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  1. we have had him 5 months almost exactly....he was 7 weeks when he arrived. Just clocked in at 50lbs. He looks bigger than 50lbs because he is one big furball haha!
  2. this is the reaction i was looking for right here...i hope i still get it when it is installed too hahah! thanks man
  3. my good buddy Jay from next door is going to turn the lettering on the Turbo and also the intake pipe black. It should pop SUPER hard. He is also going to shoot my engine cover black/white as well as some other pieces under the hood to match what we are doing.
  4. Just got everything back from the guys at AIC Powdercoating here in Sacramento. They got it done a week ahead of schedule!! You think it looks good in the pics you should see it in person! Oh just so you know, i am going to turn the "Garret" lettering (logo) on the turbo housings and the Armageddon logo and lettering on the intake pipes black. Also, yes, i powder coated the intercooler too. The end caps are super glossy and have plenty on them. The fins are mainly just dusted enough to turn white. You can kinda still see the aluminum'ish grey on the inside. So for all the experts out there, relax. It will be just fine. Next week we get started (if all go's well). I am waiting on my electronic cut-outs and also the Catalytic converters which will be put in AFTER the dyno testing and shit. I want this thing to be a Caddy still but with balls. And it will. Enjoy the pics!
  5. I have been meaning to do this video for a long time now. About 5 years ago discovery channel came by and wanted me to break stuff with my speaker box. So we did. We tore up phone books, bags of chips and broke some glass. It was on TV and all that good stuff. Someone actually accused me of "bending the glass" because i was using 2 hands. Recently i had some scrap glass laying around and i decided to do it again but with 1 hand. Just to show i didn't bend anything...but the bass did. Great, now i have more crap in my box...lol
  6. this system for some reason still uses the rear half of my stock system. But you KNOW i'm gonna change that out. One thing at a time thanks a lot man!!! i appreciate the comment my bro.
  7. These youngsters basically grew up around DB Drag with their dad. I have ran into them many times over the years. They were about 12 last time i seen them but now they have mustaches and stuff...and are GIVING the demo's. Good times!
  8. Believe me mine sounded like a tuna can before i did this to it. Now it's NICE. I didn't know how good i had it till i ran into someone else with the same RZR recently. While at Pismo Beach, our "Neighbor" (camped out beside our spot) noticed my RZR and came by to talk for a bit. He saw the RF on the side and turns out he was an oldschool audio-nut like me. We both have the same exact year Polaris 900 just different colors (and of course other MAJOR aftermarket differences). I noticed he had some 1" Styrofoam foil backed on his doors. I had to see if it worked. It really didn't do anything at all. Total waste of time. My doors on the other hand have been AMAZING with one layer of Damp-Pro. Believe me if you would have heard this tin-can when i first got the doors you would be in awe of the difference it made. Not just rattle but resonating in general. So This product is great for sound dampening for your sound system, road noise and also OFF road noise! My RZR sounds and feels like a Cadillac with just this one mod. If you have metal doors, try it and see!