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  1. 800lbs of BASS! Six 12's clear acrylic ported box loaded into the Caddy. First fire up!
  2. truck got a little lower in the back It fills back up though when i start the truck (the stock air assist). Still sits level
  3. Of course i have a TON of trim work to do. I don't plan on just leaving a big box sitting in the back, plopped in place. I plan on making it look like it belongs. It already does IMO!
  4. a 700+ LB box by yourself on a Saturday morning? I got this! I got the box in most of the way but it snagged on a Second Skin covered metal bump in the back. I couldn't move it anymore. Since i was by myself, i decided to call in the big guns...aka my beloved forklift. I lifted it just over the little thing i was hung up on and pushed it in. BAM! Done! This port is strong and the way the box is designed i could easily just pick it u
  5. cleaning up the LED's and making them less prone to damage. Then i will be ready to put the box in. I love all the colors but that red gets me every time! the blue is so ICY though!
  6. today i an finally getting some time to put the box in. But before i do that i need to put a few layers of Second Skin Damp-pro under it. i did some on the sides too. The hatch will need to be reinforced and covered in Damp-Pro as well. This is the stuff i won't be able to get to later once the box is in. Doing this by yourself is fun! not! lol
  7. hey im shaun from south africa i have a question i got two monoblock amps and two 12 inch DVC subs how can i strap them

  8. for those that don't know and most probably don't. Dave, aka Deaf Dave (couldn't hear a damn thing out of one ear and didn't mind we called him that) is the one that built the very first version of the SMD website and forums. Me and him started all of this from nothing. He moved away and moved on a long time ago but still will always be a big part of how it all went down in the early days. 3 weeks ago he told me he had given up on his treatment because he was tired of 6 years of battling cancer. The doc told him he has about a year. I can't believe it happened so fast....damn. I'm
  9. Two 33" Subwoofers for ALL the BASS! B2 Audio X26 Ferrite Unboxed & Flexed 10Hz
  10. more upgrades! Home depot shelves out and more Rackman shelves in! This is what about $7,000 get's you. A bunch of 10' shelves. I did some 8' and some 6' spans. I did ALL "Pro-Deck" instead of the standard mesh. And i am not done yet. This is me and brando at 5:30am getting started
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