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  1. Got a question... My receiver has an impedance selection of either 4ohm or 6ohm and all my speakers are rated at 8ohm. So what should I put my receiver selection on? And what does this mean for my speakers if it's not matched 8ohm and 8ohm
  2. BTW, Im selling some Klipsch speakers.. but i rather not ship, waste of money...so if anyone local wants some speakers... (2) Klipsch Synergy SB-2 Bookshelf $150 (2) Klipsch Synergy SB-20 Bookshelf $225 and a set of Wooden Stands for either set
  3. Nice on the 55" I wish i would gone with that as well... lol.. Well, retail of everything i have audio related is pretty pricey but i got some deals so actual price i paid is in ($) $700 Receiver (paid $0.00) $560 for (4) Bookshelf Speakers (paid $250.00) $1000 for (2) Towers (paid $450.00) $240 for Center (paid $50.00) $450 Sub (Discontinued model i paid $200) I bargain shopped and got most of my stuff brand new for fraction of the price. some stuff i got used and it looks and sounds brand new.. so if you figure out what you like you can get a good deal if you bargain shop. I wouldnt paid full price unless you cant find it any cheaper, theres always a deal out there somewhere.. i started on craigslist and ebay.com for some of my stuff, then i bought brand new on the rest at a bargain deal.. If you want some Klipsch speakers, i'll help you figure out what to get based on your budget. let me know
  4. Had a suggestion by someone on Klipsch Community about better speaker placement... i think im gonna take away the addition side surrounds for now, and i moved the rears more to the REAR...
  5. Thanks! Not a bad starter, I've seen some of the custom home theatre's on here from some members, I'd hope to do something like that when we buy/build a house. For now this is very sufficient.
  6. Prolly because my TV stand is around 70" wide lol.. eventually i'll get a projector... 120" screen would be a lot nicer lol..
  7. Also, hope to upgrade the center speaker, its an older klipsch model (which doesnt bother me) but i am selling my older model Klipsch bookshelf speakers and this center is to go with them.. The current center speakers is 1/8" too wide and wont fit inside the shelf space on the TV stand, thus i had to put it on the top of the stand, blocking 3" of the bottom of the TV, so we plan to mount the TV on the wall and i would like to upgrade to an even bigger Center channel, either a Synergy series or Reference series Speaker.
  8. [quote name= Gem132' timestamp='1313428082' post='1648754] Looks real nice man,, how do you like the klipsh towers they look pretty good ?? And is the sub good with lows on music and in the movies ??? i havnt experienced much of any other speakers except for samsung "in the box 5.1" ... lol... so i would say i love these Klipsch speakers, I just recently bought the towers, so far i love them, very clear and sound is on-point. music and movies sound great! As for the sub, Only thing i hate is that is down-firing on the wooden floor boards and they vibrate/rattle/etc... it hits really good lows and excellent on music, my wife always tells me to turn it down lol.. It can overpower the sound sometimes... for what it is, it fills the room very well.. My plan is to eventually pickup a Klipsch 112 Sub. ( forward firing) nonetheless, for my first home theatre setup its sufficiently satisfying lol.
  9. Well, im newly married and this is our first place and I've always had the "5.1 in a box" type of deal in my bedroom at my parents... now that we got our own place... it was time to spend some money and upgrade...so I bought a 7.1 Let me know what you think.. 46" Samsung LED HDTV Onkyo TX 800 (somthing) Receiver Klipsch F3 Towers (Left & Right Front) Klipsch KV-1 Center (Havnt upgraded yet...) Klipsch SB-20 (Left & Right Surround) Klipsch SB-20 (Left & Right Rear Surround) Klipsch Sub-10 Here some pics... (thanks to my wife for decorations)
  10. Must been while ago because works great on my Mac and my intel Mac! No problems on computer. But this is great app for your iPhone especially.
  11. Hmm. Heard some bad things with some droits. Works great on others.. Weird
  12. Sweet! Good deal! Need get more people try it out!! Available for PC and Mac
  13. But you can also add the other services like you AIM, Facebook, yahoo, google, etc.
  14. Oh just use the Palringo account service. You register Palringo then you can edit that profile with a nickname (can change nickname anytime)
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