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  1. Finally got around to finishing it! Well it's not all the way finished, just needs a few LED's and that is it. They arrived last night
  2. it made a BIG difference. That thing ain't playin...even with the flex line i used to have (for the full run). MDF was never a problem before with the Jet (my 1.5hp) but the bigger stuff sometimes had a problem. MDF dust was always easy though. Oh, thanks man! I am paying for it right now. I have about 7 cuts and they all sting. LOL
  3. All of the live video we put up (from the actual live feed) got hit with copyright so we had to delete it and do a little editing when we got home. The reason it isn't exactly the best quality is because we shot everything live-stream and that is what Youtube gives you LOL. I have lots of MUCH better quality footage from another camera i will upload soon! Thanks for watching!
  4. As i scroll through the page in the following link, i am seeing tons of stuff that influenced me. Tons of stuff i had or wish i had. Most of the list seem's on point. I don't know who wrote it, it's obviously their opinion. But it was well put together and almost cracking the top 20 was damn nice! Thanks to BestCarAudio.com this was a great read! hit the link and tell me you haven't owned or wanted to own at least 10 items (at least if you are over 35 years old ) https://www.bestcaraudio.com/top-100-most-influential-car-audio-products-of-all-time/
  5. Ok it turns out that my new CNC machine arrived THAT Saturday and he also got called into work again...but THIS Saturday, yesterday, he came by and we go the alternator installed. The job is finally officially over. More Juice, less birdies.
  6. A little behind the scenes with the actual video down below - enjoy!
  7. My bench starts to suffer after about 5,000 watts but you can still get a good idea how much power this thing puts out. I tested this thing repeatedly, i tortured it...and it had the same results each time. Check out the video below! enjoy!