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  1. "Bloodbath" BASS! 6 15" Subs 32,000 Watts! 6th Order Stack Fab Bandpass Wall - Chevy Tahoe
  2. We moved! New surround sound home audio/theater system plans (9.2.4 Dolby Atmos)
  3. Unbelievable Excursion! Carbon Fiber Deaf Bonce Apocalypse 15" Sub pushed HARD
  4. Two 24" Subs one VERY LARGE ported box build (start to finish) "The Skelator"
  5. 24k Gold Plated 400 amp High Output Alternators - laser engraved logo CRAZY Bling!
  6. The WORST sound system install EVER! You won't believe it. Entire fix, start to finish
  7. Subwoofer vs. 220volts. That's alotta' Power! Sparks, Flames, Smoke!
  8. Bump in the Trunk - 2 12's on 3,000 watts! full system install start to finish + 1 year update!
  9. 800lbs of BASS! Six 12's clear acrylic ported box loaded into the Caddy. First fire up!
  10. truck got a little lower in the back It fills back up though when i start the truck (the stock air assist). Still sits level
  11. Of course i have a TON of trim work to do. I don't plan on just leaving a big box sitting in the back, plopped in place. I plan on making it look like it belongs. It already does IMO!
  12. a 700+ LB box by yourself on a Saturday morning? I got this! I got the box in most of the way but it snagged on a Second Skin covered metal bump in the back. I couldn't move it anymore. Since i was by myself, i decided to call in the big guns...aka my beloved forklift. I lifted it just over the little thing i was hung up on and pushed it in. BAM! Done! This port is strong and the way the box is designed i could easily just pick it up and move it around by this spot. It makes me nervous though none the less! Were in!
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