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  1. 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 Btw if you're over 30 and out of shape, don't get a longboard.
  2. You could also just splice the trigger wire at the original relay and have that feed the trigger terminal (jumped from 1st to last) on the rest of the relays, provided their in the same relative location.
  3. Unless you're good (or knowledgeable I should say at carpentry/fabrication), home-made could work to your personal preference, and you can tailor it your way... Or get a pre-fab setup, and get accesories for side stands, table, etc etc..
  4. Older cars are much less sensitive as they have way fewer electronics... Only things I've seen on Google from looking, is this something different than batteries out of a Ford C-Max?
  5. Nice clean build! Seeing that cable management has me wanting to pull mine apart (i7 11700kf, 64gb ram, 4070Ti), and actually organize properly... Jealous of the 5G symmetrical, I can only go to 1G through my only local fiber ISP.. You could've gotten a 10G PCI-X NIC, but good excuse for building a new badder ass PC
  6. lmao right, i don't even know how i'd fit a d3100 in my civic's bay
  7. Handled it way better than I would've, i would've straight up ripped out ass out and beating on him lol. Thieves fucking suck 😠
  8. yup, as posted above, i am doing half blocks too! More pics here when those are done so check back soon. thanks man! Awesome, I'm looking forward to getting some when they're available and I get started on building!
  9. I was looking for a solution like this earlier.. Any plans for something a little smaller for smaller applications?
  10. Anyone else play it? Currently on paragon 206 in the new season as a wizard
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