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  1. my day today. Wired up and fired up the F250. An optical signal fed into an AudioControl DM810 processor feeding 2 the b2 amps, feeding (6) 6.5’s in a badass Gately Audio ported under-seat enclosure. It sounds pretty good so far! Just finished editing the video but its too late to upload it. Ill post it tomorrow.
  2. a little custom order for the bro Bobby Gately for one of his customers. He wanted an HDPE baseplate and orange trim. All copper. So we did it! Ill post more pics of the install when i see it but check out the pics from today!
  3. Thanks to the bro Bobby Gately for sliding through and modding this box! Oh and talk about EPIC excursion! watch this video!
  4. tomorrow i will make a gately audio, a b2 audio and a DC audio...but here is an example of a Skyhigh version.
  5. the new improved SMD Terminal X. For those that loved the look of my (also new) SMD QR-1 quick release terminal but dont need the quick release part. These have a middle stud that is physically, but not electronically isolated from the rear contact bolts. No matter how hard you wrench the front the rear wires won’t twist or move. There is also 4 points per single channel cup so multiple subs or just a dvc sub can easily be wired up. This is the best terminal so far IMO! I cant wait to release it this week! Tons of color combos will be available! Also the option of your own logo on the wire cover will more than likely be available! http://www.wccaraudio.com
  6. ...and it wasn't a show car. It was some cool older guy with a Bronco II and some Punch 15's. Slapping some MC Shy D I was a basshead before that but this is the first LOUD system that put me over the top and made me the addict i still am
  7. Two things you might never forget. Your first ride in a roller coaster and your first (above average) BASS demo. In fact, you will probably forget all about that trip to Disneyland 15 years ago but i bet you never forget the first time someone crushed you with subwoofers for the rest of your life. I CLEARLY remember my first encounter with an above average BASS monster in the early 80's. I remember the brand of the car, i remember the brand and size of the subs, i remember the amp that was powering it. Ive been here ever since. What was your first eye opening demo? The one you will never forget?
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