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  1. this video basically shuts every other brand down....it's a good watch to be honest. Normally i couldn't make it through a video this long unless i was really interested in it. Turns out, it's a great video and leaves almost nothing untouched.
  2. I was hesitant, and frankly did not care about an exhaust upgrade or a programmer. Until i watched a few video's and also talked to Jay from Banks Power himself. After watching the video (here https://youtu.be/vAr5X3d5IvM ) i decided maybe i should just give it a shot. Especially since it will be beneficial when towing my 10,000lb toy hauler such long distances with steep grades on hot days the way we do. The reason i did not install this today is because i need an OBD splitter cable as i am already hogging the port with my Amp electric side steps. No big deal! Ill get on it soon! Thanks for watching!
  3. i didn't use a RTA i used a DD-1+ Probably not. No app can do what the dd-1+ can do.
  4. I am very pleased to announce a partnership with one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE brands Audiocontrol! I have loved this brand since WAYYY before i could afford it. Over the years i have used several of the crossovers, processors etc and always had great luck. I met these guys probably over 10 years ago at CES and was kinda floored that they knew who i was. That youtube thing....you never know who is watching. I am so glad they were as nice as they were to me because it sure sucks when you meet (a rep for) a favorite brand and they poo poo you off like you ain't nothin'. I would have been devastated! LOL. Anyway, all is well, they are amazing people and if you ever meet them they will give you the time of day. The product ain't bad either! Welcome my friends! Audiocontrol FTW!!!!!
  5. The Godfather of stereo builds on the planet 👿

  6. i can’t believe how small this amp is! Im gonna test it, maybe tomorrow. Soundigital hasnt let me down yet so i have no reason to doubt it...but this is just crazy here! I think ill open it and show the guts too. I gotta see what is inside
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