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  1. i have over 130 clips to go through and that is just to get to the point i am at now. Video will probably be up around 6 or 7pm tonight. Here are a few more pics of the progress for now.
  2. no plunge router. No roundovers. Just regular router with a 45 bit. I like 45's better than rounds lately. thanks!
  3. ya you missed it...in the same thread you are posting in. lol. Start at page 1 and your questions shall be answered.
  4. The caddy is home! I don't give a damn what anyone says...first thing i did was wash it...and then i slapped my 28's back on LOL! Check out the cutouts. I love them! I do like it to be quiet 99% of the time though...
  5. actually, Photobucket is only $100 a year now. I used to use it but now i don't. As a hosting service, it ain't what it used to be at all. I have to pay the $100 a year to not lose 12 years of build photo's. I should say 10 years, i haven't used it in a while. I literally have thousands and thousands of photo's on PB so they got me by the balls if i wanna keep my old build logs up. But it's better than $400 a year. That was some bullshit. Other great alternative...become a supporting member and upload directly to your posts via drag and drop. Even from a phone! It's easy.