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6th or naw?

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 I am in the process of building an enclosure for a single Sundown X8 v3 powered by a Memphis 1000d and a plan on building a 1 cube net enclosure with a 4" diameter vent that will be 30" long that will put me close to 32hz. I would like to build another shell enclosure(approximately 2.4 cubes)around the ported enclosure to allow the sound to flow thru my ski port and also prevent the random stuff I throw in my trunk from coming into contact with my sub. The distance from the face of my shell enclosure would be approximately 11" away from my ski port and the opening of my "blow thru" is 4"×8".  I ran the numbers to the best of my knowledge and those numbers put me close to 52hz which would essentially make what I'm trying to achieve a 6th order bandpass. So with all of that said the question I have is will I end up shredding my sub with this design lol. 

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