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  1. my youngest is now driving so we headed out to Arden Audio and grabbed His First Deck & a pair of B2 audio Door Speakers! Finally the silence is gone but this is just the beginning. It took me a lot longer to edit this video than i thought...i will have pics uploaded here once we really get started! - check out Video 1 of a few to come here >>
  2. Sunday i stopped by the toy drive and car show with Nokturnal Car Club and enjoyed a really nice day! Didn't get much video but this thing was moving the ground under my feet from a long i had to get a little clip or two :D
  3. After seeing the single and two channel "Terminal X" speaker box terminal cups fly off the shelves i decided a 4 and 8 channel version was in order. These are MUCH better than just a "bolt through a box". With threaded aluminum OR copper landings these things will not move on the inside of the box once they are tightened down. What you are left with is solid studs on the outside of the box which you can take wires off and put them back on as many times as you wish without loosening the inside wires up. I have used these terminal cups on a couple of my boxes and they don't leak at all and they don't loosen up at all. If you have a box with 4 DVC (dual voice coil) subs, the new 8 channel will be amazing for you! I don't have a lot to show yet as we just made the first one yesterday but i will post more later. You will be able to find them at , Amazon, Ebay, Skyhigh, D4S, Sonic Electronix and many other dealers! Here is some of the work we put into them and the outcome Of course if you don't know, the single and 2 channel versions are already out and available. Here is what a red single with copper hardware looks like:
  4. how did you do that? voting hasn't started yet. Either way...i still have the best automotive YT channel nom in there too. Ain't another audio channel within 120,000,000 views of mine so i think i at least qualify.
  5. I don't consider myself an "installer" and i have the highest respect for those who do this job day in and day out. The fact a real installer needs to know EVERY car, not just his own...the fact that a real installer has to deal with the public and some of the NASTY customers out there every day. Super nice 'till they don't get their way. Maybe their window don't roll up 6 months after you installed a basic deck and you were the last one to touch it, so it is your fault. REAL installers do what nobody wants to do and they get no glory. Although i am not a day to day installer i have installed a lot of stuff over the years. I am not the best, i am 5 or more years BEHIND the people i consider better than me. Best? no way! I am the first to say that...but if i am your FAVORITE because have been watching me build for 15 years or more, then toss in a vote for your boy! If you see someone in this list that you KNOW deserves recognition in any category, give THEM a vote! Either way, thank you Performance Auto & Sound Magazine for the nomination. details here >>
  6. I was jealous of all those nice boxes that my bro @Bobby Gately has been making...i wanted to try one. I have 4 B2 Audio XM-8's hanging out on the shelf, this is the perfect time to try them out! Watch the video to see if they are any good...or if the box is any good for that matter. Sure does look good!
  7. Anyone have any amps that are Symbilink compatible? Zapco or Soundstream.




  8. TTT and goddammit i don't know how Second Skin stay's in business always hooking up these deals....not just today but all year long they seem to always take care of the people. Who else sells B-stock to make sure people who have a tight budget can still get the best? As a businessman, i know that B-stock stuff can be tossed in the trash can and written off during tax season but instead, they hook people up. Hell, they probably could just sell it as NON b-stock and nobody would know the difference half the time. Cheers to the bro's at Secondskin. We appreciate you guys!!
  9. i see this dash all the time and i almost forget how much work is in just looks natural sitting in there. Still bumping it today!
  10. Happy Black Friday! I am signing the DD-1/CC-1 boxes all weekend! I only get to do this once a year so don't miss out! >> for more.
  11. meade916

    HELP! - Killing Amps with Vibrations...from 8 18's

    how are your amps dying from bass in that location? shouldn't be any bass in that spot at all. That mounting board looks weak, is the entire car vibrating? Does it have a stiff suspension? I can see a really hard bump, in a really heavy vehicle, with a stiff or bottomed out suspension causing more problems than bass in this situation.
  12. meade916

    HELP! - Killing Amps with Vibrations...from 8 18's

    mounting amps on the box when you don't know how to build a box is a mistake. Mine don't vibrate or flex and i have never had an amp go bad.