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  1. i was stupid to just buy 3 meter rca's.. the problem is it's a little bit short.. what's the best way to extend it? what if i just splice it and extend it using speaker wires?
  2. currently... if you are going for dual core, get an intel e8400.. make sure your mobo supports it though if your going for a quad core.. then get the q6600 don't get the phenoms... they don't overclock good and are even slower on stock speed
  3. thanks for the fast reply guys! what tool should i use for that bit? it's really tight..
  4. i have a X 2000 2 door sport.. i lowered my front max just by adjusting the bolts.. it looks badass now.. i'll try to post some pics if i have time.
  5. hi guys... im in the process of stripping my interior to put in some hushmat.. i seem to have a problem in removing the bolt that is holding the seatbelt.. what tool should i use?? i tried to use a square one but it doesn't work.. its too hard to unscrew.
  6. i just pumped up the volume for about half an hour and listened to rap music . and now i hear this ringing everytime it is silent... but its not that bad though.. i remember when i was a kid i accidentally shot a handgun while inside a small room and all i hear is a ringing sound.. omg. this ringing sound has been going on for about 3 days.. i'm getting scared.. i don't even turn the volume up now.. do you think this will just cure itself or what?
  7. hi everyone! i'm kent, i'm originally from greatest country in the world, the Philippines, but about a year ago i went to Las Vegas and stayed here ever since. I am working full time and studying at UNLV at the same time. I am a brother of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. I first got interested in car audio when i heard my friend's 12" subs back in the philippines. But when i got my own car, i immediately put a kicker l7 15" and made my own box. This is my first build, i'm looking forward to upgrading soon. anyone here from las vegas?
  8. i have the Ida X100, i really love the ipod interface.. the problem is that it only has 2v pre out. do you think it's worth it to exchange the product for the alpine 9887 for better sound quality and control and a cd player?
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