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Hey guys whatsup? Was wondering what your opinions are on the Skar audio dual 10 EVL setup in their ported enclosure. Was thinking about maybe picking up the package they offer with the wiring,subs and enclosure and their 2000 watt amp. I know "prefab" enclosures are not the best and don't yield the greatest performance but I figured since it's their enclosure built for their subs it may be better? I'm putting this in a 2015 Evo X and those don't have a lot of trunk space to work with but the size of their enclosure fits perfectly. I mean it could be bigger but it is in the correct range for sizing and I think it will still be plenty loud in this car haha. Besides that I am just hoping the electrical system can keep up. Im thinking an addition battery might be needed? Would it possibly be better to just do one EVL 10 ported? Easier on the electrical system and save a little bit of space. Thanks for any and all input guys. Appreciate it!

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