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  1. I decided to make a little fan shroud so it won't look as ugly and also might save a finger. This fan is no joke. It will take your finger off...
  2. it fits pretty nicely into this empty battery (it is the stock group 48 size). I just have to start wiring it up. Maybe tomorrow. In case you are confused...there will be a bolt on the side and all the red wires will connect to it. This bolt will take the 16.5v from the alternator (that is also hooked up to my 5 Lithium batteries) and convert it down to 14.5ish. The blue wires are stepped down and will go to the bottom of the copper terminal on the battery lid. Once i put it all back together it will be just one big fat dummy step down block. So the TRUCK (my Escalade) will T
  3. Now that i know that works, it is time to go the extra mile and do a complete 1 piece wrap around with laser cut and bent tabs. I will pop-rivet it together once they are all in place. a nice little 90 on all the tabs. Not gonna lie. It was kinda a bitch to get them in there. At least the first set. It got easier as i got to the more open area.
  4. Once i see that it MIGHT work, i start making the next one out of metal. This is aluminum. I didn't measure how thick it is, it is just some stuff i had on the shelf. If i had to guess it is probably .060. I blasted it pretty fast with my laser.
  5. Time to step my game DOWN. In order to get these 6 modules in the empty battery, i had to get creative. I didn't want to just throw these in there and call it done. I wanted something at least half way proper. It always starts with cardboard though!
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