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  1. I just recently bought 2 hdx3 12s and a deaf bonce aak-4000 and aak-180.4. I currently run Polk db 6.5s and Polk db 1" tweeters and love how they sound. But I'm going to want something a little bit louder and something that can handle the power of the 4 channel. I would like to stay around $200 to $250. I also have a set of focal ps165 v1s and I like the Polk dbs way better
  2. What are these actually for on the amp. Is it the "ground" for the rca or just to hold it in there. Because they come out whenever I take my rcas out and thought about just gluing them back
  3. It would probably be a tough fit but possibly
  4. Wondering if someone could help me out with a box design. I'm running a 15" American bass HD on a apmi-2000. Would like something around 32hz I can work with 16 1/2 height 18 1/2 depth 35 1/2 width
  5. Hello this fits in a few categories so I figured I'd just post it here. But any way I switched from 2 p3 12's in a prefab box to a American bass HD 15 in a custom box. I'm currently running a punch 1000bd on stock electrical besides a deep cycle battery up front. So what would you guys recommend for a amplifier for the sub (dual 2 ohm) and do you think adding another battery in the trunk will be enough to get away with not doing the big 3 or bigger alternator due to my car being a pain in the ass for this
  6. I need 2 12s, subwoofer amp, highs and mids amp, 6x9s, and lc2i to run everything
  7. It's a 2013 buick regal gs space I don't care about. My current set up is about 1000rms. And budget is around 1600-1800
  8. Im trying to upgrade upgrade my current system I have, I currently have 2 JL 12w3 12s and its just not loud enough for me. So my current list that im looking at upgrading to is.... 2 Kicker l7 12s 1 Kicker cxa 1200.1 1 Kicker cxa 300.4 I currently have Focal ps 165 v1 speakers up front... And im still looking for a good set of 6x9s... Everything is ran off of a lc2i since I can't upgrade from my factory headunit
  9. Gain was midway from the lowest point to the half way point. And I think it might be coming from the lc2i. I shortened the ground to double check and it's still there. If the gain is all the way down it goes away. I disconnected the rca cable going to the amp and it went away. Could it be caused because I have the power and ground coming from the amp to the lc2i? And my local car audio shop only tapped into one speaker and used a jumper to fill both inputs on the lc2i
  10. I installed a lc2i and a new kicker kx 400.4 amp and at low volume I can hear a hissing noise it don't get louder as my volume goes up. When the radio is turned off kinda like stand by mode it goes away but when I turn my turn signal on it comes back until the signal goes away. My ground wire is super clean but my ground wires are around 4-5 feet long l
  11. Hey guys I'm going to be running the new kicker kxa 800.1 and the kicker kxa 400.4 on jl c3 components and 2 jl w3v3s. I'm going to be putting a new odyssey agm battery in but my car only has an 120 amp alternator. Do you think the battery and big 3 will be enough? It's a 2013 buick regal gs
  12. Iv never had a car with fuses on top of the battery and I don't want to mess anything up. So where should I place the power wire at? https://ibb.co/fsZk4v
  13. Hello I have a 2013 buick regal gs with the factory harmon kardon audio system. It includes... 3.5 " in center of dash, Fronts doors have 6.5" along with 1" tweeters, Rear Doors have 6.5", And rear deck have 2 6x9's. Im wanting to replace everything and add a 4 channel amp and a mono amp. Im going to be using the factory head unit since they dont make a aftermarket kit for my car yet. I plan on using the Lc7i to get the rca signals. I picked up 2 jl w3v3's for 200 with a box brand new so thats what im running for subwoofers. So my main question is since im going to try and run 7 speakers on a 4 channel amp (if itll even work) how would i wire it? Id be buying all rockford punch for highs and mids so everything will be 4 ohms and running them on a nvx jad800.4
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