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  1. Am away from home for a month, in Fort Lauderdale on business. I have not hear or did any car audio for 2 weeks! I need a quick fix! Anything going on at all down here? Shows, bass offs, sound offs anything!
  2. What he said! I am assuming that you have 2 gains on that amp, 1 for channel 1&2, 1 for channel 3&4. If one sub is playing louder the than the other you need to gain match.
  3. Thanks a lot, in Dania Beach now, will they to find my way there.
  4. Heading to Fort Lauderdale for a few weeks, will have some time to kill on weekends, any Compilation, Events or must see shops?
  5. The rms of the speakers equal to 1300 watts would a 1200 be enough or do I need to go to 2000 watts amplifier. The speakers a beyma 10g 40
  6. I will like to play 4 10 inch for mid bass, I planned on wiring them to 4 ohms and playing them on a 4 ohm bridged amp..., but I was advised by another hobbiest that it would be a lot better if I can get 4 speakers that can be wired to 2 ohms and be played on a 2 ohms stable amp. so that it would be louder. I am looking for loudest and cleanest option. Any thoughts on this?
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