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  1. Can anyone please shoot me a design for a 4th/6th order band pass that's for 4 dc XL 18's tuned at anywhere from 26-32hz and I need it to be 24 cubic feet (full sized for 4 18s) (6cubes per sub) and space is not an issue matter of fact it's going in my basement for a little while. Lol thanks ahead of time
  2. so I just got my single XL 18" a few days ago and just started using it today and my box is tuned at 29hz now I do give it this it hits WAY lower than my 2 level 3 15s but the highs/SPL isn't a loud I know its 2 15s vs 1 18 but I think it has more potential so what would be the tone/hz that would do the most DB in a 29hz box?
  3. I was wondering the same thing cody so you just answered my question to
  4. Ok SO i already have 2 level 3 15s as some of you may know but i want to get some more beefy/bigger subs i am looking at an XL 18 M2 and i was going to put it in 12.3 cubic feet tuned at 29hz now i know 12.3 sounds way WAY to big but heres the catch i have a really small amp ot only does 1200rms at one ohm i am going to get dual 1.4 ohm coils so i can wire at .7 ohms so i might get 1300-1500 out of it the level 3 15s are in 6.2 cubic feet tubed at 33hz the XL will be in 12.3 tuned at 29hz i was thinking about getting some medium but not stiff spiders to keep it from flapping all over the place and bottoming in that box but its only 1500rms going to a 2200rms sub so in your guys opinion what could be louder now lets say the box the 2 level 3s are in isnt exactly a top notch box but the XLs box would be a much better and lets also say maybe if it isnt going to be louder now, will it be when it gets full rms? i was planning to get 2 in the future but thats a while from now... Sorry for the really long story there just alot to describe here lol hopefully i made some since here!
  5. So i trying to decide what to do ive already got (2) level 3 15s and i wanted to get some more so what would be louder (4) level 3 15s or 1 level 5 15/18 it depends on if i van get a box for an 18 or not but the thing is ive got a really REALLY small amp it only 1200rms so each level 3 would only be getting 300rms as the level 5'wouod be getting 1200 so i dont know what to do here
  6. So im thinking on what to do with my $600 i already have 2 M2 level 3 15s and i was thinking about buying 2 more (i would have 4 total) BUT they would only be getting 250-300rms per sub my other choice was 1 XL M2 18 getting 1150-1200rms i know i would have more cone area with the 4 15s but the 1 XL M2 18 would be getting alot more power what would be louder in your guys opinion the XL M2 18 would be in 6.2 cubic feet tuned at 33hz ported and the level 3 15s would be in 12.1 cubic feet tuned at 33hz ported of course
  7. What what be louder in your opinion 2 level 3 15s or 1 xl or level 5 i know more cone area is important but the other subs handle alot more rms and have more motor force they would. Both be running at a 33hz tunung dont know between an 18 or 15 yet
  8. Box specs: L-ported 6.2 cubic ft @ 33hz (Ive got 2 in the same box)
  9. How much can the level 3s really take (15 inch in my case) i know there rated for 900rms but ive heard that DC way underrates every thing
  10. @WCA Rusty even though my shirt is airbrushed can it still count as a shirt that could win (even though its not a printable design)
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