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  1. that isn't going to happen. These things are only rated at 2,000 each. I will be putting 3k each though.
  2. the ports are a MONUMENTAL waste of material. BUT...the 1.25" piece of MDF i have is already ruined from water damage on one end of it. If you look you can see what i am talking about. So i decided to chew it up with this stacked port. It looks like 2 rectangle ports, and they mostly are, but being stacked allowed me to also give them a different shape. They have little 45's in the inside corners built in. They look kinda cool in person. This box used up SOOOO MUCH wood it is ridiculous. Here is what it looks like from one day of cutting. That 3/8" upcut router bit ain't no joke, it is HUNGRY! lol I decided to do a skeleton type stiffening system (bracing) and then attach those to each other via another brace. The entire box except the top and bottom will have it. I STILL am not done yet but this is the direction i am going.
  3. how quickly they forget what they posted previously. LOL
  4. where is the "hatred in here" at? SMH why are people on the internet so sensitive? FYI: i don't think this amp has been around 2-3 years. One at the most. Sorry man i hope my "hatred" filled post doesn't offend you.
  5. i don't go to shows as much not because i don't want to "deal" with them. I honestly don't want to accidentally see one. Because if i do i don't know i will be able to control myself. I value my freedom and my money more than that. These jokers and antagonizers have nothing to lose. I remember being at a really big show a few years back and wanting to punch this punk ass shit talker right in his ugly face when he walked by with that smug cowardly look on his lips. But my ISF was parked inside the building being shown and i was a guest of the people i was with. I almost threw up in my mouth because i wanted to give that dickhead a piece of my mind. I had to make some hard choices that i prefer not to have to make. Again, i value my freedom and i don't want to get sued. But yes, i do isolate myself as much as i can because i don't really want to be in the company of a lot of the people that go to shows. 99% are good people and we have always had a great time. But i have learned that you cannot trust them all. I learned the hard way more than once. thanks though man i appreciate it.
  6. funny part is, to some it looks like a LOT of haters. And it is. But it really isn't. I have hundreds of thousands of great comments by great people and only a handful, probably like .01% out of all the people are fucking assholes. They just stand out in the crowd because of the vile things that they say. Then they sometimes catch my attention and all hell breaks loose making it look real bad. But honestly the ratio of friends/fans/equals/my peep's to trollshit's like those guys is way in my favor. It's what happens when you get hundreds of millions of video views and website hits. E-fame (if you can call it that) is really no fun. Unless you monitize. Then it's no fun, but you get paid to be abused. lol
  7. no worries and you think it boils your blood? shitttt. Like i said, i'm over here minding my own business, playing some BF1 and bling, someones like "check this out". I don't even go looking for this stuff, i know it's out there, but i don't go looking for it. It comes to me. Even when i avoid it. I never get a chance to defend myself because if i say one fuckin' word i will end up battling these guys all night long. At the end of the day, they all know every detail about me but at the end of the next 12 minutes, i don't even remember this conversation. LOL
  8. i edited out your comment about JP. That wasn't the point of this post and wasn't really very nice. That's the kinda shit you see on those very groups i hate. Lets try to be nice even if you do feel some type of way about someone. K? But it's so true (the other stuff). If you start shit, there might be some shit. If you don't i promise there won't. I don't get people.
  9. looks like i gave two goofball's the fame they wanted. Hope they enjoy it. Spend the next 10 years talking about me and much like the rest of the world, i still don't know who you are. why did i feel the need to respond to this here? well because i have no way to defend myself. They can hate me all they want, fuck 'em, but the lying out of their ass so they can make more FB pals is a load of crap. And if they want to read what i just said, i will at least get the hit on my page for it. Go ahead, post the link, tell all your friends how i responded to your vile comments. Talk about me some more i need the traffic.
  10. i understand some people don't like how i handle troll tards. I have been handling them for years. Ive been nominated for awards for my comebacks. But one thing i have never done is START TROUBLE. Ill gladly finish it. But i never start it. One more thing i don't do. I don't go off on people because they "don't agree" with me. I will go off on you if you run your coward ass mouth like a little bitch (and always unprovoked) towards me. Never in my life have i ever "copped an attitude" with someone for not "agreeing" with me. That's such bullshit. I DOG SHIT on trolls. You start shit, i finish it. You will never in your life find a post where i took the first shot. Fuck these guys. Oh and the lying motherfucker talking about how i "shot someone down and then stole their idea"...that is some NUTTY talk. The NUTTY talk among the COWARDLY talk. I don't even have a clue what he is talking about. Anyhow, See the post little boy "Roy" posted? I would tell that guy to fuck off right back but then it would be me copping an attitude for not agreeing with him. You know, "constructive criticism". But i am not a member of that lame ass group. God damn i swear car audio groups are so full of ratchet ass, shit talking WOMAN it is pathetic. I am over here minding my own business not saying shit to anyone and i get a screen shot showing these losers spending half the night talking about me. SMH I have never spoken to anyone like they were beneath me. EVER. I mean, if you run your mouth you might get the exact same attitude back. I have never spoken one word to this loser. I don't know who he is. I seen his goofy face on FB though just now. What a WEIRDO. Creep-o-meter off the charts. If you have "a question in general" i will get "nasty for no good reason"? what a dumb ass!!! please, PLEASE / <<<<this to yourself. Such BS. I hate liers and crybaby story tellers. Shout out to Colton, he know's whatsup though.
  11. the box is: 18.xx ft3 (ID) before displacement. The ports are 75" Each and iirc i think i they will be at least 15" long. The stacks are made of 1.25" MDF each so i am starting with 12 of them. Again, i am doing more bracing and NONE of what you see is glued, screwed or tattoo'd yet. It's all a house of cards about to fall over any second now. I will start gluing and shit as soon as i decide the direction i am going to go from here. I don't think i am doing an acrylic window this time. I just want it to be a really nice box that bangs. Perhaps i will sell it someday when i am through with it. Stay tuned!
  12. i am not done with the stacked ports yet. They are made of 1.25" MDF and there will be 12 or more total on each side. The box is supposed to be tuned to about 32hz. I could easily tune it way lower but i don't want this box to miss out on some of the upper bass frequencies. Also, i am NOT DONE bracing this thing yet. I wanted to build the bulk of it and then decide from there what i was going to do to make it sturdy. It is already sturdy the way it sits but i will do more for sure. Stay tuned!