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Raw Driver Recommendation 2-way $400 Budget

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I am looking for a set of 6.5/7 inch woofers for my doors and any reasonably sized tweeters that are under 400 dollars all in all. I will be running my 2 way fully active with a sub and I have some experience with tuning. The doors are already deadened and I will be sure to mount everything rigidly and avoid rattles or potential buzzing. I will be experimenting with tweeter locations and aiming, corners of the dash firing at the windshield/tilted, and sail panel aiming at opposite headrests/windows/headliner/straight across are all going to be tested. I am considering the Stevens Audio SA-1 tweeter ($99/pair) and the Stereo Integrity TM65 ($230/pair) based on a recommendation made by a friend, $329 total for all four drivers. A concern I have is with the mids in the door, as skiz warned me on Reddit that some drivers will not last long in that environment. My goal is a sq-oriented system, and I will not consider 3-way at the moment. Looking for a decent, noticeable mid-bass, doesn't have to necessarily pound my chest with each kick. I am open to any suggestions of drivers that will perform well for a similar cost.


Other drivers on my radar include:

ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004 $140/each
ScanSpeak Illuminator D2004 $130/each
Scanspeak Discovery D2608 $105/each
SB Acoustics SB29 Ring Dome $72/each
SEAS Prestige 27TFFNC/G (H1396) 1" $45/each

Satori MW16P-4 6" $170/each
Seas Prestige ER18RNX $132/each
SB Acoustics SB17 6" $70/each
SB Acoustics SB17 6" Carbon Fiber $110/each

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