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  1. What's your opinions on Percision Power PDX-10k? Is it a good amp for the dollar? Does anyone on here have ran this particular amp. There's some good reviews on Sonic Electronix...if it matters. [email protected] watts [email protected] watts [email protected] watts [email protected] watts @16volt Sonic Electronix price at $1199
  2. Gonna try to sell my 1-DD9515 & 2-Crystal CMPX2 15's and pick up.... 1. 2-FI SP418 D2 2. 2-DD9518i D2 3. 2-DC level 5 or 6 18's D2 4. 2-FI BTL N318 D2 5. 2-Sound Quebed HDC418 D2 Which subs should I go with, once mines are sold any pair of above should be no money issue.
  3. Got a picture of current box with three subs, but it's on my phone and I don't know how to past it here...lol
  4. I wanted to do a 4th cause I know it's going to work.
  5. This said...maybe in a 4th order if the subs were sealed dd by itself same goes for crystals. But sharing same common chamber. ...this might not a good idea. But i'm gonna try it anyways. I'd say 5-6 cubes sealed (1.75cuft for dd and 3.5cuft gor crystals) and 15cuft common chamber before port displacement. And port will be 16sqinch per cuft @47hz.
  6. Ok....so even if i'm running all three in a huge slot port box and have the two Crystals in one chamber and it's oww port amd DD the same with its own port, but divided chambers. ...this said you all think it would sound sh**ty...you all should hear it...lol.
  7. For 5k watt...one run of 0ga +-should support it. Because one 0ga at 14.4 volts at 5k watts, your amp draw is 347amps....and one 0ga should support 150amp draw from a amp,found that at the12volt.com site. Hope that helps
  8. And I've already got a ram-designs slotport [email protected] for my DD9515 already, I have ran my opti 4k to it' and now I just picked up thr crystal's and AQ3500 a week ago. And with my current box for the three subs @35hz, DD with ram-design box doesn't even come close to the loudliness and flexing as now. I just want to experiment with a 4th order...if it's gonna be louder.
  9. 3 runs each 0ga +- 55ah agm under hood to 2 XS D7500 with 225HO alternator with 120 amp @ idle. XS is picking up ampere power slack. With the two mono amps and one 4 channel amp for highs...roughly 9k-9.5k watts.
  10. Also, I've got them in one big slot port box now with divided chambers and it's very loud...both tuned @35hz. Why not a 4th order??? Just experimenting a 4th from slot port enclosures...maybe it'll be stupid loud.
  11. I've got the subs...why not use it. My 2cents...
  12. I want some inputs/advice (LxWxD) to build a 4th order (band pass) enclosure. Utilizing 2- Crystal CMPX2 15's and 1-DD9515g. Limited to space cause I'd like to have my rear seats on my 88 4Runner. Maximum space would be 38.5Wx31Hx35D with my rear seats still available. Now, I'll be running two amps to power the subs...1-OptiDrive 4000d and 1-Audioque 3500d ( 1st version). The Crystal's will be wired .5ohms to the AQ3500 and DD9515 @1ohm to the OptiDrive 4000. Can I seal the three subs in same chamber or I'd have to divide DD from Crystal's? And can they have common port chamber? I don't really want to wall my Runner cause I use it for hunting too, rather have an enclosure that I can take out during hunting season. My calculation on space I mentioned came out to be 21.16cuft. Is that sufficient enough for my 4th order? And would I be able to fit all three subs in that and have a 1 to 3 ratio, as needed for the enclosure.
  13. K...gonna ditch lead acid batts and go with agm batts. Thanks for all the info...
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