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  1. 8500 Watts Loaded Up! "Floating" Steel Plate Amp Rack Bedlined, LED's, Amps Mounted
  2. Time to run some Skyhigh Audio 2/0 positive/negative from the battery's to the blocks. The second wall in the rack is to run the wires nice and clean. They will still be seen but it will be a lot cleaner disappearing into the back and popping out where they go,
  3. 3/16" Steel plate with #8x32 allenhead stainless bolts. Everything drilled and tapped to accommodate.
  4. I decided to shoot it to match the box. I didn't want to spend $300 on a full set (4 quarts) of the "Raptor" liner (in white). I just needed enough to do this rack. So i found some in a can at Autozone. It's still Raptor liner, but in a can. This took 2 cans to complete and i also shot the back and bottom of the rack in Black liner. I don't have any shots of me shooting it because i forgot. I was busy trying to get this done. Holes were drilled and tapped for #8 x 32 stainless allenhead bolts.
  5. "Floating" Steel Plate Car Audio Amp Rack laser cut Interlocked & welded together
  6. This has been a long time coming but i had good reason for the delay. Time to get started.
  7. Super Clean Toyota 4runner Zapco & Focal Sound System - SICK Amp Rack! Custom laser cut steel cover
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