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Apex Alternator Issues

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I recently bought and installed a 320a, Alternator. I noticed afterwards my voltage went from 14.4 to 13s. I took it to auto zone to try a alternator test and it said "Voltage regulator Failure". My lights would brighten as I pressed on the gas.  Why didn't it perform as well as the stock alt? Any ideas?


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What up? Hey so I'm just assuming you still have a battery under the hood and your not running a lithium set up. Just a group 34 or 31 under hood and maybe another 1 or possibly 2 auxiliary ones before the amp(s?) If so your voltage may be reading low if your under hood battery was getting weak or is weak. Its recommended to have a new, strong voltage, good charging battery under the hood that your alternator is directly wired to. Make sure also your running at least 1/0 awg wire of OFC make but most of all a good, solid group 34 that the alternator directly goes to. Especially with AGM if it's not new it will result in lower voltage straight away. Sonething like a XS power g34 I'd recommend. If you are running a new AGM then maybe the alternator isnt good or the belt is slipping since the pulley size is usually smaller. This company rebuilds their alternators and it's why they are priced less. Some are good others, well its a crap shoot at times with rebuilds. I'd like to know your set up and maybe I could help more. I'm running an apex thats 350 amps and at about 1800 rpm it delivers. Belts can slip with them but so far so good. In the Arizona heat too so they do run well. Let me know man amd good luck!

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