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  1. just some break in runs at half power(about 700 each) the sound quality is great even though the camera cant tell. please ignore the acadamy award winning film work!!! first sounds from my dc audio subs
  2. did you check all the fuses for acc/ign also fuses under the hood. what year is your truck? does it have a gmrc01 interface for the deck wiring? if all else fails just run your stereo ign wire down to your steering column under the dash and slder a connection to the 12 guage brown wire in the main ignition harness; just make sure you add fuse at that location
  3. ill try to do pics... and for those who asked... i am currently in ss12nw
  4. i just want to say thanks to Rusty for coming through for me on short notice... just received a pair of L4D2 for my geo and if all goes well i will be purchasing 2 more of them for the box that i have built for 4 15,s . Also need to thank thumper02 for the connection that made this possible. cant wait to hear these in my car and see if a 150 is in my near future.
  5. see video(geo flex) money is tight so all i can do is eell and re buy. just want it louder... 150+ on music would be nice on only 3000wrms
  6. hi christian, I have the T2's now (the geo metro) but dont have the money for 2 more or the amps to run 4 of those, which is why i was thinkink of 4 T115's just dont want to blow those
  7. so 750 each is what they would get with my setup , probably not enough
  8. Ill be splitting 3000 rms @2 total to the four , will that be enough... or should i shoot for different subs, the rf T115 runs 500/1000 so i would have been right in their range
  9. have a box built for 4 15's that was designed for Fosgate but am haveing second thoughts and considering options. Build specs are about 16 cubes with a 200 square inch port 22.5 long. Tuned to 37Hertz. Just was interested how the MT would do with this application?
  10. i cancelled my stay at the hilton and got a room at the plaza last nite; it may be close enough to walk but that would be quite a long crawl after the party!
  11. its a start for now, hoping to do a full window trick once i get the box for 4 15's in there
  12. 36 with the system inside, 46 w/0 car has about 199k on the engine so time to look for a replacement; is there any one else out there with a geo that is doing any numbers? id like to pick his brain
  13. 2 T215D4 and 2 PRO1500BD amps, 3000 watts total at 2ohms, tuned at 37, cabin at 41-44: so far ive got a 149.9 on a TL legal,....148.8 on music. Thanks
  14. Here is a short video of my little roller skate, tell me what you think
  15. i have 1 15" P3 15 for sale, there is a crack in the dust cover but it has been sealed with acrylic cement. selling it for $80
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