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  1. I need 2 12s, subwoofer amp, highs and mids amp, 6x9s, and lc2i to run everything
  2. It's a 2013 buick regal gs space I don't care about. My current set up is about 1000rms. And budget is around 1600-1800
  3. Im trying to upgrade upgrade my current system I have, I currently have 2 JL 12w3 12s and its just not loud enough for me. So my current list that im looking at upgrading to is.... 2 Kicker l7 12s 1 Kicker cxa 1200.1 1 Kicker cxa 300.4 I currently have Focal ps 165 v1 speakers up front... And im still looking for a good set of 6x9s... Everything is ran off of a lc2i since I can't upgrade from my factory headunit
  4. Gain was midway from the lowest point to the half way point. And I think it might be coming from the lc2i. I shortened the ground to double check and it's still there. If the gain is all the way down it goes away. I disconnected the rca cable going to the amp and it went away. Could it be caused because I have the power and ground coming from the amp to the lc2i? And my local car audio shop only tapped into one speaker and used a jumper to fill both inputs on the lc2i
  5. I installed a lc2i and a new kicker kx 400.4 amp and at low volume I can hear a hissing noise it don't get louder as my volume goes up. When the radio is turned off kinda like stand by mode it goes away but when I turn my turn signal on it comes back until the signal goes away. My ground wire is super clean but my ground wires are around 4-5 feet long l
  6. Hey guys I'm going to be running the new kicker kxa 800.1 and the kicker kxa 400.4 on jl c3 components and 2 jl w3v3s. I'm going to be putting a new odyssey agm battery in but my car only has an 120 amp alternator. Do you think the battery and big 3 will be enough? It's a 2013 buick regal gs
  7. Iv never had a car with fuses on top of the battery and I don't want to mess anything up. So where should I place the power wire at? https://ibb.co/fsZk4v
  8. Hello I have a 2013 buick regal gs with the factory harmon kardon audio system. It includes... 3.5 " in center of dash, Fronts doors have 6.5" along with 1" tweeters, Rear Doors have 6.5", And rear deck have 2 6x9's. Im wanting to replace everything and add a 4 channel amp and a mono amp. Im going to be using the factory head unit since they dont make a aftermarket kit for my car yet. I plan on using the Lc7i to get the rca signals. I picked up 2 jl w3v3's for 200 with a box brand new so thats what im running for subwoofers. So my main question is since im going to try and run 7 speakers on a 4 channel amp (if itll even work) how would i wire it? Id be buying all rockford punch for highs and mids so everything will be 4 ohms and running them on a nvx jad800.4
  9. Mosley_23

    L7 electric smell

    I have 2 kicker l7 15 q series. I was listening to them for maybe 25 minutes then I started to smell something funny and turn them off right away. So I got home and took both of them out of them box and only one of them had the funny smell so I tested them both and the one that had a funny smell the coils read 3.7 and 3.6 and the l7 that didn't have a smell read 3.9 and 4.1. They are 4 ohm subwoofers. I'm running them with a us amps d3dm amp. My electrical is decent. I have all 0 gauge including big 3. Mechman 240. And a 3400 agm up front and a 3100 agm in the back. Do you think the subwoofer is ok?
  10. Mosley_23

    Mechman Alt burning smell

    It might be the powder coating. It's not electrical. It's a weird smell. AND yes batteries were charged
  11. Mosley_23

    Mechman Alt burning smell

    And I come here because I'm sure there's other people here that has had the same problem and know either a solution or can tell me I'm fine. Rather than call them and stop production to answer what could be a simple question.
  12. Mosley_23

    Mechman Alt burning smell

    Big 3 other than that no
  13. I recently bought a mechman 240 amp and I got it hooked up yesterday. First there is a small whine noise coming from the alternator it's self. Also it's getting really hot and smells like it's burning coating off of something. It's this normal for a new high output alternator. Sorry for a dumb question this is my first ho
  14. Mosley_23

    Box for 2 kicker l7 15s

    And the port with be 3 inches wide