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  1. just heard back from Landon W. Who won the NVX amp! seems like its going to a great home!
  2. i can see it...barely! took me a sec
  3. i can't always answer this fast usually but i just happened to be sitting here at the moment The Vu-Din's are also coming back after a complete re-design. The main chip on the board that runs the led's became obsolete which rendered Tony's original design extinct. But he put in a LOT of time to make it work with a new chip. Stay tuned!
  4. it really isn't that expensive to ship to Europe. But you can also try Bladeice.com. They have our stuff in stock sometimes. Try them.
  5. Sure it's just $50 in materials but hours of thought, design and of course hours to make. The finished product has imperfections and doesn't appear to be perfectly consistent. Like Brian said, they will wear out. Do what you gotta do to get by, i love it!! It's actually a cool little set. I'm just saying there is a reason some stuff costs what it does. There is so much more involved then just the sum of materials. Ever break an $80 router bit before? How about 2 in a row? Ever have to toss a $300 sheet of flatstock in the dumpster because your run had a flaw in it? Ever see the electric bill for someone that runs a CNC with a dust collector on it all day long? Need lights to see what you are doing and those are on all day. The employee's, the website / bandwith, the webmaster, the bills, the fans to keep the shop cool while it's 115 outside....the paper, the labels, the ink on the labels, the cardboard box, the tape...it go's on and on. Oh ya, anything you make you get to answer for at the end of the year and give some of it to Uncle Sam. Might need to hire a CPA to keep all that in order. You will if you are successful anyway. Making a home made product is always cool and totally encouraged if you are so inclined. I do that shit too! But if you think your product is good enough to sell, wait till you see what is involved to mass produce it and bring it to the people. Just wanted to point out the difference between your homemade $50 and a proper kit from Mobile Solutions.
  6. just found out from the dealer i have a 15v alternator ftw. Take that you 12v sissy's. 😳😳😂😂
  7. video has some more rendering to go. I had it done then i realized i forgot to take out some templates that i normally use that were still in the video....had to take them out and re-render. Needs about 20 more minutes.
  8. @Brandon Scobee "come stand on this Pride Audio 15" sub. Right on the mothaf&$@ing dustcap". Ok that was cool. Now who wants to see me turn it on? 😂🔊🔊 Stay tuned YT video on the way 👀
  9. no, you don't understand at all. But your comments are HYSTERICAL hahahahahhah you don't even have the slightest clue what you are talking about
  10. you haven't been "into car audio" longer than me and i am here to tell you that you are HIGHLY misinformed. Stop installing, repairing and setting up IMMEDIATELY. It ain't your thing.