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Help with box build PLEASE

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Hey, I recently got a new ride, 2013 Kia optima 2.4. I already have 4 kicker cvr 12's dual 4 ohm and a hifonics Brutus brx.2016.1 I believe. 1 ohm stable, 2000 watt class d mono amp. I really wanna get the most out of this setup as I possibly can. I tried using all kinds of box calculators and what not, but I guess I'm not advanced in car audio enough to get the right numbers. I've been installing my friends and my own systems since my early teens no problem, but still can't set this darn amp right, so if you could throw in some tips on setting it with maybe some good box dimensions I'd greatly appreciate it. The box being the most important thing so I can get these bad boys pumping again. I would really like for them to slam, but still have a LITTLE range maybe 28-40 hz, but wanna tune it to where they will slam the hardest even if I have to give up some sound on bottom end. I like the lows the best but I know they aren't particularly meant for it. If it takes up the whole trunk, so be it. It has 15.4 cu ft of space in the trunk and 117.6 in the cabin. If you think 2 or 3 subs will do better than the 4, so be it.i want to build a ported enclosure, maybe upward facing subs and rear facing port? If  that is best.  I'm limited in my building abilities, i prefer to do all 90 degree angles, if I had the equipment for rounding and what not I would.. just went and re, remeasured ha, where the seats open and close there is a curve at the top of the trunk, these max measurements should allow me to slide the box all the way to the seat opening, height from bottom to top of trunk is 13 1/8", width of opening left to right is 24 1/4, and i would like to keep it 23" from the seat opening to the trunk. If those measurements won't work I'll have to not have it slid all the way to the seats, those measures are 16 1/2" from bottom of the trunk to the factory sub safely, from the trunk lid toward the back of seats 19", and 32 from left to right side of trunk. I came here because I heard you guys were the sh*t at this type of stuff. Steve Meade, thanks for having this forum man! And any more info needed? I'll reply asap I'm trying to get this build going tomorrow. Please if you have any input please feel free to help me out. 


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