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Help with battery. Do I need whole new battery, or add extra battery?

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Just learning this car audio scene. Only been a couple years that I've gotten the time to focus on it, although I luv my music!! I need some serious help. Just basically a budget build, so I'm just using what I've gathered with spending lil money. Currently running a Zeus 2400.1, two 15" NVX-VCW 154v3 wired to one ohm at amp 4ga ofc. Mean Machine 3200.2 with one solo baric dvc 2 ohm s15 L7 15" wired to 4ohm at amp 4ga ofc. All in sealed boxes. And a Planet Audio 2400.4 for mids and highs. Should also mention that I have a TON of extra led lights throughout the car that I've added over the last few years. But they are all hooked to an auxiliary fuse block that I added, it's wired with it's own relay and power wire to the battery. So far the headlights don't dim, but the dash lights do. Should I add an extra battery, or just get a different, stronger battery? High output alternator? Tried to do a big 3 but the alternator on my car doesn't have a positive bolt on it, the positive wire is in the harness and I haven't tackled it yet. I did add zero gauge ground wire from battery to the frame

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