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  1. I have had these subs for a while, a few years actually... i never really knew what to do with them. Today being Friday, i figured it out!
  2. To start off, most of you know i have a VERY large youtube channel and therefore i get all sorts of companies trying to send me stuff all the time, in exchange for a review video. 99% of them get ignored or turned down. Unless it is car audio related, i try not to do that too much. In other words i like to KINDA stay on topic when i can. It is a car audio related channel after all. But when Vantrue contacted me and asked me to try out one of their dash cams, i couldn't say no to that! I actually was in the market for one but had not had a chance to even look at them anywhere yet. So they sent me the camera and here are the specs/pics. Video is rendering and almost ready for upload. I show the camera as well as driving during different parts of the day and different types of weather. Vantrue X2 Dash Cam -2.5K Super HD 1440P Dash Cam 2.7" LCD 170° Wide Angle Car Camera Video Recorder with G-Sensor, Parking Monitor, HDR & Super Night Vision 2.5K 1440P DASH CAM: Utilizes the newest Ambarella A12 CPU, super HD 2560*1440 at 30 fps+HDR provides great sharp video quality and super night vision, helps in capturing smaller details and all your footages appear sharp and crystal clear. 170˚ wide viewing angle for maximum visibility, capturing a wider view of the roads, effectively reducing blind spots. SUPER NIGHT VERSION: Build on 6-layer glass lenses + F1.8 large aperture and HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology can balance the light and dark areas of the video and generate high-quality images, makes your driving more safer on night. EMERGENCY LOCK: Automatically turn on and record when the car starts. With the built-in G-Sensor, the X2 detects impact to your car and automatically/manually locks the 10 seconds prior to and after the impact securing your needed evidence of the event, so you will never miss an important moment. PARKING MODE: Two kinds of Parking modes.Triggered by the Motion Detection, the camera will auto record when people or things come closer to your car from 10M / 33FT away in front. Triggered by Time Lapse, the camera will keep taking photos at the set time interval and then auto edit them together to a video clip. LOOP RECORDING: Loop recording allows old file to be replaced automatically with new files. Optional GPS module(sold separately, asin: B00UA224DY) allow you track the driving route and speed. Support up to 64GB micro SD cards(micro SD Card is not included,Samsung Evo card is recommended). 18 Months Warranty. Specification: Processor: Ambarella A12A55 Image Sensor: OV4689 CMOS sensor Video: H.264 compression format;2540x1440P/30fps; 2304x1296P/30fps; 1920x1080P/60fps; 1920x1080P/30fps, Image: JPEG; 16M Pixels Audio: Microphone and Speaker (PCM) Equipped Internal memory:4M External memory: Support 64GB max, micro sd card of Class 10 USB Port: USB 2.0, Mini Battery: 130mAh 3.7V Polymer Li-ion battery Operating Temperature: 32 to 158 deg. F. Video Playback: Support view on PC/HDTV/Dash Cam PC Operation System: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Mac
  3. when you choose usb1 (or 2) with an ipad, it will shut of song pal and play through the ipad. Once you choose tuner (or another source) the option for songpal app should pop up. Hit "allow" and you will be back in business again. It sucks you can't play ipad songs THROUGH songpal but you will get used to it. BTW, sick setup!
  4. iphone

    THIS ^^^ More (clean) source voltage, less amp gain. Less floor noise = better.
  5. Took a 2 hour round trip up to Chickens house and decided to bring the Tahoe since it would be a perfect chance to test out the new setup. It did well! I am VERY pleased with how it all functions, how it handles the bass (doesn't shake out) and most of all how it sounds.
  6. i think it is fixed....anyone who has a garage please try it and report back. White lightning quit the forum over it so i will need someone to confirm if it is working or not.
  7. i thought the latest update (from literally 3 days ago) was supposed to fix all that. I will ask Kyle about it again. Sorry i didn't realize you had "business" here that was being conducted through your garage LOL. Oh, Adios. Nice knowin' ya.
  8. that box looks great!! post updates when it is installed please! I feel like you just teased us!
  9. fyi: if you get an HID upgrade, you stick to 6,000k and below, you won't have any problems with cops. 4500k would be perfect and not much of a color change. It's those ridiculous 15,000k and up fools that get busted. I personally like 7-8k max.
  10. Todays Flex: Car Audio Bargain CAB Ultra 12" 750 Watt Subwoofer on a 1500 Watt Sundown Audio Amplifier - bonus Amp Gain setting Tutorial using the head unit's built in amp (high level outputs) on the mids & highs while a separate dedicated bass amp on the subs. Might not be ideal but people do it all the time, might as well do it as clean as possible :) - check out the video here
  11. i just want to also point out that a D925 is a very small battery. I wouldn't expect it would make much difference at all.