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Booger weldz

1/4 wave Transmissionline with RF 10”p3

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So, I threw 18-98 hertz on this from a phone app tone generator and it doesnt seem to have an issue (no audible mechanical noise  or signs of exceeding its limits below tune. Close, It gets moving, but not giving a fuss.

I Couldnt find that 3/4 harmonic in the mid 90s. I guess the offset driver resolved this. Stuffing ate it? Im going deaf, but thats up higher? 

It tuned at a 32 resonance, where the 3:1 tapered line kinda looked to be 36/37(as a constant surface area) without the affective length change...

I dunno, only have apple/Mac stuff so i didnt play with a simulator. Kinda guessing while making sawdust, err, MDF dust🤢Its only 620ish watts but it doesnt need anymore.  More so is the bandwidth, besides a big cabin gain from the GTI shape, i turn off the crossover and its got ~200 hertz playing clearly.  Set the door components down at 125 now and put the sub there abouts in the other direction since it likes to make good sound there too.


The vented box was all that amplitude in certain areas,. I really doubt a tline is a competitive SPL tool,  but totally a potential SQ choice, all that bandwidth and quickness of the driver to keep up with anything.  

Theres a strange noise in Metallica ‘ride the lightnning and ‘kill em all’ recordings at decent volumes that sounds weird during major guitar riffs and solos(?) mid bass speakers can often have it and subs...  i cant really explain the buzzing like sound, sorry, maybe someones familiar with it,? My son pointed out that its gone with this, and then i did.


ive got a 12” version of these thats more of  a copy of someone elses ideas, its all kerfed and coved corners/bends. They dont seem to be anything but cosmetic at these wavelengths. It did make me order more sound dampening for the rear hatch, lol, but i think its gonna need woofer access and the top glued in place. I had Butyl rubber gasketing but not adhered. For access to changes or maintenance. I think its got a few tiny leaks which come and go in the ends of the kerf slices edge? Id like to put another sub in it, just to go full retard, but it would need surgery to get near the line area doubled and a decent positioning in the line of that added woofer. Is there an issue with them pointing into eachothers wakes so to speak? A 30-45 degree angle towards eachother on a turn is what would result.

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