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  1. Hey Rusty, 


    I see you're THE DC guy. I was wondering if you could help me with measurements on a level 4 sub? I don't know of any dealers that would have them in stock for me to go look at in person, so i'm scouring the internet trying to find an answer. Question is: what is the height the sub sticks out above the face of the box? I know the ring is roughly 3/4" but what does the surround stick up past that? 



  2. What’s goin on krusty, long time no see. I️ haven’t seen that Camaro yet either. Holla at a playa

  3. 6 Level 1 12s with b2 zero.1 152.2 dB's =] video-1509531009.mp4
  4. Hey there! Got a Shop in you area that needs A new line to spice it up? Were looking for New Brick and Mortar dealers with knowledgeable sales staff and installers to add to the DC Audio Dealer network, Shoot them a copy of this online application and if they become a authorized dealer and Let us know You got us hooked up I will send out a Free M4 Level 1 with there opening order for you that you can pick up at there shop =] If they have Questions first give us a call 1(855)775-3299 / 1(855)SPL-DBZZ and ask for Justin Henke . https://form.jotform.us/70996029284164
  5. we will update it as soon as we get all of it done
  6. Some non broke in t/s pulled with a SMD IM-SG Thiele / Small Parameters Fs 40.0 Hz Qts 0.56 Vas 1.26 (ft^3) Sens 87.7 dB Sd 78.5 in^2 Mms 162.2 g Qms 2.27 Qes 0.75 Re 8.20 Ohms EPB 54
  7. With 2 m4 Lv5 15s either a pair of 3.5s or a single 7.5 would run them fine, just make sure you have the alt and battery power for it and your good to go. If you want to be able to really push the limits of the subs then get the 5.0s. the 5.0s will make over 5000 watts each, just make sure there set super clean , the level 5 is a 3500 watt rms subwoofer
  8. Correct, alot of people liked the 2009 models looks. that was the pai amp, then we moved away from the zenon factory, and produced the a2 series amps, those are the all black models. Then we released the a3 series amps that are very close to the a2 line but with some small internal changed and put the bars back on them to bring back the "look" of the original amps. We had even had 1 customer do it on there own before we had done it
  9. As with anything in life, you get what you pay for
  10. The m1 and M2 parts are long ago discontinued so at this point if someone had a blown one it would be a basket swap, a top plate drill and tap and then a recone
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