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Rec on replacing battery... couple of options

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I'm looking for a replacement battery. The OEM size is 94R. It is a pretty good size battery, but the specs on them do not seem very impressive. I don't under stand why having a such a large battery wouldn't pack more power. Anyway, I have one battery in the vehicle, and it is powering everything including the sound system. I want something that is going to provide the most power for the amplifiers. I'm not sure how much CA or CCA ratings have to do with this, and I don't think RC is super important because I don't really ever run electronics with the engine not running. I do have a little dimming while playing loud bass. Would like that to go away if possible with help from the battery. Amps are rated at ~1800w rms and I think have about 180amps of fuses. I'd like the idea of power headroom, so the more usable audio power the better. The XS shows watts which no other battery lists. Not sure how that translates.


Here are the options I've found...opinions?

Deka Intimidator AGM ~$200


Odyssey PC1220 ~$320


XS Power D4800 ~$300


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