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  1. Long time, no see. Figured i would update you guys now that the season is over. I have spent a insane amount of time on the car to improve the results and i have succeeded The summer started with me cutting the baffle out of the car as i wasn't satisfied with it. New, better baffle installed and painted. The nice paint didn't last long with all the testing going on Reinforced the rear wall as this was the weakest spot of the shell. New electrical and amps Two Banda Viking 10k and 5 banks of 2.85v Maxwell caps. Also bought myself a new charger, DD SPS-100.4 Reconed the Z subs so i could achieve lower nominal impedance. Last weekend i went to the Swedish Db Drag finals and took First place with a top score of 165,8dB with 16,5kw. So, to recap. I built Sweden's loudest SS1-2 car ever over a period of nine months, won the Championship and set a new Swedish record. I'm pretty happy with the performance of the Panda so far. But it can always get louder The goal for next season is 167dB under 25kw. Which should be doable over the winter with the changes i have planned
  2. Time for an update! I got the car playing in time for the competition. Still a lot of work to get the car to it's full potential but i will get there during the season! Painted the rear wall and began foaming around the frame Made covers around the wall using cheap Ikea blankets, fiberglass and resin Welded a simple battery holder. Loaded the Z subs Still need some finishing touches aka Paint You should be able to lean your seat into a proper sized port In the Lane The Panda preformed over my expectations. This was on ~6000w clamped power I also scored a 159,7 on 4000w clamped The weekend left me with two 1:st places, one second place and one third place. Best score were 161,6dB. Which is also my Personal Best
  3. Nothing i would ever do. There was a guy that tried this in a Volvo wagon with 4 15" subs. The "wall" sat at the passenger side with subs and port firing towards drivers side. Did about 145db on the meter. He later built a regular box in the trunk area with 2 15" subs and scored higher.
  4. I have been slacking on updating you guys. I still have a shitload to do and only 12 days until the Panda is supposed to be ready Made some "swiss steel" so i could weld the plate to the frame. Floor welded Drilled lots of holes in the roof plate Jacked it up against the frame, this was a pain in the ass to do by myself Done Welded the angled sections Made some "fill-in" pieces around the wheel wells Bent steel so i would get a nice round shape over the wheel wells When the welding was done i started laying putty and sanding to smooth things out. No pics of this tho. Built a baffle and installed it using super strong glue and thick steel brackets i made.
  5. You would have to use about 100 feet of 16 gauge wire to accomplish this. Nothing i would ever recommend.
  6. I wont put wood over the steel. I will have to see if i will have problematic resonance when i test. There are other SS cars built this way without problems.
  7. First system i ever heard was in my cousins Saab 9-5 around 00'. Thinking back it was 2 cheap of the cheap 12" in a prefab. Since then i am hooked on bass
  8. Got a lot of work done this week I feel the end of this project is getting closer and closer, i can't wait until the first burp Finished the floor. Total of 12mm deadener everywhere with 98% coverage. Putting the "dashboard" back was a pain with all the deadener in place. Rear wall was welded to the frame. Side walls welded I couldn't weld the plate from behind so i choose to drill holes and fill them in. I used this awesome core drill with electromagnet at the bottom.
  9. Thanks! I only removed the old paint from the factory mat. There was no need to remove it as it was bitumen mat which melts when i use the heatgun on the new deadener, forming one thick layer ?
  10. Got some work done... Did 2 layers of 4mm mat on the drivers side. Still needs another layer :s I also recieved my steel plates!
  11. I figure that if i do it properly the first time around i wont have to spend time redoing this shit?
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