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  1. INSANE LOUD DEEP BASS! 60,000 Watts on 9 15" Subs in a 6th Order Bandpass Wall = "1 helluva ride"
  2. 125,000 watt Sound System = Face melting DEEP BASS! 12 15" Subwoofers | B2 Audio Burban' Hits HARD!
  3. One SICK Ford F450 61,000 watt sound system! Twelve 12's 4th order bandpass | a MASTERPIECE
  4. Tremendous BASS and Exploding Chips! Doritos, Cheetos & Fritos vs. 4 18" Subwoofers | Throwback
  5. One badass amp rack. 54,000 Watts 12 4500 watt amplifiers! intricate laser cut steel plate pt.1
  6. Nasty old Bark OUT, Glorious FAKE grass IN! A pool-side Makeover start to finish. WAY BETTER!
  7. We got BASS! Two 24" Subwoofers loaded in, powered up RIDICULOUS Excursion! 7500 Watts 13hz
  8. The Amp Rack is IN! 8500 Watts! Connected, Powered & Lit up | GMC Yukon XL Update
  9. Time to wheel the amp rack to the Yukon! This thing is so heavy duty! DC Audio 7.5k on the bass and 2 90.4's on the highs. Audiocontrol DM810 on the processing some copper extensions so i can easily get the second 2/0 on each terminal.
  10. time to get started with the electrical upgrades! The 3rd XS Power Titan 8 lithium showed up for the front and also we got a 400a Mechman Elite series alternator. I have a few spools of Skyhigh Car Audio 2/0 from my last build so we will wire it all up with that! SMD Fuse blocks and ground distro of course! 9.5lbs vs 48.5lbs.... Lithium FTW!
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