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  1. man.... i have never seen anyone "stack" boxes like that. It might not be crazy intricate as far as a design go's, but your method is something i have never seen before. I am looking forward to seeing you finish this! great job so far!
  2. f##k yes bro ill be on the lookout!! thank you!
  3. hell ya Kyblack76 bro much appreciated!!
  4. look what arrives on Friday! YES, SMD Ceramic ANL fuses! Ill make a post about these next! 100a-500a and everything in between!
  5. Three years and THOUSANDS of fuse holders later, behold the latest addition to the SMD family. The SMD Quadblock XL2. We will still be producing all of the other models as they ALL get the job done. They all have their place. The original models are better than ever and they take up a very small foot print. These ones don't take up too much space either but wow they are awesome! If you look close, you can see, with the XL2, you don't have to take wires/ring terminals off to replace fuses. They are all independent on this model! They will be available in several colors and configurations. Just use the drop down menu to put it together!
  6. update: turns out HDMI 3 is the ARC port. Turns out my TV has no problem outputting Atmos it just needed back/forth communication with my receiver. I was gonna return the Apple TV but i might just put it in my Escalade. I just got a new Nav-TV unit that has HDMI in. Should be interesting
  7. i actually went out and got an apple tv 4k box this afternoon. It's nice! Hard to tell when i am actually watching something with Atmos though. My receiver is a TX-NR575.
  8. the rears and 12” sub. I really do love this setup and its not really high dollar. The Onkyo reciever gets a lot of credit too it really sounds awesome with this combo!
  9. These speakers are designed to sound the best aimed up like this or hanging from the wall up high by the TV. I think you can put them behind you too. I am going to get some good content and then try both ways to see what works best for my living room.
  10. I finally decided to upgrade my home theater system to an Atmos setup. I am super impressed by what my current Klipsch setup sounds like so i wanted to take it to the next level. My Onkyo receiver has Atmos outputs so why not? 5.1.2 here i come! Oh, now i already want more! Any of you guys run Atmos? I need some good movies to watch that really highlight it so i can try it out.