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  1. Setting gains with a DMM is pointless. Use a DD-1 and get it right the first time!


    1. SnowDrifter


      One if the first car audio tools I ever got. Hell I got it before I even had a car so I could set gains on some DJ amps. It's one of my most used tools

  2. congrats on the episode!! i know i will be tuned in for sure!!!!!
  3. haven't had to regain or "tune" anything yet. I was optical out before with the mac mini and now i am optical out on the Sony. No voltage before, none now. Nothing really to change.
  4. Chicken's batteries were super low...but i charged them up enough to do a short demo or 2 :D CELLY MOTHAFUCKIN' CEL in the building. Watch for CHP Part 2.
  5. i think i have sent some to Hawaii. I don't think sending a quart is a problem. I am not sure though. Try to place an order and see
  6. nahhh there won't be any deleting of this post. We need the entire forum to know who they are talking to just in case you post again. You sound like a stubborn, ignorant noob with an attitude. These guys know what they are talking about. SMH.....i got a headache now. Actually, now that i think of it, after the report that just came in, i think you won't be posting here anymore.
  7. video #2 because the quality of the live video earlier sucks so bad @ 480p. Looks terrible. Here is a slightly better video.
  8. i can't say much right now because it isn't set in stone, but lets just say someone important wants to see a current (like today) video of the Tahoe in action. So i called the wife over for a demo. Lucky she has the day off because i wrecked her hair lol! This was filmed LIVE on youtube so the quality sucks major ass. 480 at best lol! But it is what it is.
  9. Check out Doug at Soundman building a complete dash using SMD Sunflash resin. He uses it in a way i haven't seen anyone do it yet. I think there is a few before this and of course more to come. SMD Sunflash is available all day at , Amazon and Ebay! We ship daily You will never go back once you try it. You won't want to anyway
  10. supposed to last 2 years under normal conditions....but i will "reload" it probably at least twice a month (after it gets washed) and she is always garaged. Also, it doesn't get driven a lot anymore so it should last a lot longer than that.
  11. I finally got Kasey over to put on my C-quartz coating. Now she is seriously popping hard in the California sun! Wow what a difference! This thing is WETTER than water now! This was shot live on youtube...the quality is crap when streaming. I don't know how to stream higher quality or i would. Yup, that car is 16 years old this year
  12. Just wanted to share pics of this new distribution bar i am about to release next week. These are the first "proto" pics. They are 24.75" long, 32 slots, can be mounted anywhere you have a free spot (and not just on top of your batteries). Clear acrylic cover (also available in several colors) included. I also have a 16 slot ANL fuse holder integrated with this bar following right behind it. Stay tuned! #smd smaller sizes available all day long at