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  1. check out what i got today i have lots of big wires to crimp and always wanted something like this. Especially for that crazy Skyhigh Audio power wire! ill post more after i try it.
  2. This beautiful beast heading to A customer today. Laser engraved logo designed and zapped here at SMD HQ for @mechman_alts ...been doing these for them all summer long (the pulleys too) and i love every minute of it. Feels good seeing a brand new unit fully assembled and ready to go! We have done thousands already so if you get one and it looks like this, ya’ boy (me) touched it! Im doing 4 400’s in my Tahoe (they arrive tomorrow) with an all new SMD quad bracket (almost finished) stay tuned!
  3. How can I get some Steve Meade in my mustang 

  4. After (sorta) breaking the first sub (on double the power), i upgraded to a better one and now i am giving it away. This combo could be yours soon! check it out here >>
  5. is there any way to actually talk with steve meade?

    1. CstrokerV


      Call the shop Maybe?


    2. Joseph Chambers

      Joseph Chambers

      if you do tell him I said what's up. 

  6. Cant wait to get my new grand slam plus this week!!!!

  7. Andrew at B2 Audio has been asking ne for something like this for months. Normally i dont have a lot of time to do custom stuff as our daily orders keep us ridiculously busy. But B2 Audio and especially Andrew Showers has been so good to me and a solid partner of SMD for years. I wanted to do this for him. So i did. Its for a huge build he is working on - stay tuned for that. In the meantime check this larger than life 24 spot terminal cup. Milled from 1” White Starboard Marine Board.
  8. Steve just received my SMD Triple LED Meter Single Din Kit also got a double too.  I have 2 vm-1 and 3 om-1. Mine appear to be cut wrong, I am guessing based on the ones on your web site.  The corners have been cut out.  I am referring to where you would screw them down.  I am going through the post on the forum right now. I think you said they would fit snug so maybe they are not screwed in but mine are not fitting snug either.  Please help. I want to get these installed correctly.  




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    2. Mikeruss22


      flip around?  what do you mean?


    3. CstrokerV


      in the second pic isnt the face suppose to face the other way

    4. Mikeruss22


      you mount in the rear, wanting to know how to secure them.  I did email the store website. they have just got back with me.  

  9. Hey bro any info on AB vfl 1000 oldschool amp. Says 1000rms at 4ohms it's a 2 channel amp. Dude wants 200 I talked him to 150 what you think 

  10. also, on a second note, looking for b stock either skar vxf 12, or sundown x series........... any input would be greatly appreciated, and thanks again.

  11. bro, just watched your youtube post from 4 months ago where you got burnt from the "likely" tweekers on amazon. sorry to hear that, i hate to see that happen to fellow people. i recently was burnt by some decent looking counterfeit 20s handed off by a douchebag on the offerup app. anyways, wanted to say that the 50lbs was a noticeable loss; however i believe i found it during this covid19 lockdown lol! im an avid follower and want to say keep it up bro.

  12. Please need help I have almost everything that you make and my tm-1 wires broke off and I'm looking how to fix it or get a new one 

    1. audiofanaticz


      Email wccustoms is your best bet

  13. Stopped here to say hello.

    new to the site but been watching for a while. 

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