Still had a half hour of daylight left, so i figured I’d start building right away! Not much but got some pieces cut to be bolted down to start to build off of.
  14. My goal for the 2 18’s was 155 sealed on the dash didn’t quite get there. It was 154’s sealed and just under 156 with window open. Yes my new goal is a 160 with this build. Gonna be close but I think I’ll be able to get it. Got a lot of work ahead of me that’s for sure!
  15. It was pretty nice today actually. About 30° most of the day. It definitely sucks building outside over winter that’s for sure!
  16. After hours of cutting and sawing, part of the wall is out! I sure built it strong. Triple layer all around was not fun.
  17. Thanks man. I’m still indecisive on what ohm load I want to run. Cheap route would be to just get two recones for the blown subs I just bought and run all 4 of my 3500’s at .35. But that’s gonna take a lot of electrical. Otherwise I can recone all 4 with D1.4 and run each amp at .7. Would be $900 in recones if I did that but then I have 4 brand new subs rather than 2 new and 2 broken in subs. We will see what my bank account allows for. I think I will be selling off the agm’s to go lithium too. Not sure yet. But I have 4 months till the first show of the year to be playing so I better get to it!
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