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  1. I am running a Rockford 2500 1bdcp on my bass and the voltage meter is going into the yello and red zone when my bass hits. I'm running 1 XS power D3100 and the stock FJ crusier alternator which I think is 130 amps? Whats the biggest moset relaible alternator I can get for it that will bolt right in without any mechanical or electrical mods? Thanks!
  2. Sounds like my battery is defective then if a dome light runs it dead over night?!
  3. Well its only about 6 months old. I wonder if there is something wrong with it? Is there a way to test it? Is it covered under warranty?
  4. I have (1) D3100 battery under the hood to run my vehicle and stereo. I left the dome lights on all night and My vehicle wouldnt start in the morning. I connected an AC/DC power supply direct to the battery and set it to 14.4 volts and 10 amps for 3 hours then It started right up so I then disconnetced the charger. My question is did I do any damage to the battery or shorten its lifespan by doing this? Thanks!
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