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  1. i had to make this jig in order to put my project into its correct spot. I can cut anything i want on any part of the table, it's just a matter of setting your origin point. But for the projects i make, they are coming off the other table and have to be in a specific spot. I have to be able to start the laser EXACTLY on the corner of this project and it has to be 100% parallel to the laser's travel (X) in order to hit the proper spot on the project. I have a video going up you can see what i am talking about...kinda.
  2. Psyph's new album is out! Hype Killah part 1!  Order it up on Itunes, Google play, amazon and many more digital outlets.  Hard copy cd's coming next week! 
  3. TTT! you guys know who makes the best alternators! ^^^^^
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    Currently listening to Psyphs New album about to drop any day now! It's finished! This will NOT disappoint!
  5. Just a little update...this is a typical Sunday morning for me and baby. He loves to run full speed and i love to ride my boosted board. He is a fun dog :)