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  1. Also tool, Metallica, rage against the machine, Pink Floyd, war, etc. are great for bringing the mids and highs out in my car
  2. I have a couple playlists but this is just a smaller list of some harder song my subs like. hacked my Instagram is probably the highest metering but I prefer others in the playlist Here’s my other playlist kinda long, not all songs are great for my rig but me and my other bass head bro add to it.
  3. Could try uploading to something like reddit/tumblr/etc and copy paste the urls. I use tumblr for my stuff
  4. I’d rather stick to building my own than trusting another’s work. That way when shit fucks up you can blame yourself cone area wise 4 18s is more than 4 15s I’ve heard good things from both companies but those Fi teams can take some power so longevity they might have better thermals than the sundowns. Can’t go wrong here but I’d look for another car that’s stock that you can use your alternators you already have. Then run all new wire and everything. Then the wife can’t complain your blowing windows on your project car
  5. Were the P3 15s sealed? You might be suprised at the output of two SA12s ported instead of 15s sealed
  6. I’ve heard that lto cells are better for higher voltage like you said so another option is cells that charge to say 14.6 in the case of headway cells if I recall correctly. Personally I was thinking of lithium but changed my mind for a safer option. Agm’s and depending on my voltage drop maybe some super caps from xs. I already have two agms and a charger so it is a better deal for me
  7. 350 a fuse on your main runs ? Last I checked 1/0 ofc was 300 unless I’m wrong ? Don’t want you to have a fire hazard bro be careful
  8. Membership for what? Meca ? I have a little Bluetooth SSA meter to test it but probably not as accurate as a term lab
  9. That is a pretty small volume for a 18. Don’t they usually require 7 odd cubic feet ? actually I take that back that sub only requires 4 cubic feet! Shit recone that bitch if you liked how it sounded
  10. There’s an event in July I think I’m going to that’s the 20th or something in Jacksonville. I’ll ask em then
  11. Don’t know if this is worth a look or not but https://diycentralshop.com/product-category/housings/battery-delete/ they have all different sizes for like 50-90 $ but you might find cheaper alternatives else where
  12. Always wanted to go to a show to meet some other bass heads but I'm clueless when it comes to these events. What can I expect? What should I bring? I'm guessing I should find my peak frequencies and use those to compete? or are there musical runs? etc? In north Florida if that matters. Any info is appreciated! Cheers
  13. I set mine to 63 low pass for my subs. No subsonic right now since I just am careful with what I play but when I get my SP4 in I'll be setting a subsonic to around 24 ish and probably the same low pass of 63. I ran 40 hz low pass for the longest time but switched to 80 then 63 recently. Imo I liked 63 better but its all car specific I think. If you don't want to worry about it then I'd follow what realflow said, subsonic just below box tuning. I'd play with it till you find your sweet spot man. Let us know how it goes. Also, not sure if you can find out but the crossover slope is important here. If I recall right the steeper the slope the higher you set your low pass, and the more gradual a slope the lower you set your low pass. Don't quote me on that haha just remembering some of that from my dd-1 manual. I can change my crossover slopes off my headunit but not sure if you can with yours.
  14. Update: Just unplugged the eld and everything seems to work as intended. No dashboard lights coming on and voltage rests at 12.8 then goes to 14.2 while still in park with no ac/fans on. If I rev to 2k I hover between 14.2 and 14.3 sometimes. However something notable about this is when I’m driving I’m use to seeing 13.8 on heavy songs with the ac on to get the alternator to trip the eld. but after this I saw my voltage actually dip only to 13.9 and 14 ! No ac/fans on. Minor yes, two tenths isn’t much but it sure as hell is a nice pay off for getting to the clip. Thanks again @PaCiFiKbAllA
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