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  1. jack

    want to buy alternator

    Looking to buy a mild alt for gm 160+ large body [email protected]
  2. Way more than the 24 hours that were allotted so consider this closed. Do not post again until you can follow the rules.
  3. 1975 stingray, 434 small block stroker, full roller, afr 215 heads on a dart mill. Edelbrock air gap with a Holley 770. 560 @ the crank on 91
  4. jack

    Sub Position and Direction Questionn

    Make it a cut through the rear deck
  5. 149 stock 350z air temperature 27 over the tehatchapee stretch
  6. are able to count six fish...billions of gallons of water...rap of freaking that put then in an ice chest bring them to the ocean
  7. I understand this is last minute but if someone knows someone with access to directtechs...The dei /viper website please send the pdf if tech tip 1900 to me via email [email protected]
  8. I need somebody please to send me the documents from dei that addresses modifying the 530t modules please. steves windows are sticking,
  9. there have been multiple topics on this....i always turn down at the lights etc just to be nice......unless i had to shut sum punk with his trunk rattlin piece of shit down.
  10. if i remember right when i had mine the advantages was a single control over multiple amps and as for the line driver side of it i think it could do up to 10volts per amp output......much better than the 2-5volts most decks do. but that will only benefit you if the amp can take that much without clipping. so there is a potential for gains, but sieng that its already a beautifal 160 vehical, those gains might only be in tenths.
  11. read somewhere...water and a midol. no i havent tried it, but it makes sense. i usually try not to drink enough to bring a hangover to bed to wake up with. HAPPY NEW YEARS dont drink and drive and be safe around the fuck-tards that do.
  12. jack

    Plywood vs MDF

    when i use birch i make sure to only use baltic birch. it is 11 ply very dense and strong. the domestic birch is just a thin layer of birch over plywood and it is only 7ply and has voids throughout.
  13. whatup bro? havent seen you in a bit, when are ya coming out for a visit. i tried to contact you before but there was a problem with the messenger...then i tried to contact your woman she did not write me back anyways hope to hear from ya.