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ISO Clan Mates Diablo III - Reaper of Souls (PC)

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Clan Chief: Swampy (battle tag : Swampy#1786)

i have recently started a clan on D3, mainly with the idea of always having people to play with. I think strategy is an important part of the game, and not everyone knows the mechanics of the game. with my clan, i look to help people understand the game, and everyone in the clan is set on making each other better. people are constantly linking and dropping equipment that other clan mates can use.

If you, like me, stopped playing D3 for a while and are looking for a reason to come back...RoS is pretty damn neat. they have changed up the entire mechanics of the game since the game's original release date. If you have the expansion and are tired of playing the game alone or with people who come in and take over the game when you open it up to the public by skipping through killing complete hoards of monsters just to get to the end objective, you are not alone. if anyone is interested in learning more about the game and hopefully having a fun time with some cool guys while you grind continuously through the game searching for your gear...feel free to hit me up.

See you in Sanctuary!

I don't claim to know how to solve anything, I just practice the basics. There is nothing worse than wasting hours over a problem that should have taken 5 mins. Anything I post and claim to know, I know simply because of a lesson learned from a mistake on my part.

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