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Today we take a look at the smallest amp in Taramps "Bass" series, the Bass 400. This mini amp is rated to deliver 214W at 4 ohms and up to 400W at 2 ohms at 13.8 volts. As usual, we don't always believe what manufacturers say about amplifier ratings, so we test them ourselves! Let's fire up the SMD Amp Dyno and see how this little "bass" amp performs. I'll also show the internals and some subwoofer action...check it out!

Note: this video is NOT sponsored by Taramps. I bought this amp from Amazon so all of the opinions are mine. I will ALWAYS let my viewers know if a video is sponsored and this one is not. 




See my videos on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/bigdwiz. Many tests and demos of OLD SCHOOL car audio gear!

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