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  1. Handled it way better than I would've, i would've straight up ripped out ass out and beating on him lol. Thieves fucking suck
  2. You need to get a seperate LOC for the mids/highs unless you can find a 5-6 channel LOC
  3. I have a PNY 240gb that does good, got my gf a Samsung 850 EVO which is a bit faster than mine
  4. Right and I get that, just trying to get feedback as to which exhaust sounds like what etc etc.. LoL
  5. Soo...Mostly just trying to find opinions on how which muffler/exhaust setup sounds on the Denali 6.0's... Looking for mostly idle sound, acceleration, and in cab sound reviews... I've tried a few from youtube but that seems too jumbled... Thanks
  6. Holy hell, that's a huge difference. I'm gonna look into those. Do the morimoto's bolt in place of the factory ones, it looks like it does, judging by your pics. Denali projector housings?
  7. Finally got around to getting some HID's...8000k Xentec HID's for the low beams.
  8. I have some good nature shots I nabbed while I was out that I gotta wait to post.
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