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  1. Depending on how much room you have to work with I vote for either dual 12s or dual 15s, not a single 15. More cone area either way, better cooling, etc. If you want some well made subs, I second https://ficaraudio.com/ - you just missed their black Friday sale... If your looking for DC or other brands check out https://www.down4soundshop.com/ - JP has great customer service and shipping from my personal experience ordering my SA 12s.
  2. The DMM shows good voltage then you should be fine. Check that when charged/installed it gets to the appropriate voltage (around 14.4) If you are scared of it to happening again put some electrical tape on the inside parts of the terminals. I do the same thing for my dual inputs that are right next to each other on my amp.
  3. Take note of what operating ranges these perform best at, Headways go better with AGMs. Shouldn't run Yinglongs with AGMs. Also don't mix lithium! Each of these are different lithium types. Yinglongs (LTO chemistry) if you charge over 15v Headway (LifePO4 chemistry)if you charge under 15v (13-14) Building your own you save anywhere from 100-400, depending on how much you spend on an enclosure or bussing.
  4. Depends on where you buy your wire. I would ask for diameter specs not including the shielding from the manufacturer if possible. I would buy your terminals from a place with a good return policy just in case, but generally you can fit a 2/0 welding wire into 1/0 car audio wire terminal. If not you can cut some wire out till it fits, just don't cut a ton off and you will be fine.
  5. Think about how much they earn off one cpu purchase. You won’t be doing any harm even with 10 cpus in a suit. I say it’s worth trying. Unless you have to pay an opt in fee without guarantee of any return or reimbursement of sorts
  6. If your worried wire a fan to help the heat sink dissipate heat
  7. Since you want to be efficient with your current electrical I suggest going to a dual 12 setup. I have two SA12s at 1 ohm nominal on a DC2k. If I were to redo my box I would have a side port and higher port area but thats just me. Going from one to two 12s will give you what you want... for a bit... then you will want more again. Building your own box is pretty simple just required a jigsaw, other tools will make it easier though.
  8. Honestly. Buy a different amp or get another sub of the same (dual 2 ohm) type to wire to 2 ohms. Better than running that sub at 4 ohms. I wouldn't take that p500 to 1 ohm. I have used it before, still own one, and it gets plenty hot from 2 ohms...
  9. Get er done. A tip for you. Read the Manual over network and standard mode. Choose what you want to do before installing the button is on the outside in an annoying place. I chose network mode if I remember right since I’m running active 4 channel to a single set of components. Exo has a video on it I think
  10. My deh works basically perfect with android (one plus 3T) and iOS after I updated the firmware. No issues so far. Saying that I agree it’s a little over priced for what you could get out of a decent head unit half the price paired with maybe a good DSP or something for crossovers if going active
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