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  1. Snowdrifter made a helpful post about this with link to a download for a -7.5 db 40 hz. Close enough
  2. Yeah you got it, set with bluetooth and double check on other sources
  3. Imo spotify is a pain in the ass to add your own files to use on your phone; I've tried, and it seems it is now broken yet again from when I made a post last year about it. The playlist you mention is likely from the Rockford Fosgate 3sixty setup which is completely fine to use. Otherwise I would add the files from https://www.wccaraudio.com/downloads to something like apple music or google music - much easier. The difficulty with using bluetooth is that some head units can actually accommodate higher than the base source level without distorting. For instance my 80 PRS
  4. At first I thought it was a glitch or something when it happened a few days ago, but it just repeated itself tonight. I was looking at a post and it showed me signed in as @MrSkippyJ, no clue how or why this was. @SnowDrifter Ever seen/heard of this kind of problem before? Also showed his profile avatar at the place next to where you could comment, but upon refreshing the page I am signed back into my own account...
  5. Junkyard might have a wreck that you can open up and salvage just the connectors with some extra length of wire to solder into where your existing wires are
  6. While driving yesterday I think I managed to blow the coil in my T2 right door 6.5 woofer. I just had the time to check it this afternoon and did some troubleshooting. 1. Tested wires and connections with a different speaker | everything sounds fine so amp is a-okay 2. Cut and crimped on new connections to make sure that wasn't the issue from corrosion | didn't help 3. Tested the T2 woofer and had a reading bouncing between 1k ohms to 0. Should be 4 ohm. Cone and surround are in good condition, so all I can assume is either the tinsel leads were heated up and
  7. What he said ^ you can under power a sub and it will still play you can over power a sub and it will still play, but overpowering leads to heat so you won’t want to daily a 750 rms sub with 5k, but you could burp it for a competition
  8. anytime man I try to stay up to date with hardware stuff since I am currently waiting for black friday / cyber monday to buy a pc for myself
  9. SLI is only compatible with 3090 cards in the newest generation, and some other previous generations. It really is dying off for the main stream games with very few supporting it. In your case you would just want a single graphics card. They have multiple HDMI or Display ports out that can go to various monitors. You would not need a second card just to run another monitor. Motherboard choice depends on a few things; currently you only have the choice of AMD or Intel. As I said before AMD is about to announce their new cpus on the 8th, so that may adjust what you would
  10. At that point I don't think the fuse would do anything?
  11. If you were to have a more shallow angle on that 45 I would assume it would perform better. Looks to be a tight 45 with a near 90 degree bend at the "armpit" or inner curve. You could try to adapt it with two smaller fittings, say 20-30 degrees instead? I think the other issue is the port location. They should be furthest from the subwoofer, yours is right up on the basket it seems. I would assume this causes the sub to act as if it is in a smaller box. If you were to straight pipe it you might achieve better results but that also means a Mario tube outside the box...
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