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  1.  Something i have been thinking about for a long time...finally started it!
  2. The acrylic looks nice but don't for one minute think it came out of the machine that way. I sanded it for 20 minutes and flame polished it for another few minutes. I ruined the first one. Getting tool marks out of milled acrylic and making it perfect is very time consuming. Therefore, i shall make them out of PVC too. Easier to finish and make look nice
  3. these are proto's so far. I plan on making them amazing before they are released.
  4. again, yes, i know the bolts are too short. I ordered longer ones and i will also have different lengths available for different wall thicknesses.
  5. I need a practice box....hmmm...hey look there is one now under the bench! LOL
  6. I have been playing around with this concept for months. Just now got halfway caught up from a VERY busy year. It is hard to create new stuff when your cnc machines are runnning non stop making products you already have. No complaints though! So here it is. Not for sale yet i still want to perfect them a little more. Plus, acrylic is hard to clean up once you mill it. It takes a lot of effort. They will be available in black pvc first because i can make those look perfect a lot easier.
  7. Visit my website! https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/boa... This subwoofer just showed up one day.  I have no idea why or who would leave it but the only thing i can think of to do with it is push it to it's limits and send it! Soundigital USA here: http://www.soundigitalusa.com visit B2 audio here: http://www.b2audio.com   Find all your car audio needs here: http://www.sonicElectronix.com Visit my site! Join the forum! http://www.wcCarAudio.com or http://www.SteveMeadeDesigns.com/board Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/SMD-Steve-Me... Follow: http://www.twitter.com/meade916
  8. so i am working at my shop, doors barely cracked so i can breath, and i happen to look up at my cameras and i see the tail end of someone leaving the parking lot.I walk to the roll up door and see a random subwoofer sitting there with what looks like a note on it. Looks like a total frankenwoofer lol. Well the note says it should be able to take 1500 watts. I think i shoukd find out. Here is what it looks like. Getting ready to start on the video right now.
  9. stopped in this morning to put them to use. They work awesome!
  10. we will get the Bronze thing taken care of...but if you are referring to the Sonic, Second Skin, Sundown banners, those aren't ads.
  11. we seal some of our products with SMD Sunflash resin, an industrial liner (for heat protection and re-texture after milling) and a final blast of SEM Chipguard. I do a lot of spraying in the shop. I needed a way to evacuate the fumes so about 2 years ago i made a downdraft table. The suction is supplied by a large shop vac that was purchased JUST for this job. It actually does a good job of sending the fumes out if its 25’ of exhaust tube aimed out the shop door. After 2 years of use it was time to replace. So here is the new 2 i made today. These holes are all very strategic and not JUST vents. It also protects the hardware from over spray. We make fuse blocks in single, doubles, quads, octos, deca’s and even a 16 slot ANL. An entire separate XL series line up also. This means we have a lot of combos and a LOT of holes to drill. this Deca (10 spot) has no sealant on the back yet but i am testing it for fit. Again, these holes all mean something. They are not just random