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I'm trying to secure my 96 Cherokee (you know the kind where you slide hammer the ignition and away you go) and need advice on what system to go with.  It's been a while since I've been familiar with car security systems so I have a bit of a learning curve here.


What I'm looking for in a security system...


1) Goes off if the dome light comes on, in whatever form the system achieves it.  I've been told some systems achieve this by sensing a drop in line voltage.


2) Some kind of hood security.  Maybe in the form of a push pin or tilt switch.
3) Shock sensor
4) Some kind of start kill when it's armed
5) Encrypted transmission between remote and system
6) Blinking dash light
7) No loud quacking sound indicating it's armed...a blinking side light will do


Not interested in remote start or lock, and a one way communication system would be good enough.


Any questions or suggestions please?  I'm all ears.

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