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Looking for suggestions on speaker placement for 3 way active setup front stage. I attached pictures of the doors, my proposed setup is to install everything in the doors. Nearly impossible to install the midbass in the kick panels as they are made for really shallow 5-1/4" speakers. The stock tweeter pods are in the door sail areas (off axis driver side, less so on the passenger side), so I was thinking of installing everything in the doors. I can't get the midbass any lower than what is shown, because the window motor is located right there.

Subwoofer:  Fi SSD 12"
Midbass:  Anarchy 704
Midrange:  ScanSpeak 10F
Tweeter: TBD
DSP: RF 3Sixty.3
Head Unit: DEH-80PRS

I read that some suggest putting the midranges in the kick panels, but I feel like being so low that wouldn't be ideal. I'm not opposed to trying to fabricate something out of fiberglass to put them next to the tweeters on the dash. Cutting the dash is out of the question at this point, but you can see in the picture the little panel below the dash is fair game, as well as the glovebox (I never use it anyways). Anyways on to the pictures:




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