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  1. UFO BASS FLEX! I can't believe it's been almost 10 years. This B2 3,000w duo amp was putting in work
  2. If you are even a little curious what happens at .7 ohms (Series) AND .175 (Parallel) then check this out. 😁
  3. OH, I am still saying fuck photobucket. Probably will never upload to it again. Not encouraging anyone here to pay that fee. I am just happy i held out and now it's not 400 anymore Also, for a SMALL fee when you become a supporting member of this site, you can upload directly to this forum, drag and drop into your posts...so you don't even need 3rd party hosting. I don't use anything but THIS forum for hosting myself.
  4. I am at least a 15 year user of Photobucket and although i dont care to use it anymore, i still have years of forum posts with my builds in them. Not to long ago people started to see this I have been paying $25 bucks a year forever but all the sudden they were trying to get us for $400 a year. Absurd!!! I figured it would piss a lot of people off and hopefully if i hang on long enough, they will come to their senses. They now have a $99 a year plan which is a lot more reasonable. Is it reasonable to everyone? FUCKKK NO. Sorry for my French. But if you are like me and you have literally thousands and thousands of photos uploaded through PB, and are a hostage now. It seems reasonable. I will gladly pay $99 a year just to not lose years of photo's. Or at least until someone develops a program to extract and replace all my existing stuff.
  5. we sell a TON of stuff! This is our latest addition. It is over a year in the making. I wanted it to be PERFECT before i decided to sell them.
  6. Got direct lead subwoofer voice coils? Don't want to cut them every time you make a change in impedance or remove a sub? Use the new SMD DCL-4.2 and never look back! With the provided bridge adapters you can easily wire your coils in Series, Parallel or pass thru. Another benefit is if you have one single output (such as the 8ga on this Soundigital monoblock), you can use two bridge adapters to split that into multiple outputs and run several coils at once! I used our proto for months and they are really nice to have. I know i don’t want to cut my precious leads on these expensive subs any more than i have to. Check them out at http://www.wccaraudio.com , amazon and ebay. Actually Skyhigh Audio was the first to jump on board. He will have the first batch this weekend. Trust me, you will thank me for this (if you have direct lead subs). Also, the 5/16" studs are threaded into the aluminum and bonded with SMD sunflash in the back. Then they are coated over. They are extremely solid! You won't be able to spin these out, ever!
  7. no pics? LOL! I am sure it's fine. It's all fully insured. If it flips over in the desert i will be driving a 2018 Escalade with a twin turbo on it....so i am not worried. Thats dope that you saw it though and thanks for the heads up. I will say something to the driver when i speak to him later today.
  8. Last night, about 9pm, the transport truck showed up...and off she go's! I plan on getting some pics and such from them during the process. I would like to head out there and get my own video once it is ready for install and tuning. More updates as i get them!
  9. the guys at Armageddon Turbo systems made me a deal i couldn't really refuse. Although i didn't want to do this right now, i couldn't pass up this opportunity. NO, it isn't free. VERY VERY far from free. But i did get enough of a deal not to mention their time (put to the front of the line) to make it something i couldn't really say no to. Some stuff not on that list that were added to the quote: Cam, Springs and DOD Delete kit. Upgraded tank fuel pump (the one under the hood was already upgraded during turbo install). The motor should be capable of handling 1,000hp with more future upgrades. We will probably put 800-900 to the wheels. 😱 Oh i would like to thank Kuni Cadillac-Chevrolet, Sacramento, CA for the transport to Albuquerque! For me basically tossing my warranty out the window, they are very supportive of what i am doing. I can't say thanks enough to them for the help! Time to slap the stock 22's on it for the trip. The 8's will be back on when she comes home!
  10. Just wanted to take a sec and welcome our newest partner B2 audio to the forum!! I got a red "Duo" a few months back and it is such a gorgeous amp! 3000 watts class A/B! I will post pics, video and also do a dyno run with it soon. I know they have LOTS of other nice products too i can't wait to check them all out! Welcome B2!
  11. I was milling out some single din, triple LED kits for my SMD products when i noticed my ABS flat stock was very ugly. I tried everything to polish it and everything just made it worse. Till i remembered an old trick usually used in the 3d printing world. Watch this video and see how i fixed a bad situation! I was really excited to see this work! I know it isn't a standard "bass" video. But sometimes we need to learn stuff to....thanks for watching