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  1. damn man i loved that shit. wish black chics like bass like that. they love when you ride by slammin fuck sticking the head in.
  2. steve do you carry a pistol cause you like to pull over and demo a lot there are haters
  3. really steve thats a good price for someone to do it right i paid 1800 and still having problems make sure you have some coolant in your radiator that has something to do with the cooling of your engine and tranny
  4. you wanna call me at 2am and when you come over you say you just wanna talk FUCK THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. you wanna sit in my truck and feel the vibration and not please me later FUCK THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. fuel filter is already done, that was easy....it didnt help though. Its pump time. FTL :V told ya. get that shit done so we can see some more vids jk :^
  7. same shit just happen to me fuel pump i bet. i just got mine changed i did what you did put all that gas in and it wouldnt start. i thought it was other things its the fuel pump. once you let it sit it will fire up then die. oh changing it is a piece of cake if your good wit cars got mine changed in like a hour cost me 150.00 wit labor. oh when you get that done make sure they look at your fuel lines get them knocked out. you dont want them damn things going bad after you fix a problem :^
  8. bring that shit.. i put you as a friend steve whenever you ready for them broncos :^
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