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SDR Frustration

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Long time reader, first post. 
I'm tearing my hair out trying to get decent sound from some Skar SDR 18 D2s.

Through reading around, I am aware that these subs are inherently peaky at 50 hertz, due to their small motors.

I have previously built a 15 cube box for all three, with the predictable peaky response, and now want to achieve a more even response across the 30-50 hertz range. Inputting the thiele small parameters of the subs into various calcs, the results all all over the place, recommending massive sealed boxes. Another major consideration is the removability of the box/boxes. Hence, I'd prefer to have one dual box plus one single box to house the three subs, provided this won't kill the sound? 

Essentially, I've given up and just need a solid design that will give good output from 30 hertz upwards, whilst remaining as small as possible. I would consider only running 2 subs if a third, separately housed sub would be detrimental. They'll be run on a Skar RP 2000.1D, wired to 1.34 (if all three) or 2 ohm for just 2 subs.

Available space is: (can be increased if absolutely necessary)

95 x 65 x 70 cm 

Thanks in advance.


Have decided to go with only two. Using manufacturer recommendations I've designed a 9.2 cube box with a front facing slot port (130 in^2, 23.26 in long) tuned to 32Hz. Could somebody please graph the response and make any recommendations on how to achieve my goal? I cant seem to make any sense when it comes to freq. response curves.



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