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  1. Be patient...it ISN"T DONE YET. The pieces are just mocked up and not joined yet. So if you see a gap, that is why LOL...give me a sec to make sure this is gonna work!
  2. I decided to use 3/4" HDPE because i have so much of it. I want to make the built in amp rack self cooling with an SMD TM-1 and also something else will be kind of "special" about this box/platform. IF i can pull off this little trick.
  3. i am trying to come up with something cool yet not too over the top. If my idea go’s as planned this is gonna be something you may not have ever seen before. Maybe you can see what im doing, but i wont say till it actually works. I have been known to have a great idea and then scrap it later just to do something totally different.
  4. time to get started! i know it has been a while but Jaybirds schedule (6 days a week)plus mine (7days a week) makes it hard to connect, especially to take his car for a few days. He got another smasher recently which means he can finally drop it off. Here we go!
  5. i got amazing footage of Phil Anselmo and the Illegals shredding the stage at Oakland coliseum a couple days ago. They gave me a photo pass and i was up front as close as you can get on the OTHER side of the barricade. Just me and security...and THOUSANDS of people behind me. I think i need to make a youtube video of this! They did the “Vulgar display of Pantera” Trubute set and the crowd was going crazy. That shit was fun! Oh this time i took Brandon with me...his first concert!
  6. i do! haven't posted yet though. I probably will today.
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