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  1. Since we have the connection issues solved. Please check out my other thread. I think this would also solve a lot of problems. I think how the system was wired isnt the most efficient way to go about it.... http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/200484-how-would-you-wire-up-this-setup/
  2. Agreed I must be missing something. Got sound back on and program loaded up. Laptop battery needs charging. Now when it says unplug all inputs to 360 does that mean the rcas? Or the rcas and the speaker wire?
  3. I'll have to go back and mess with that. I was thinking since I was connected I could just start altering the eq....I started to adjust at 25hz and the sub went nutsss. Had to turn the car off. Then the sound went away all together like before. Aux stopped working too. Went to put sub back in and once again magically started working. Now sound works but the program isn't wanting to load up. Can't believe there are so many problems with this...
  4. Now the problem is trying to figure out why the HU wont communicate with the 360 properly. like i mentioned earlier, it was working great for about 2 days then it went silent (unless i crank the volume all the way up, i can hear the music very faintly)
  5. fails com 1-3 then get to com 4 and click start application and it just says Please Wait.... waiting about a minute. ill keep rolling through the com ports
  6. Did this come up for you at all? Click on the program and... hit ok, then click start application and this comes up... click continue and nothing happens program downloaded from RF site. I also downloaded the .3 version. That application pops up fine, but never shows as connected. At this point i think its a compatibility problem, need an older version of windows.
  7. things that piss me off...My Issues with my newly installed system, specifically relating to the RF 3sixty.2. Having a working system for 2 days (even though i could never connect to my 3sixty.2 via Bluetooth) Having said system magically stop working properly (no audible music unless i crack it all the way up on the HU) Hooking Aux cable to 360 and my phone and it work perfectly fine. Still cant figure out why 1. i cant connect to 360 via bluetooth and 2. Stock HU and 360 not working correctly. help and input would be appreciated. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/200334-how-do-i-sync-up-to-my-3sixty2/page-2#entry3025840
  8. ill have to go back through the Comm ports. i went through 1-10 but nothing changed. give me a sec ill head outside.
  9. Laptop(s) still not able to recognize 360. Only new device iv "found" is named Serial Port Device. I connect, type in 0000, it pairs, but light on 360 is still red. which tells me its not actually the 360. Is there a problem doing this with windows 8?
  10. I will give this another try tomorrow, we will see what happens Any thoughts on the fact i can hook up via Aux and the audio works fine? why would the HU not be sending a signal to the 360 correctly?
  11. i do not believe so. I have another thread startedon this too...i hooked up AUX to the 360 and that works fine. so must be something with the HU. i just dont know how to fix it. Nor do i know how to sync up to my laptop via bluetooth
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