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  1. Ok there is a sad part to this story. When i got back from the vet (the first trip), i found out there was a plastic bin across the street about 10-15 feet from where i found him. The neighbor told me he saw a blue and white truck toss it out earlier that morning. I went over and was a dead Husky pup in the bin. Probably it's sibling So this is where i am at...the dog is already a LOT better. He is fitting right in. The dead puppy is terrible. The plastic bin is on it's side and the lid appears to have scratches. It looks like he got out but his brother did not. So "Baby" is now running around the back yard and in the house like a new dog. Still sick and skinny, but eating good and in great spirits.
  2. Today, me and Brandon were out front of the shop having a morning cup of coffee like a normal day, when we noticed a puppy across the street. Normally it isn't even that out of the ordinary to see dogs on the loose in my area as there is a neighborhood right down the street. Pitbulls, Chihuaua's are the usual street runners. I CRINGE when i see this because the street is pretty busy. I always hope they will just go home. This time it was different. A little Husky just sitting by himself. We slowly walked up to him, expecting him to run (like they usually do), but he didn't. So i scooped him up. He felt very emaciated and looked sick. Then the neighbor (tenant next to my shop) says "look, i think he got hit by a car". I look down and see his guts hanging out of his behind. I seriously went into panic mode. I didn't know what to do so i grabbed a towel from the shop and rushed him out to the nearest vet. The doctor wasn't in yet they told me and that i should go to the emergency pet center in Roseville. So i took him another 10 miles to Atlantic Street Pet Emergency Center. Seemed like the longest drive EVER! He was in my Lexus, on my suede seat wrapped in a towel and screaming like an injured animal would. Why is his name Baby? because i must have called him that 1000 times in that long trip to the vet. So when i got there they told me that since he didn't have an owner that someone had to claim him or they couldn't work on him. So i signed the papers. He is now my responsibility. I said "do whatever you gotta do". The main thing i was worried about besides the prolapsed rectum (which was almost as long as his tail it seemed), was Parvo. I have 4 dogs so i can't bring Parvo home. After leaving him there all day, they called and said he was negative for diseases and all put back together. I was EXTREMELY excited. So i went and got him

    Psyph's new album is out! grab it! time for some new slaps!


  4. trust me, i don't think anyone will be disappointed! But where ya'll at?
  5. Are you a fan of Psyph Morrison? If so, you will probably agree this is his best record yet! Get your speakers ready. Over a year in the making and it's finally ready! It will be available on Itunes, Google play, Spotify, Pandora and about 100 other online retailers in a few days. But if you want a super clean MP3 (320kbps) or even cleaner .wav file (full cd quality), just click the link below. also, there are 30 second samples of each song if you wanna peep them out before purchase. Also can get the one copy for 9.99 or all three of the last records that we did together (Executive producer status here) for 19.99. thanks for the support! Enjoy!
  6. This video is mostly self explanatory. I will be uploading part 2 later today showing what this looks like slowed down. Although it's easily apparent at full speed
  7. more progress. I'm sorry, i have been so slammed at the shop i can only work on this a few hours at a time lately. But i am getting closer!
  8. My family came by to visit from Florida and i finally got to meet my nephews. So far we are having fun! First we got up on some serious video games, then they got to go to San Francisco and South Lake Tahoe during the week. We went riding the RZR yesterday and today we did some bass testing! I think they had fun! Check out their reaction it was priceless!
  9. Small update. I decided to add some acrylic to the project. Just so you can see inside a little bit. I modded the top 1 - 1/4" MDF baffle into a skeleton support and got a 3/4" window to go over the top. Over that is a 1/4" trim piece. I originally had no plans for an acrylic window but i eventually figured out a way to do it that is a little different than my normal routine. I have a LOT more video than i do photo's for some reason. Once i am a little bit further, i will get another update uploaded. We are still slammed like crazy at my shop so it is very hard to find time to work on this lately. But i DID make me some progress, so i am happy with that
  10. sorry man, i can't allow much larger file sizes than the ones currently available. It is already set way larger than they would ever need to be for a forum or web use. I use an iphone and post directly to the site but i also use a desktop. If you are uploading directly from mobile you may want to consider using an app to reduce the file sizes down. If you find out there is no way for you to do that, i don't want you to be upset or feel cheated. I can refund your supporting membership no problem. sorry man! p.s. just out of curiosity, what size are the files you are trying to upload?