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  1. Is it there yet..... I think I heard it roar by on it's way through Texas!
  2. Even if you don't see a huge hp gain, the sound will be nice. Pic looks like it retains the factory cold air inlet too.
  3. Lookin good again. Steve, is that still factory paint on the Rezcalade or was it ever repainted?
  4. A hamburger, if you cut youself on anything in there, then maybe a chicken fried steak!
  5. Steve, I'm curious if a camera from a local news station could get decent sound? They would probably love to film it and could provide you with the footage. Just a thought.
  6. Well I say build it like Steve did the Hoopty, but I'm a little biased! As far as airspace that will be determined by the subs you choose.
  7. Anyone know what a "no land" drill bit is? Are they the same as a spot weld bit? Something like this?
  8. Well this is the "Anything for that extra couple of horses!" forum, these guys went a little further than most! No this is not a photoshop, that IS a Viper motor in there!
  9. KW coilovers ride great! My good friend has a set in his PT, and even with it set very low, it rides a lot better than my PT does with H&R springs. I say you do the suspension first, take your time to decide on the exhaust because you can't exactly adjust the exhaust like you can the coilovers.
  10. I am looking for a quiet riding 225/40/18. Anyone have experience with Nitto NeoGens? The only comparing I can do is to the same size Falken 512s that I have on the PT, looking to upgrade the Mazda.
  11. Fun post! Back in the day for me it was the Orion HCCA red amps, then there were the gold ones! Power 1000's were cool too, anyone remember Mark Fukuda's blazer? Or in Texas the R&D Audio Mustang?
  12. Ok I have been reading a lot and emailing Fi. I now see that my intended ratio and that large box would have been really peaky - not what I wanted at all. So thanks for steering me into more reading. Think I am on the right track now, just have to play with the calculators some more.
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