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  1. Im getting two subs so I would wire to down to 2 ohms
  2. Hi Im gonna purchase either the Pioneer TS-D10LS4 10" sub https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/Subwoofers/D-Series/TS-D10LS4 or the JL Audio 10W1-4 sub http://www.jlaudio.com/10tw1-4-car-audio-tw1-subwoofer-drivers-92186 What would yall choose between the 2 subs?
  3. @Joe X "port diver's side" Do you mean the port on driver side facing the seat?
  4. OK by the way do you make boxes? And yes i have enough room back there.
  5. lilflippy


    What is your HPF set at?
  6. What's your amp? Also, list the max dimensions for the box. Someone here (probably Joe) can whip you up a design easily. I have a Alpine MRP-M2000
  7. Hhm right now im at 1.38 cu ft net after sub after port displacement and tuned to 35Hz.. Just wondering if ill get a little bit more by going to 1.5 cu ft net after port displacement and tuned to 35Hz
  8. OK so when going with the manufacturers it's better to going with the biggest ported enclosure that's recommend in this case the 5th Gen type-r is 1.5 cu ft net. Correct?
  9. So ya think a bigger Ported box would be better for the 5th Gen type-r's
  10. Yeah that's what i was reading in the manual. Says anywhere from 1.0-1.5 cu ft net And port frequency 32Hz-37Hz What do ya think?
  11. Hi I just bought Two of these Alpine Subs SWR-12D2 They are going in my 97 F150 Extended cab truck. I have already taken out the back seat so the box would go there. What port tuning do ya reccommed? Also how many cubic feet per chamber after sub and port diplacment? I listen to rap/ Hip Hop music Please reply back thanks
  12. Hi interested in running the Alpine MRX-M240 Per channel into 2 Ohms: 2400W RMS x 1 (14.4V On my two new Alpine SWR-12D2 Does anyone have any reviews on this amp? Please reply back thanks
  13. @detroitdb Thanks pretty kool forum lots of info here. So ya recommend a tuning of 32Hz for the rap/hip hop?
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