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  1. Where does your ground go from the battery? Does the motor have a good block to frame/body ground? As well as a ground wire running from the alternator bracket to the battery?
  2. lmao right, i don't even know how i'd fit a d3100 in my civic's bay
  3. Starting build today... bear in mind the sub in the box is not the one I'm going to be using... It's blown and being replacing with a Power Acoustik GW3-12 D2 sub.
  4. what is your clamp meter reading before it hits clipping? do you have any impendance rise coming across the positive side of the power wire coming from the battery to amp? was the voltage measured during testing done at the battery, amp, or vehicle dash meter?
  5. Wow, so many names that I've seen come and go just looking through this whole thread. David, Brian, n8ball, it's great to see you guys still active, along with a few names I think i recognize
  6. Handled it way better than I would've, i would've straight up ripped out ass out and beating on him lol. Thieves fucking suck
  7. yup, as posted above, i am doing half blocks too! More pics here when those are done so check back soon. thanks man! Awesome, I'm looking forward to getting some when they're available and I get started on building!
  8. I was looking for a solution like this earlier.. Any plans for something a little smaller for smaller applications?
  9. Anyone else play it? Currently on paragon 206 in the new season as a wizard
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