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Found 13 results

  1. How do I fit this thing in my truck without taking up half the back seat lol.. Every custom box made for this model only fits 10s and 12s. Ideas??
  2. Hi all, I'm brand new on here and looking for some direction regarding a sub. I am looking to change subs to venture out into some of the non-mainstream brands. I want to stay with just one 12" and my current monoblock is a JL 500/1 Slash series. I do not want to upgrade my amp just yet, nor do I know how much more my electrical system will allow (2009 Acura TSX....also running a JL 300/4 for mids and highs, which obviously adds to the overall power consumption). I want a sub that is tight and accurate, but also hits with authority and is relatively loud (considering having only 500 watts for the sub). I'm not an SPL junkie, but when I am in the mood I do like it depending on what I am listening to. I like well defined bass. I listen to A LOT of metal, so I need something very tight and punchy, but I do like my fair share of hip hop and dubstep. I definitely want to stay with a SEALED box. I've tried ported, and while it served me well for a while, I keep going back to sealed. I just like the way it sounds. I have been reading a lot about Sundown SA series, but it seems like that is mainly an SPL woofer...correct me if I am wrong, though. I am just super curious about them. I realize I would be under powering the SA-12 a bit, but I have read reviews of people putting 500 watts on them and being plenty happy. Again, it will be SEALED. What about CT Sounds? AD Designs? Hertz (although becoming more mainstream)? Or any other brands I should be considering. This is getting a little long winded, but let me know what other info I am leaving out to better help you help me
  3. hey, new to the site. just looking to see if anyone has any recommendations for a sub i can use with my amp and box. my box is a trunk mounted forward facing 12 inch sealed box with .94 cubic feet and a depth of 7 or 7.5 inches. i forgot exactly, i built it 8 years ago. my amp is a 2004 rockford fosgate 1500bd. the amp is rated 750 watts rms @4 ohms @ 14.4 volts or 1500 watts rms @2 ohms @ 14.4 volts. im considering keeping it at 4 ohms because of my electrical system and my other amp and accessories. im running a stock 80 amp alternator with 2 optima yellow tops and 0 gauge jl audio power cables. im also running a 2002 us acoustic amp to my polk audio mobile monitor 6.5 components for my front sound stage. the head unit is a Pioneer DEH-80PRS. i prefer SQ but would like a louder deeper bass. i have previously had the last generation 2016 alpine type r (1000w rms) but it only lasted a year and a half but did sound good for a while. also had a 2002 earthquake dbx12d (400w rms) wired @8 ohms. im looking for something that will produce better lows then the type r while still keeping the box in the forward position. im considering the SA12 D2 or the dc audio level 3 but im also tempted to get the level 4 or fi ssd neo 12. also considered the image dynamics id12 but i hear their somewhat delicate compared to my other choices. if anyone has any suggestions or any experience with the subs i listed in a sealed box please let me know. thanks.
  4. i figure the pictures have been up on facebook for nearly 2 weeks. ^ that's just one side. i'll take pictures tomorrow of it in the trunk. let me do some digging around and i'll find some equipment pictures.
  5. Ive just purchase 2 JBL GTO1202D it will be getting about 300wrms each what setup would be clean and loud? ive been thinking of sub facing cabin..trunk seal off...in a ported box Is it a good idea? and i dont know how to design the box am
  6. I've reached "Sub-life Crisis" an decided to upgrade my current system for the summer, and most definitely the local comps coming around the corner. My plan is to keep most of my gear and try to accomplish SPL an SQL. The clock started ticking an hour ago, so without further interruptions here's my current system: Kenwood Excelon Head Unit (4v pre-outs)- About a month old Rockford Fosgate RCA's Hifonics 1000.4 Hifonics Brutus 1700.1d Rockford Fosgate p3 12(2) Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 6x8(4) Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro tweeters(2) Annddddd STOCK Electrical lol
  7. I'm on the lookout for a 4-channel amplifier for my sq setup (might turn into an sql setup). I'm looking for a Mcintosh (hopefully MC431 meter or not doesn't matter), but other amplifiers mcintosh or not can be interesting. If you got anything that you think would be interesting, contact me on my email at: [email protected]
  8. I've reached "Sub-life Crisis" an decided to upgrade my current system for the summer, and most definitely the local comps coming around the corner. My plan is to keep most of my gear and try to accomplish SPL an SQL. The clock started ticking an hour ago, so without further interruptions here's my current system: Kenwood Excelon Head Unit (4v pre-outs)- About a month old Rockford Fosgate RCA's Hifonics 1000.4 Hifonics Brutus 1700.1d Rockford Fosgate p3 12(2) Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 6x8(4) Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro tweeters(2) Annddddd STOCK Electrical lol
  9. What is your all time favorite "SQL" sub ever made? Subs with outstanding SQ but also get LOUD and hit DEEP? What is your favorite, past or present, and why?
  10. hey guys, doubt any of you remember my integra build from last year, well it was 2 12s on 2.5k and did a 145 sealed on the dash. i got sick of my integra so i sold it and bought a 2010 civic. over the last 2 months sense ive had the car ive been collecting audio gear, for my build. things ive done to the car tinted windows jdm licence plate flip 6k hids tinted yellow fogs yellow daytime running lights led licence plate lights led interior lights Audio related Pioneer 80PRS (only thing installed) wirez RCA's ran from deck to trunk(great rca by the way) all shok 12gauge and 16 gauge ofc speaker wire ran. false floor made with 1/2 birch. i have focal p165v15's sitting here waiting to be installed i also have a pair of audison voce amps audison voce uno (1700w at 1ohm) audison voce quattro (120x4 at 4ohm 200x4 at 2 ohm) i still need to buy my run of 1/0 ofc wire for front battery to rear battery. waiting on box to be built subs will be sundown sa12s d2 as I'm going to be wiring at 2ohm for compition class limitations, and because I'm not sure on the power of these amps subs and port will be firing into cabin and sealed off eventually, interchangable port, white paint on the inside with plexiglass window on the back amps will also be covered with a trim piece that will have plexiglass windows for the amp. rbg leds ect this is only my 2nd build ever so ive learned from my first build a bit. but hopefully this turns out the way i want it. ill try and update as much as possible
  11. Hi guys, its been a while since Ive posted anything at all on this forum. I've been around lurking a few time hear and there and never lost interest in the hobby, but life happens and you don't always have time or money for the things you love. Well that's why I am back, technically we're back, this is going to be the build log of my hetero life mates 2016 ford focus st3. We've bullsh!ted about doing a build here and there, but now things are finally underway. Let us start by saying the "stock" radio isn't exactly horrible, its done him well so far but we both knew from the beginning it was never going to be enough. So after a few sessions talking about what we could do, what he wants out of it, and what would be best for his music tastes, we decided on somewhat of a SQL system. Then more talking and researching this is where we are currently at... The power-plant.. 4/0 Big 3 Upgrade(because why not) Kinetik HC2000-PRO under the hood US Alternator high output alt 2. In the middle Crescendo S800.4 2x Crescendo Mezzo SQ2 comp sets Rockford fosgate 3sixty.3 12 awg knukoncepetz speaker wire 50ft each of knukonceptz OFC 1/0 awg Red/Black 60+ sqft damplifier pro 50+ sgft luxury liner pro 3. In the back Crescendo 5.5K FI Audio BTL Neo 15" 8 awg "speaker" wire Now I know ill probably catch people asking why the 5.5k when we could easily get by with something smaller, but that's what we settled on, and running at 2 ohms should work out great. Besides that we know we have a lot work ahead of us, but we've already started. I've played with a few ideas on different enclosures, and have a general idea of how we are going to fit the system in under the factory rear gate cover. Stock there is about 40in wide and about 15" high and about 23" deep of room. But if we build our own false floor to replace the factory one and remove the FULL size spare, we can easily free up another 5-7in of height. So that's what we are doing. Then plan currently is to build up and modest false floor and then house the 3sixty the factory amp and the 800.4 under neath it, with an extended USB port for the 3sixty inconspicuously located somewhere easily accessible once everything is installed, and possibly a fan or 2 to help keep everything cool under there. Well run 2 sets of power to the back under the car, possibly a ground or 2 as well seeing how thin all the sheet metal is back there. A distrobution block will be required in the back as well to feed power to the amps. the 3sixty will probably steal power from the factory radio, but maybe not. The doors will get the full treatment, hopefully we can form some sheet metal in all the dead air between the door frames(there will be pics a plenty). My having access to a full welding shop comes in handy there. We already got a decent amount of damplifier in the roof, but there really wasnt any room for the luxury liner and i dont think it would be crucial if it was left out so we did. Plus just getting the headliner out and back in again was enough of a headache. Currently the carpet and the seats are out and we're ready to start putting the damplifier on the floor and pillars and rear quarter panels. I'm sure Ill have more to add as the week goes on, but most of the progress that I'm helping with will be on the weekends, as we work opposite hours. (Note: Not everything as been purchased yet, some not for the lack of trying *cough*crescendo amps*cough*) TL;DR: Cool build incoming, Stay Tuned!
  12. on monday (currently friday as of this post) i plan to order a Alpine PDX-V9 5ch amp. its gonna cost me a good penny and then probably my arm too. i was wondering if anyone knows about any other 5ch amps that are as small or close to as small as the alpine amp 10.5"W x 7"D x 2"T tiny for a amp that usually is factory rated for close to 1100rms. also wondering about amps that have built in power management like the pdx amps, so if it over heats, instead of shutting off. it instead decreases its own power until temps go down then turns the power back up so that there is NO loss in music. i will be using this amp to power 2 sets of alpine SPR-60C speakers (type r comps with 110rms per speaker rating 4ohms) and a single dayton ultimax UM12 dual 2 ohm sub 600rms rated im going for SQL over SPL...
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