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  1. Got my box all finished. Came out pretty good I think! Will be putting it in tomorrow on my 1 3500 at 1 ohm. Have a second 3500 on it's way and will be here Tuesday. Will have them on full power with 2 3500's at half ohm each
  2. It's a tight squeeze to fit everything in this box. Would have loved to do double layer of wood all around, and a triple baffle, but in order to meet the requirements of street stock class, the box could only be so tall. So I had to make it work! We will see how it sounds by this weekend. Hoping for a 152 once I get it on full power.
  3. What knobs? The bass knob? It's from SPL Cartel. He's got a bunch of different styles. All of which are sweet. Can get different color carbon fiber wraps too. Look up SPL Cartel on Facebook for more info
  4. Got another mechman 240a. Got it from a friend who said it had spiked in voltage so may need regulator replaced. But he said his alt plug was kinda janky, so it could have been that Talked to mechman and it would be only $42 + shipping to repair. So I bought it from him real cheap. Took to autozone, and it tested out good, and mechman said it should be good to run, so I put it in! Works great!
  5. Thank you! And all of that stuff has been done over the course of 3 months or so. Just haven't updated the log. Had to go through and download all the pics off of photobucket, shrink the photo size, then re upload everything. But I got it all figured out. Also, Went to an audio comp yesterday. I did pretty well. Placed 1st out of 8 people for street stock 2k. and 3rd out of 14 people for 139.99 bass race. When i was going up against the guy for 3rd, my phone glitched, and I was about 5 seconds late playing my song, so I tried to catch up, but it didn't work. I was already way too far behind. oh well, maybe next time. Still took home a trophy for each class I entered!
  6. Thank you! And yeah. Lol. Very similar but looks much better, and has a linear slope for the potentiometer. On The lc1, 3/4 turn was almost 100%. This is linear so 1/4 is 25%, 3/4 is 75% etc..
  7. And lastly, I got two hdc4 15's that I will be putting in pretty soon. Will be building the box pretty much exactly like the current box, but about 5" taller.
  8. The fiberglass had some pockets and dents in it, so I figured, I had all the body filler and paint, might as well re fill and sand and paint them to match my speaker pods. I think they came out pretty well
  9. Changed out my LC1 for an SPL Cartel knob. A team mate of mine is the one who makes the knobs, and so far I LOVE It. And when at shows, my laptop tends to die after an hour or so of me using it to meter myself, and others. So I got a small power inverter and mounted it in my glove box. Perfect fit!
  10. Changed out my kenwood double din for a pioneer avh-x491bhs. This way I can run it in network mode, and I have much better eq settings. LOVE this head unit so far. I also put in a rockford fosgaet pbr300x2 for the tweets in the dash.
  11. It has been quite a while since I have updated my log. A good amount of work has been done to it. First, I pulled all of my sky high cca runs and replaced them all with 2/0 welding cable
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