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  1. ive always wanted to try this and one day it dawned on me that i actually have a signal generator DUH! the SMD IMSG+ (coming soon). I ordered up some crystal wine glasses from Amazon on the cheap and when they arrived i got busy. Type in the frequency you think they will break and the power you think it took to do it. Or did the speakers smoke? or both? watch the video, see how close you were and come back. Lets see if you were close. this was fun!
  2. Thanks again Greg and of course everyone at Rockford Fosgate What a serious treat it was to have someone of his status in the audio world come down and personally teach me how to do this. It came out amazing! I know he loves it! I can't wait to upload the video. I will edit it this weekend (if i get a chance) but regardless it will be up soon. Enjoy Trino brotha!! It pays to be in the 35 year club and always was a cool mothaf##ka to me. I hope you have many years of jamming up the blvd!
  3. So if you know me, you know i love to do cool stuff for my friends, family and even people i don't know. When i see the right opportunity and just the right situation unfolding, i usually decide what i am going to do about it in my mind. I may or may not say or do anything but sometimes, i just can't resist. I know my boy Trino who i have known for about 35 years (from our hood) has a nice bike. I follow him on instagram and seen him always out riding with the boys. One day after taking a trip out to Rockford Fosgate (back in June) and seeing all the big things they are doing in the Harley world, a light bulb in my head went off. I gave Trino a call while i was still out there and asked what he had (because i don't know much about Harley's). After speaking with my guys at RF, i decided that this might be my first ever bike install. I asked him (Trino) if he was interested in a free upgrade, so long as i can make a YT video of the install (and learn from it) and he said HELL YA! A month or so later after the NEWEST version was released, i received the package with everything i needed inside of it. I called my main man Greg Cobbs at Rockford to ask a few questions about the install and he totally volunteered to fly out and help me with it! It isn't really that complicated of an install but you do have to take the bike apart, which i have never done before. So i was happy to have him out to give me a hand (actually it was me giving him a hand) When i called him and asked if he was ready, he said "bro, my bike is an 18 and i the '19's are about to go on sale, i think i'm gonna get that so we can do this all the way NICE". 2 days later, he got the BRAND NEW 2019 Road Glide Special. He had a few parts put on it (pipe, intake etc) and we were ready to go. Greg flew in as promised and today, we got it done! I will be posting video's of the install (before and after) soon, but for now, here is a few pics. And YES, i did help. He showed me what to do and i did it. Including cutting up the rear bags for the by-nines Check out the pics below - YT video in a few days
  4. no, i don't understand. Nobody in the history of this site has ever been shunned or didn't get love because they didn't have 18's in a 4th order. That is horse shit. If you do a nice job i don't care if it is one 8, you will get love. Of course a more extreme setup will get a little more attention but a small setup that is really nice will too. Not sure where you came up with that LOL.... anyway, i do want to see some of your installs. Big or small.
  5. that sounds like a really nice system to not have any pics of anywhere. Those A-pillars have to be super legit to hold those mids/tweets. Does the owner have any pics? Anyway, What head unit were you using? Factory? Kinda crazy you happen to have a Mosconi dsp just had "laying around" i have never seen one install the entire 10 years or more you been here. You need to post more! i wanna see man!! I mean you just ran out and grabbed some PPi 3 ways like nothing and slapped them in the exact same spot. By the way, i know those door panels very well. If you had the mid in the stock location, how was it mounted? Like i said, anyone who know's what they are doing should be able to make some Walmart mids/highs sound good. There has to be an explanation. Bummer you have no pics of any of it.
  6. i personally would like to see the install pics if you have any. Is there a link to any? I mean, typically you can get a set of Autozone speakers to sound good if you actually tune and place them correctly. It's mind boggling they could be that bad without something else factoring in....maybe a bad crossover. Bad crossover setting....something.
  7. well one person out of hundreds complaining, especially in a forum where that is all people ever do, isn't bad. I know i can't wait to hook mine up. After using the 2 ways a few times with EXCELLENT results, the 3 ways should be that much nicer.
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