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  1. for more info in the meantime, don't forget to visit http://www.audiocontrol.com <<<<<<<<<<<< read the specs of this amazing equipment!
  2. more pics and a video coming soon! I gotta make more progress but it's really busy at the shop! Hard to make time. I am past my bedtime right now too
  3. OBVIOUSLY none of this stuff is in it's proper spot yet. I will try to do it tomorrow or the next day. But here is all the soldiers posing for their pic
  4. Ok keep in mind, i already have Klipsch 5.2.1 (or is it 5.1.2 i forget) and it sounds amazing (to me). I really love these speakers. And i also love that Onkyo receiver. But it has to go. I am sure my son will love it. Time to break it all down and start over. I am adding more speakers and getting a new cabinet for all the stuff. The TV is an 85" Sony 4k. I love that too! Best TV i ever owned. My current rear surround speakers will be moved to the sides. the Atmos speakers up top will stay and they will be joined by rear Atmos in the same spot but behind me. I have no plans of doing In-Ceiling speakers until i get my next house so this will have to do. And it will be pretty good i am sure!
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