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  1. Ok thanks i think my fuse pop like a week ago i was puting a new fuse holder fot my alt to batt and i did not removed the neg bett terminal was being lazy i did se it ark then i put it back maybe thats what made the fuse pop i only have had my system for a month
  2. Im running 0 gauge rockford fosgate ofc and i have 1 fuse on my front d6500 batt the run is like 12 ft and rhe fuse was a 250 amp
  3. My charger is the platinum diehard it has a 2 amp a15,40,and 125 jump start i have it in the agm mode
  4. So i started seeing my amplifiers light dim so i started going to my wires amd found out i had amy fuse blown the one that comes from my front battery to feed the back one i put my multimeter and it read 10.4 volts will that mess my battery up its 3 weeks old i have it charching right now with my charger at15 amps just curious
  5. No they are both ment for the low bass just that the x is 1250 rms and the zv4 is 1750 rms
  6. So like the topic says do you put the screw on top if the rubber or do i pull the rubber a little to the side to put the screw i pull the rubber to the side but i just want to make sure i did it right i have the zv4's i did it that way because the rubber did not alighn with the holes in the basket in using spax screws thanks
  7. I guess they havent had time to update it go to soundsolutionsaudio.com and pick on the zv4 and it will tell you
  8. In my opinion you should go with the zv4's i got 2 15" and they are beasts can barely pick one up its like 70 pounds bad ass if you ask me
  9. Got my 2 zv4 15" today ohh my god those things are beasts thank you sundownz for making these subs i wish i knew how to put pucs and videos over my iphone i would post some?????
  10. Helll yeah mine is toooo super exited ???????????
  11. Well i wish i could tell you but i havent got them i ordered since july 20 but havent gotten nothing
  12. X2 yes thank you sundownz for the fast reply i know you get alot of dum questions like mine thanks??
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