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  1. he was about 5-6lbs when i found him. There is no way he isn't 12-14lbs right now. And growing RAPIDLY. haha
  2. we got a digger. haha...
  3. Update: Baby is doing great. We just took him camping
  4. anything coming for GM vehicles any time soon? It would be nice to use something like this in my Caddy
  5. please don't confuse "chicken" with "no time" or "don't give a fuck". LOL. I got better things to do. I don't even know what that "challenge" is since i never gave it 30 seconds of my time to find out.
  6. this showed up in my feed just a few minutes ago. Thought i would share it. I personally use my own tools to set gains so i don't know anything good or bad about RF's "CLEAN" built in gain settings. It is pretty cool to see the DD-1 Distortion Detector side by side in real time just to see how it compares. I also like how he made a few marks on the amp where the DD-1 says stop and the other one says stop. This is not a vs. as in some sort of a competition between the two. They both clearly have their place in the car audio world. One is good for setting itself, the other can set almost any other amp so it is not a battle but a comparison. See how they do!
  7. a good friend of mine called me up yesterday and said he had 2 Soundstream MC500's for sale and would hook me up proper. Of course i said yes and to bring them by. Back in 1989, i JUST graduated High School, my parents moved away and i didn't have but a wooden nickel to my name. I couldn't even come close to something of this caliber at that time. Anyway, when he told me he really needed the money i figured it was my duty to make him an offer he couldn't refuse and try to take both of them . I couldn't help it, as soon as i saw them i knew i had to at least try. He took my offer and they are both mine. No, i am not sure what i am going to do with them just yet. I will open them up, show the guts and run them on the dyno at some point i know that! It would be fun to do an oldschool SQ build with all vintage Soundstream amps some day. But just having them in my collection feels so nice More pics and some vids coming soon! Serial #25XX (i forgot to take a pic) and Serial #31XX (also forgot to take a pic). Ill have more updates to this post as i pull them apart and look at the guts
  8. i just want to apologize in advance for the shitty mic sound at times in this video. I have a new Osmo Mobile handheld gimble and i think it is muffling the microphone or something. This has never happened bear with it, as annoying as it can be. I am annoyed by it too! LOL. But voltage drop comparison is more important in this video than the actual sound coming through the camera mic. And one last thing for those that don't know. The system SOUNDS GREAT in person. It is as clean as it is loud. The subwoofers cause the camera mic to distort (not related to the muffled sound during commentary). But know that it don't sound distorted AT ALL on our end. Thanks! grab a sammich and Enjoy!
  9. oh also, before you say anything about my ragedy upholstery in the back, it obviously USED to be a lot nicer....but i have been beating the SHIT out of everything you see there for years and it takes its toll. Just the hatch rubbing on the trim pieces over the years and the bass slap hitting it is enough to wear it out some. But the good news is, the system STILL works great after more than a decade. Just sayin'!
  10. I have been riding around for about 12 years with (10) Group 31 batteries in the back of my Tahoe. Before XS Power it was Odyssey 2150' i am used to having a lot of weight. Somehow, i managed to do it all these years on some 295/25/26 tires with no problems But lately i have been feeling the itch to make a few changes. The system works GREAT, always has, but i want to try some of the new stuff that is out. I am EXTREMELY busy at the shop and don't have time for anything major right now, but since i have a nice row of HEAVY ASS batteries in the very back of the Tahoe, i figured this might be a good place to start. In other words EASY. Easy but HOPEFULLY effective. Oh and 78lbs vs 24lbs....i am saving more than 200lbs on the tail-gate of the Hoe. My eventual plans are: 1 more SB1000-31 under the hood to replace THAT D3100. Then i am hearing rumors (from a good if not the BEST source) that there might be 14v group 31 batteries coming out soon. If that is the case, i WILL be running 5 14v G31's and 5 SB1000-31's. Hopefully some new alternators. These Mechman's still work great but they have new stuff out now and i want it haha! Anyway, here are a few pictures. I have a 15 minute long before and after video rendering right now and it is going to take way past bedtime to finish. I will upload in the A.M. Stay tuned for results! Do caps really help? Find out!
  11. seems fine to me. I will look for a better one. This one works good for now though so i don't see any rush.
  12. smoking innocent speakers in the name of "science" is always fun.