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  1. I use to run this analog one. Blue Sea Systems 8003 VOLTMETER DC 8-16V 2-3/4" https://a.co/d/23y0pZU
  2. What can I do with a 240A mechman alt for a 2008 Civic? I no longer have the car so does anyone have any ideas or want to buy it ?
  3. For car audio purposes port velocity is not as important as say audiophile levels of 17 peak air velocity. Most shoot for the 30 meters per second mark because fitting a port that only has 22 meters per second is very hard. You improve peak output and reduce chuffing with properly sized ports with lower air velocity. I would shoot for 30 meters per second or under at a minimum, but 25 is perfectly acceptable - especially if you introduce round overs or a kerf port, but at that point why not increase port size? You can input RMS power into winisd too under signal > system input power. The order for efficiency is as follows (Highest to lowest efficiency); Circle, Octagon, Hexagon, Square, Long Rectangular/Slot. The further you stray from a perfectly circular port the less efficient it is essentially. That is why rectangular ports have such a huge drop off on surface area than slots, but slots are great because they offer rigidity and are space efficient because your using an exterior wall for a side of the port. Below shows the breakdown for your specific port with 54.6 inches squared port area, 29.67 long, slot port 19.5 x 2.8 (19.5/2.8=6.96 Port Ratio) also; *[19.5/3=6.5 Port Ratio]* As you can see the volume of a slot port is almost the same as an aero port but the walls of a rectangle are longer (higher surface area) than that of a circle port. 80% circular port is for those who like to use aero efficiency to make port smaller, but I would not recommend it.
  4. Hey all, I wanted to throw out a new link to the SMD tool map I have been updating since April 23, 2020 to get some more exposure to this map and gather more data. Likewise, I will link the raw data in .csv format for any future map mods to have access to. Along side this I will show the process to update the data into google maps. If you would like to update your information or be added to this map please do the following: PM @Joshdashef or Respond to this post with a location, tools available, and any additional comments you want to add. Example: AZ Phoenix. DD-1, Term Lab. Will help with setting gains, etc. Contact me _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Map Link _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The rest of this post will be like a tutorial so you can disregard unless your curious what is behind the curtain (one-time setup to create your own map with data) Sign into google account and create a custom "My Maps" Then download .csv file titled, "SMD Tool Map 20XX - RAW CLEAN DATA," from link above Follow next steps below for updating data for first time imports I use google drive to make this process a little easier but essentially you will be manually importing the data (sadly no way to automate or have live data changes show without scripting) My google sheet looks like this All cells that are highlighted are what I enter in from any request. Date/Username/County/State/City/Zip Code/Tools/A.I. (leaving anything blank that isn't mentioned). The Agg. Location is a formula using some if and concatenate formulas, so that will normalize it all for google maps api to show the markers. Updating Data You will have a blank map at the beginning or a layer already created if you are updating data. You will want to add another layer regardless then click import If you use a file type like .csv you can upload it here or use Google Drive to import (easier) Once you have your file imported, it will ask you two questions. Follow the pictures below using Agg. Location and Username respectively. 1. Choose columns to position your placemarks (what does google maps need to place a dot = address/location/gps cords./etc.) 2. Choose a column to title your markers (name of each dot placed) This will create a new layer titled the same as the file you import. We want to change to a different style than Uniform. Click Uniform Style Select Group places by: Seq. of numbers | Set labels: Username (or something else if you want) Done 😅
  5. This ^ More often than not, install quality will make or break sound quality. 1k $ speakers in a stock door sound like 50$ speakers. Try to catch sound deadening companies on a sale, secondskin always has season sales every now and then 10-15% off.
  6. Perfect timing for me! Need some of that heat proofing material you have for a headliner
  7. Gotta say though that Skar box is super clean for a pre-built and a decent price, if you consider the cost of wood tools, at 180$
  8. https://www.skaraudio.com/products/evl-18-inch-car-subwoofer?variant=30196958733 Recommended Ported Volume: 3.75 ~ 4.50 ft³ No specs on displacement, but for an 18 I would assume between .15 and .3 cubic feet. You're going to want to include what power you plan on running along with maximum dimensions
  9. Sorry Onedrive must have broke 🤦‍♂️ I have re-uploaded the 320 mp3s but you can always find these tracks on the manufacturers website here: https://www.wccaraudio.com/downloads
  10. If you want more advice for your electrical system a new thread will help you more, but when you are determining the power you will be drawing you will look at the amps outputting that power. Not the subwoofer/speakers receiving the power.
  11. Last thing I want to do is start a versus thread. Just blown away at seeing that price per foot honestly. Its got all the bells and whistles, but justly expensive. I look at it from the average persons wallet perspective compared to complete SPL builds >10k. To each there own.
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