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  1. Joshdashef

    frame ground - ampacity?

    Your hoggin the blunt man There probably is a sound reason why it works but I’ve heard mixed things. 1 You should ground to your frame! or 2 You should have ground runs and power runs all the way to your alternator or battery either way it works but as a matter of efficiency what is better? Idk but grounding to the frame seems a whole lot more cost effective once you do the big three.
  2. Working towards it. I think 5k will be the limit for this car. If I wanted to compete then I’d need another car or something.
  3. After a long hiatus of posting I have lots of plans for this civic. Planning on doing the following ordered myself a spl meter. The SSA APM-2 will update with my take on their meter and results! changing to a single 15 sp4v2 ran off some 4/5k amp likely come July. Redoing my headliner. Doing next cause the carpet is causing a vibrating sticky sound with any heavy bass sound deadening my roof while I have the headliner out may as well. It flexes a little more sound deadener for doors and foam rings for mids In door Blocking the holes in my doors with abs plastic and making new 6.5 speaker adapters from abs Might get a sa 4100i rta mic for tuning but may want to get an equalizer before doing that. My radios only can do so much
  4. I’d say around 1000 give or take a couple hundred for budget. Size could be an issue depending on it has to fit in a trunk type setup since it’s my daily
  5. Just wondering what are some amps that are rated for 4-5k. Plan on using it for a sp4v2 15 daily I like DC so far and was thinking the dc 5k but was wondering if anyone had personal recommendations from experience with any amps.
  6. Joshdashef

    Will it fit???

    Some of those batteries have an optional mounting bracket you can order off xs power to hold it all snug
  7. Joshdashef

    XS Power Battery Question

    I second this. It’s worth the cash since you have three of there batts why not? Mine works great for my two
  8. Joshdashef

    Current/Voltage Help?

    Ah okay a 2 channel then. I hope your rebuilt upgraded alt works out man. I’d say the 250 A alt with a rear reserve battery would do you good. I like xs power batts but optima, limitless lithium, kinetic, etc. are good brands.
  9. Joshdashef

    Current/Voltage Help?

    That’s the weird part about this hobby everyone has their opinion . Really if it’s been working why change it ? Your ground that is. My alt is a 240 A and I run a dc 2k with a P600X4 but I have two xs batteries as reserve. I still dip into 13.8 on full tilts but my resting is at 14.2 thanks to Honda’s eld. I really got to get an external regulator to bump it up. Anyways, as far as runs of 1/0 goes I always go based off of the max current capability since no more can go through it without the fires of car audio he’ll erupting in your new system. Since your planning on running four amps, 2 four channels and 2 mono blocks I’m guessing you’ll want to use two or more runs of 1/0 depending on the Fuse ratings of those amps. I’d just run into a battery than use it as a distribution center for all your amps - works for my two pretty easily. Even if your on the fringe of a second or third run do three just for shits and giggles you’ll be set for any future upgrades. That’s what I did and I’m glad. A single run would have worked but with two I can upgrade to another 2k or a 5k if I get some more reserve. Like always all this is my 0.02
  10. Joshdashef

    Connect two amps to my subs. Newbie alert!

    What are the model numbers of the two amps your using. It should be on the exterior. Like Prime 1200.1 or something. Gonna need that info later too. ———————— Well there are multiple ways to do what your trying to do. First off take the subs out of the enclosure (remove the speaker wire from each terminal) and use a multimeter to determine the resistance of each voice coil. Most likely they have two sets of positive and negative push posts, use that as your pos and neg leads to find the resistance in ohms on the multimeter. Alternatively you can look at the back of the sub and it will tell you the model of each sub and in turn the resistances of each voice coil. Hopefully they are the same ———————— if you have two dual 2 ohm subs then you can simply wire each down to 1 ohms into one amp and do the same for the other. If you don’t know how to do this then I suggest looking at some videos and researching before just doing it. a simplified video that can show you some info you need, and has a tool to help in the description. ——————— As far as using two subs and two amps you need to gain match them or one sub will be playing harder than the other causing wackiness. Video is kinda long but I remember this being a good explanation of the concept. You May still run into problems, in which case just ask a question. Welcome to the forum man! And good luck with your setup
  11. Joshdashef

    RF T2 Component crossover settings? Active

    I’ve been thinking of getting a rta mic and equalizing my setup. Found one for about 230. SA-4100i but not sure if I would need to get a dsp to fully use that rta and tune
  12. Joshdashef

    RF T2 Component crossover settings? Active

    Powered by RF P600.4. Birth sheet says 463 w at 4 ohms. So about 115 rms to each speaker and tweeter (tweet gains significantly lower than mids to account for this.