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  1. if i remember right when i had mine the advantages was a single control over multiple amps and as for the line driver side of it i think it could do up to 10volts per amp output......much better than the 2-5volts most decks do. but that will only benefit you if the amp can take that much without clipping. so there is a potential for gains, but sieng that its already a beautifal 160 vehical, those gains might only be in tenths.
  2. read somewhere...water and a midol. no i havent tried it, but it makes sense. i usually try not to drink enough to bring a hangover to bed to wake up with. HAPPY NEW YEARS dont drink and drive and be safe around the fuck-tards that do.
  3. cant try, they line up with each other so it would overlap. result would be loss of port velocity and possible cancelation. i am already losing a portion of the bandwidth just having the port back on the high bass notes. but its just killing the 35-45 range with output. already finding loose spots on the car that werent there before the introduction of spl
  4. sorry for lack of updates. got the new subs they are level4xl d1 with carbon caps. and a 5K to run them wasnt hapy with the sound quality of the port firing front so i am back to the drawing board to find the right length out back. DID not want to do this. it sacrifices little space i have and torments the hatch integrity. pic of amp in place location of the 3sixty.2 knob and the bass knob for the dc amp... i do plan on getting them to match
  5. felony on record means no gun. if you can get it expunged down to a msd, you might have a chance but violent offenses especially if done with a weapon, you have a better chance of winning a db drag with a walkman and headphones than the DOJ grantint you permissiion to own or carry
  6. weekly bump, make me a lagitimate offer on the box
  7. is there maybe a slight difference in mounting angle? have you considered painting the inside of the box a less absorbant color also?
  8. no the 15teens are gone ive tried to take it off the sig but no luck.....i just did a cold meter on the coils and they are 1.9 each with my dmm
  9. ill get some cone pics tomarrow and exactly what the coils are resting at as of now. i got a fedex estimate of $65 for the shipping. pm me your email so we can take that route. it takes me too long to load pics on smd etc.
  10. I need the tech bulliton on doing the resistor modifiction on the window module. once upon a time i had this direct tech and never needed to use it. now i need it for a friend of mine to try to solve a window issue, and cant gain access to dei tech support since i am no longer working for the certified shop i was employed at. please if someone has it can they cut and paste it for me, the link to dei dont work if you dont have a current password etc.
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