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Box Design for American Bass XFL 12s

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So, I’m looking to upgrade to 2 XFL 12s here shortly. Losing my mind trying to find/come up with a proper box design. I have some room to play with as I’m in a 2002 ford explorer. Only big preferences are that the box is 16 inches tall to stay flush with the back seats, 32hz tuning, aerport(s) box, and subs facing up with the port(s) facing the back/hatch.


Currently thinking 5 cubic feet would be best as AB states 2-2.5. Would love some insight on aeroports as well. Placement? How far from the back of the box? How far from the subs? What kind of area would I be looking for? 4”, 6”, 8”, multiple aeroports? Do I need internal pieces to direct the airflow to the ports? Can’t find much online on the displacement of these woofers either. Appreciate anyone willing to help out!

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For the port size and length you should model the enclosure in a program like winisd that will show you the port air velocity and excursion so you can see how different sizes of port will effect how it all performs. You don't need anything to direct the airflow to the ports except for a flared end piece. Keep the end of the port away from the back wall by at least the diameter of the port. I.E. a 4 inch diameter port should have at least 4 inches clearance at the end of the port. 

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