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  1. Can't wait to see what you do with them, Steve =)
  2. Made a quick video last week. Also my first test on my new camcorder high-speed mode. The woofers motion looks alot more like real life.
  3. MODEL -- RE-CONE Price -- FRAME Price X-6.5SW -- $40.00 -- NA (Frame Not Available) ** Single 4 ohm Coil ** v.2 soft parts -- fits v.1 or v.2 models X-8 -- $55.00 -- $15.00 (D2 or D4 coil) ** Options from other X series do not apply ** We can add an additional spider layer for $10 extra EACH layer. X v.1 / v.2 Pricing is the Same -- We do need to know which one you have, though: * We will by DEFAULT use the Mega-Roll v.2 & Brown Spider if you do not specify (v.2 Spec). X-10 -- $115.00 -- $42.00 X-12 -- $120.00 -- $48.00 X-15 -- $130.00 -- $72.00 X-18 (6-Spoke) -- $140.00 -- $50.00 X-18 (New Frame) -- $150.00 -- $95.00 (**) * 18" Use the Standard 6-Spoke Frame w/ a 257mm Spider Adapter; the $50 frame price includes this adapter * D2 and D4 Coils Available (CCAW Round Wire) * Add $20.00 for NS v.3 coil option (D1 or D2) * Any X Series (v.1 or v.2) equipped with the Mega-Roll v.2 surround will use a softer spider of 3-layers that is light brownish in color. ** Any X-18 built with the new 18" frame ALSO gets an automatic upgrade to NS v.3 coil. For the Z v.4 we need to know Rev.1 or Rev.2 spec soft parts (Rev.1 has original Mega-Roll / Yellow Spider -- Rev.2 has Mega-Roll v.2 / Black Spider) -- Pricing is the same : * We will by DEFAULT use the Mega-Roll v.2 & Black Spider if you do not specify. Z v.4 or v.5 10 -- $125.00 -- $42.00 Z v.4 or v.5 12 -- $130.00 -- $48.00 Z v.4 or v.5 15 -- $140.00 -- $72.00 Z v.4 18 (6-Spoke) -- $150.00 -- $50.00 Z v.4 or v.5 18 (New Frame) -- $160.00 -- $95.00 * 18" Use the Standard 6-Spoke Frame w/ a 257mm Spider Adapter; the $50 frame price includes this adapter * D1 and D2 Coils Available * Softer X Spider Available - NO EXTRA CHARGE * Add $10.00 for NS v.3 RED Spider * Add $20.00 for NS v.2 Coil (v.3 does NOT work) * Any Z v.4 series (Rev.1 or Rev.2) equipped with the Mega-Roll v.2 surround will use a softer spider of 4-layers that is black in color. Originally the NS v.3 had the Mega-Roll v.1 & Red Spider -- that is no longer default. * All NS v.3 drop-ins will default to Mega-Roll v.2 & Red Spider if you do not specify -- we need you to SPECIFY if you want the old Mega-Roll v.1 surround. STOCK CONFIGURATION NS v.3 10 -- $135.00 -- $42.00 NS v.3 12 -- $140.00 -- $48.00 NS v.3 15 -- $150.00 -- $72.00 NS v.3 18 (New Frame) -- $170 -- $95.00 * D1 or D2 Coils Available * Softer X or Z v.4 spiders available -- NO EXTRA CHARGE * The standard Red spider pack is used for any NS v.3 with Mega-Roll v.1 or v.2 surround. ---------- TEAM 12" -- $170.00 --$48.00 TEAM 15" -- $180.00 -- $72.00 TEAM 18" -- $215.00 -- $95.00 ** Dual 1.4 , 0.7 , and 0.5 DCR Coils Available ** Built stock with Mega-Roll v.2 surround and 4-layer black linear spider pack ---------- ALL NEW PLATFORM SUBS : ** SPL Cone/Surround Option = $0.00 Extra for 10/12/15/18 (18" on 6-spoke) ** SPL Cone/Surround Option = $10.00 Extra for 18" on New Frame ** SPL Surround is MUCH stiffer - we suggest a black or brown spider. ** SPL Spider Option = $20.00 Extra for 3-layer (standard) ** Add $10.00 for each additional spider layer ** The spider OD will be reduced to the next smaller size (12s get 8 3/8", 15s get 9.25", and 18s get 9.25") when using 3 or more layers. ** The 10” models can only be made with up to 2-layers of the 8 3/8” SPL spider pack. *** NEW : You can add a CARBON FIBER dust cap for $60.00 additional on ANY new platform drop-in kit. It will come blank without a logo.
  4. MAJOR UPDATE (11-3-16): Nearly all pricing has changed. Also as of THIS MONTH our drop-in lead time has been reduced to 1-2 weeks on average for STOCK kits. Customized kits may be longer. ---------- To order a STOCK drop-in e-mail [email protected] To order a CUSTOM drop-in e-mail [email protected] To reduce back-and-forth e-mails ALWAYS include the following : 1) What you are ordering -- Model, Coil Configuration, Etc. 2) If you already have a basket or not; please check below for any special notes. 3) If you need ANY custom options please specify up front. 4) !!! YOUR ADDRESS AND NAME !!! 5) A picture of what you have goes a long way to be SURE we are talking about the same thing. 6) When you send payment include ALL details of your drop-in on the notes(model, size, coil configuration, options, etc) IT WILL TAKE, ON AVERAGE, 1-2 weeks for a built item like a drop-in to be completed. It may take longer depending on how busy our build department is and/or if all of the parts are currently in stock -- please keep this in mind. Updates will NOT be sent along the way -- an update will occur when the product is shipped. You can e-mail us to check on the status, although, an exact completion time may not be available you make sure we received payment & it's in the works. ---------- WE CANNOT WARRANTY DIY RE-CONE ASSEMBLY ISSUES. If you are not 100% sure about re-coning the driver yourself SEND IT IN to us. We can ONLY stand behind labor that we perform. Manufacturing defects in the kit itself are of course our responsibility but installation is 100% the customer responsibility. MAKE SURE to check your re-cone BEFORE installing it for complete accuracy. This includes using a DMM to make sure you received the correct voice coil configuration. As this is a DIY process everyone performing a drop-in should have access to a multi-meter. If there is a mistake on the kit we need to know BEFORE you glue it all in place!!! Once the kit is glued into place we will not be be liable for any errors in it's construction. CHECK IT OVER FIRST. If it is not correct we will issue a call tag for it and build you the correct kit for you ASAP. Also... any CHANGES to a drop-in order must be done in the form of a new order so that ALL of your details are IN WRITING on the payment slip from Paypal. There will be absolutely NO changes to drop-in orders on the phone! All changes & drop-in orders must be in writing. ---------- This thread over-rides any prior quotes or costs. These prices are the same for everyone; Team, dealer, customer, etc. All costs + SH charges. ---------- KITS DO NOT include shims or glue. White paper trimmed / stacked to spec works perfectly for shimming -- use enough where it is snug but not so tight you can barely get the coil in the gap. For glue we suggest Loc-Tite 5-minute epoxy with mixing tubes to glue the spider to the frame (MAKE SURE to sand it first) and we suggest E6000 for the surround* and dust cap (sand frame for surround and rough up the glue surface of the dust cap with sand paper as well). These can be purchased online (click the links above) or at most hardware stores. Surface preparation is key for adhesion -- we also suggest cleaning the surround glue surface with rubbing alcohol, ESPECIALLY, on any "new platform" drop-in kits (Mega-Roll Surround or New SPL Surround). This is *critical* for proper adhesion. After you have thoroughly cleaned the surround glue surface make sure to let it FULLY dry before gluing it down. MANY kits DO NOT include the solder tabs that attach to the terminals; these should be RE-USED. If you require new tabs you will need to request them and there will be a charge for them. * -- Note on Mega-Roll v.1/v.2 Surrounds... clear E-6000 is not a great choice for these specific surrounds (it works great on any other surround we produce). We suggest either Epoxy (the same Loc-Tite product will work) or BLACK E-6000. ---------- The frame price comes with gasket and terminals -- but if you need any plastic spacers those are extra and you must request them. ---------- MODEL -- RE-CONE Price -- FRAME Price E8 v.3 / v.4 / v.5 -- $36.00 -- NA * D2 / D4 Available * Specify v.3, v.4, or v.5 E-10 v.1 or v.2 -- $38 -- $10 E-12 v.1 or v.2 -- $40 -- $10 E-15 v.1 or v.2 -- $44 -- $10 * D2 / D4 Available * Specify v.1 or v.2 E-10 v.3 -- $40.00 -- $10 E-12 v.3 -- $43.00 -- $10 E-15 v.3 -- $46.00 -- $10 * D2 / D4 Available !!!FOR SA-8 KITS SEE THIS THREAD TO DETERMINE WHAT MODEL YOU HAVE. WE MUST HAVE THIS INFO TO MAKE THE CORRECT KIT!!! SA-8 v.1 or v1.5 -- $40.00 -- $10.00 * MUST SPECIFY v.1 or v1.5 when ordering !!! * D2 / D4 available Stock SA-8 v.2 (or v.3) -- $50.00 -- $15.00 * MUST SPECIFY v.2 or v.3 when ordering. * D2 / D4 available SD-2 8 -- $50 -- $15.00 * D2 or D4 * You CANNOT change the impedance of your SD-2 8" -- you must order the same coil as it originally had; the D2 and D4 gaps are different. SD-2 10 -- $60.00 -- $15.00 SD-2 12 -- $60.00 -- $18.00 * D2 / D4 available SD-3 10 -- $60.00 -- $20.00 SD-3 12 -- $60.00 -- $25.00 * D2 / D4 available * You CANNOT change the impedance of your SD-3 series -- you must order the same coil as it originally had; the D2 and D4 gaps are different. SA-10 -- $60.00 -- $15.00 SA-12 -- $60.00 -- $18.00 SA-15 -- $65.00 -- $21.00 SA-18 -- $80.00 -- $40.00 * D2 / D4 Available SA-Ultra 12" -- $70.00 -- $18.00 ** D2 / D4 Available NSv1 12 -- $135.00 -- $25.00 NSv1 15 -- $140.00 -- $30.00 NSv1 18 -- $150.00 -- $40.00 * 3 Layer Spider Pack Stock * New Style Spiders Available @ No Extra Cost (Black 4-Layer) * Yellow, New Style, 5-Layer Pack Available @ $10 Extra (15s and 18s Only) * Red, New Style, 6-Layer Pack Available @ $20 Extra (15s and 18s Only) * D1 / D2 Available NSv2 12 -- $140.00 -- $25.00 NSv2 15 -- $145.00 -- $30.00 NSv2 18 -- $155.00 -- $40.00 * 3 Layer Spider Pack Stock * New Style Spiders Available @ No Extra Cost (Black 4-Layer) * Yellow, New Style, 5-Layer Pack Available @ $10 Extra (15s and 18s Only) * Red, New Style, 6-Layer Pack Available @ $20 Extra (15s and 18s Only) * D1 / D2 Available Zv2 12 -- $100.00 -- $25.00 Zv2 15 -- $105.00 -- $30.00 Zv2 18 -- $115.00 -- $40.00 * Copper or Aluminum Coils Available * Z v.3 Spider Pack Is Standard * MUST USE Z v.3 Plastic SPACER * D1 / D2 Available Z v.3 12" -- $110.00 -- $25.00 Z v.3 15" -- $120.00 -- $30.00 Z v.3 18" -- $130.00 -- $40.00 * D1 / D2 Available * Add $10 for Z v.4 Spider Pack (15s and 18s Only) * NS v.3 Spider Pack Add $20 (Red Pack) for 15s and 18s only * The 10/12 models use a different coil than the 15/18 models ---------- IMPORTANT NOTE : YOU MUST USE OUR NEWEST 12-spoke 15" FRAMES TO USE THE Z v.3, v.4, X OR NS v.3 SPIDER PACKS !!!! They are 213mm spiders and require a modified top landing. The other spiders for 10/12 and the 18 are compatible with any 12-spoke / 6-spoke that I am aware of.
  5. I can't say for sure the power I had on it -- I simply turned it up until it wouldn't go any more. The amp on tap was an SAZ-3500D v.2 @ 1 ohm That all being said IMO the rating is conservative just like our other ratings.
  6. ** Uploaded a video on it. ** Facebook Album with more information as well.
  7. We do not cover stupidity or abuse on blown subwoofers. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. In cases of abuse a re-cone fee is charged -- and usually a brand new woofer is sent out. That being said... our products are rated such that if you do BLOW one you probably aren't running it anywhere near the rating and/or in anything resembling the correct enclosure. This is my favorite analogy... if you go buy a new Ferrari and crash it into a wall -- should you be covered by warranty ? No... that is what insurance is for. A warranty IS NOT an insurance policy.
  9. PS : Although your post doesn't seem to indicate who you are -- I do see two Z v.5 12s for an RMA exchange for someone in NC that are in process right now. I assume that's you ;-)
  10. It will take some time to build all the Z v.5s that have been ordered. If you ordered them they'll be built as soon as possible -- there are a few giant distributor orders that pre-date pretty much any small orders.
  11. We've been shipping them in Rev.3 for quite some time (in the 12" size). Since before the start of 2016... so I'd say pretty much everyone has them by now. Just call your dealer & confirm. Says right on the box.
  12. The official RMS rating will remain un-changed at this time. The coil IS the same as we use in the NS v.3 series, though, so thermal power handling is a good bit higher. Mechanically... same suspension as Z v.4 so I have not altered my official rating as of yet.
  13. Our container is in port on the east coast with the RCAs =) So I am assuming we'll get it next week.
  14. Massive audio,SPL Dynamics and Magnus audio and a lot of others. Those boards are very similar, although, I haven't yet seen this *exact* board in usage. The primary difference being this one has a massive cap bank compared to most other similar designs.
  15. The coil is identical to the SA-10/12/15 -- which is a 2.5" coil with a 45mm winding length. The motor of the SA-18 is substantially larger than the other SA series, though.