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  1. This ^ More often than not, install quality will make or break sound quality. 1k $ speakers in a stock door sound like 50$ speakers. Try to catch sound deadening companies on a sale, secondskin always has season sales every now and then 10-15% off.
  2. Perfect timing for me! Need some of that heat proofing material you have for a headliner
  3. Gotta say though that Skar box is super clean for a pre-built and a decent price, if you consider the cost of wood tools, at 180$
  4. https://www.skaraudio.com/products/evl-18-inch-car-subwoofer?variant=30196958733 Recommended Ported Volume: 3.75 ~ 4.50 ft³ No specs on displacement, but for an 18 I would assume between .15 and .3 cubic feet. You're going to want to include what power you plan on running along with maximum dimensions
  5. Sorry Onedrive must have broke I have re-uploaded the 320 mp3s but you can always find these tracks on the manufacturers website here: https://www.wccaraudio.com/downloads
  6. If you want more advice for your electrical system a new thread will help you more, but when you are determining the power you will be drawing you will look at the amps outputting that power. Not the subwoofer/speakers receiving the power.
  7. Last thing I want to do is start a versus thread. Just blown away at seeing that price per foot honestly. Its got all the bells and whistles, but justly expensive. I look at it from the average persons wallet perspective compared to complete SPL builds >10k. To each there own.
  8. I’m sure it is, but just too much when adhesive lined heat shrink would be more cost effective.
  9. Damn man, some quality work there. I was expecting just another blow through when I saw a truck in the title, but nope you went full center console on this one. Tuned in for more Rip your roof
  10. Forgot to add to this old post, but I made a 2020 tool map. Not just for your SMD tools, so feel free to comment on this post below and include stuff beyond your DD-1 like a table saw or RTA mic etc. Cheers!
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