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2005 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Duramax

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Hello, I’m currently fighting a larger voltage drop in my 05 duramax. I’ve got a down for sound jp23 hooked up behind my back seats. And it is powering two sundown sa v2 12’s at 1 ohm and when the bass hits at louder volume the voltage drops below 12v and I want it to stay as close to 14 as I can. 

I’ve already got sky high 1/0 ran from my factory junction block (the red box to the driver side of the engine) and it’s about 16.5 ft long. 

my question is , I believe that doing a big 3 upgrade to this truck would help me in this case, as the truck already had 2 factory 800-900 CCA batteries installed and they are almost brand new. And im looking for some tips on how to go about this since I’ve not seen anyone with real info on doing this job to this truck! 

Where are all the battery cables and grounds? How many of each are there? Where should I run the alternator charge wire too? (Junction block or one to each battery?) 


Any information is good information!

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