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  1. damn that is one sexy looking subwoofer!!!
  2. hey bro, just to let you know, you still have a warranty through me. I want even the 2nd party owner to have good piece of mind with the products i sell. If you have any problems ever, which is not likely but anything can happen, let me know. Enjoy your toy's! 😎
  3. it's some copyright free shit that youtube lets you use for your video's. I don't know the name.
  4. nope. There is no reason to use the fader. There are no rear speakers in this truck. The only speakers in it are right next to each other (as shown in the pics). All 4 channels on the amp are driven by the front (head unit) channels only.
  5. yes. And i don't know which one "gives the best sound" since they are both on at the same time LOL. The kick panels are Q-Logic. I don't know what site he bought them from.
  6. not far at all. The pics you see are the pics i have for now. I am gonna start a video here in a minute.
  7. these kick panels were supposedly made for 6.5" speakers but there is no fucking way. Unless you don't mind them sticking over the edge over an inch. UGLY. We got him some 5.25's and called it done. They fit great!
  8. I am so excited about my latest purchase, i had to post about it BEFORE i even have it. I want and need this deck so bad i jumped up on @SonicElectronix and ordered it....from my own damn banner haha (up top). Why do i "need" a new deck? Well i am making some changes lately. If you have been following my posts, you may have seen the ipad pro dash mod i am doing in the Tahoe. It's 13" of pure Ipad sexyness. Going from a dull, old (but good) 10.2" VGA screen that is 10 years old (Shown behind it), this is going to be amazing! But i need something to run the ipad. My old Pioneer deck down below still works fine, but it is way outdated. Also, the biggest issue is that i have been spoiled with the Optical cable (From my Mac Mini) and i don't want to go back. Very few single din head units out there have an optical out. Having a USB In is also needed in my case (for the ipad). This thing has it all! To make a long story short, i chose this. I will post pics when i get the real thing. I hope to get it tomorrow! Oh and don't let the simplicity fool you...i will be able to run all the functions THROUGH the ipad (an app). This thing is gonna be so sick!! Oh and don't ever confuse this thing with Sony Xplode. If you want to compare it to something, and you are old enough to do so, compare it to Sony Mobile ES, but BETTER. (i hope lol)
  9. the far left is filled in, i sanded and sanded and sanded some more. It is now primered and ready for paint. It should be the same color as the old one within a few days!
  10. enclosure

    personally, i would do a bandpass box in it....and aim the ports in a manner they cannot collect water when you hose that beast down. It is hard to get open air bass no matter what the if i was you i would focus on keeping the equipment safe from the elements. A nice 4th order will do Down fire if you can. Just my opinion if you are asking!
  11. its GREAT to see these companies giving people what they pay for. I really hate to test amps and find out they are bullshitting everyone. This "Budget" Pioneer amp seems solid!
  12. first of all bro, this isn't done so i don't know. 2nd.....if it is too bright the ipad comes with a convenient thing called a brightness control.
  13. no prob! thanks!