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Things in history you may not have known

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Alright, i have been listening to a podcast by Mike Rowe. Its called "thats how i heard it". Its awesome and i love every episode. I'm on episode 72. they get posted once a week and i encourage you to check them out. i'll include a link. but you can find it on spotify and probably other formats that you already use.they are 7-10 minute episodes. 


anyway. i'll post a short story here in he theme of this podcast to give you an idea how it works. If you guys have cool obscure bits of trivia about history you would like to share, please do.


keep in mind, this is a summary of the podcast for those with short attention spans.


Now, the link and then a short story. 


episode 71

henry, was like many other teenagers in his time. but Henry's father was an ace navy pilot. Henry had just stole his fathers car and went to California with his guitar to make his fortune. He happened to be at a movie theater and the short film before the feature was about his father. He had broken the air speed record the russians had just set. It seemed henry could not escape his father no matter how far he traveled. anyway, soon after, his father tracked him down, in a private jet no less. as they were flying home henry's father asked him if he understood the gravity of his actions. henry mumbled "yes". his father then maneuvered he plane into a roll that caused henry to lose his lunch. anyway, henry got the point. 


Years later henry wen back to california, this time he was more successful. he had an illustrious film and music career. but "henry" had other aspirations. henry loved aircraft, he designed them, he flew them. One time, while flying one of his own planes he ran out of fuel. no problem since he had a reserve tank. the problem though, he couldnt reach the switch fom his seat. he lost control of the plane and died in the crash.


So you ask, who is henry? whos is Henry John Deutschendorf Jr?  Well, obviously that name wont fit on a marquee so he changed it. he changed it to a name he picked from a map of the U.S. 

he was as we know him. John Denver.





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