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  1. i have two 15inch arsenals for sale the recent ones i want 300 shipped i dont have pics right now but if your serious i can get some. Here are a couple of vids Any further questions please fill free to call 513-807-9365 thanks jeron
  2. I have 2 AA Arsenal 15's the 08' ones and a orion 2500d im trying to get rid of somebody take these off my hands for me looking for 800.00 call now free ship and handle. i dont have any pics up yet i got vids. Give me a call 513-807-9365
  3. no i dont have a bass knob but here are some pics. Great amp i wouldn get rid of it if i was keeping dual 4ohm subs i got some AA 07 Arsenal 15s two going for 300.00 for the pair awsome sub got any pics of your amp
  4. 1.Two AA Arsenal 15s- 300.00 retail 390.00 still like brand new only couple days of playing 2.orion 2500d- 425.00 retail 500.00 3.pioneer primer DEH-P880PRS- 400.00 retail- 550.00 subs and deck shown in this vid. trying to upgrade
  5. interested in a trade i need that amp. a orion 2500d and 70.00 dollars
  6. well i have a orion 2500d [email protected] well im getting these subs on a deal so i need the kicker [email protected] amp im looking to trade amps i want the one that came out in 06 cause my amp came out in 06. the 07 amp will work to anybody:thumbsup:
  7. im sure he would i dont know how to get hold of him he dont work at extreme sound no more
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