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  1. So I've had this basket that a buddy gave me in a trade and it sat for a while since lack of resources like where to get a cone til recently, and just plain being lazy. But, lately I've come across a few good sources for parts and am wanting to do something crazy with it. My goal is to build a triple magnet (ceramic) 4" dvc version of the Kicker L7, hopefully rating at 2-4k watts minimum. So I'm gonna start a build log and slowly add to it. Btw, this will be my first subwoofer rebuild/build so this should get interesting. Pics from build log will be shared here through my flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/gp/jkoncepz/19810G
  2. If you got capacitors for your system, post pics of your setup and specs and total watts. I'm looking to do a capacitor setup for a system of 4,000w total peak.
  3. Future - POA, from his self-titled album. Just dropped recently. The whole album is bassin'. ?
  4. Just looking at the videos again, this would make an excellent DJ sub, a couple of these on some heavy duty casters powered by a big amp like a Crown I-Tech 12000hd and you'd make a serious statement at any party.
  5. Sick! Congrats on the CNC router. I used to work at a sign shop that had one. We'd CNC and then paint door signs for hospitals and other businesses. Btw, I like how it has a brush trap around the router to limit dust travel so the vacuum can suck it. Now my question is having this, and after this build, are you going to possibly do another box for the Tahoe with the plexi / led look for the front and the traditional port for the back?
  6. Slow Motion cone excursion as subwoofer is playing 20-1-20hz sweep at close to 1100w in the box. Shot on GoPro Hero 3 Black in WVGA mode and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro (CC) and slowed down to 4%.
  7. Did some videos the other day trying out the Shok Industries Triton 15 free-air (just for fun) to some of my music as well as to a 16 hz tone. It's powered by a Crown XLS 1000 amp in bridge mode to give it close to 1100w on a 2 ohm load. Will do some later in the car soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX6mDgliD3Y
  8. "The RATF chamber is located within the Vibroacoustic Highbay, taking advantage of the 1.8 m (6 ft) thick surrounding concrete walls to help attenuate sound migration through the SPF. The highbay also serves as redundant protection from the RATF nitrogen atmosphere during operation. The RATF is a 2,860 m3 (101,189 ft3) reverberant acoustic chamber capable of achieving an empty-chamber acoustic overall sound pressure level (OASPL) of 163 dB. The facility structure is designed for a future upgrade to 166 dB OASPL, including areas in the horn room wall which have been left blank for future installation of additional modulators/horns. The RATF includes various supporting sub-systems including gaseous nitrogen generation system, horn room with acoustic modulators and horns, acoustic control system, and hydraulic supply system. Test articles are mounted onto elevated customer-provided mounting fixtures for testing. The chamber has been constructed with load-bearing wall attachments for future installation of a 5-ton interior bridge crane. The chamber can be operated as a Class 100,000 clean room once the access doors are closed and the facility is cleaned. The combinations of servo-hydraulic and electro-pneumatic noise modulators utilize gaseous nitrogen capable of producing a tailored wide-range of acoustic spectrums in the frequency range from 25 to 10,000 Hz. The RATF chamber internal dimensions are 11.4 m (37.5 ft) wide by 14.5 m (47.5 ft) deep by 17.4 m (57 ft) high."
  9. Check this facility out at NASA Goddard: And this one, The RATF at the Space Power Facility at NASA's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio:
  10. For the most part, peak minimum power being 5k. I wanted to focus on the "heavyweights, or high power" amps that people use in competition and for the most part ones that are still in production with some exception. I know there are alot of 1-5k monoblocks out there, but I didn't want the list to be crazy long.
  11. big power mono block (mostly) amps. The high power big dawgs, the big block of car audio...nvmd
  12. Hey guys, I've been making a list of big block amps so that I can compare them to one another. Here's what I have so far, if you know of any big block amps to add to my list, please reply. List can include Public Address or DJ amps. Most of the info below were found on manufacturer's websites (understanding that sometimes that information isn't true end user power) so these are untested but mainly a base spec comparison. ----- Big Block Amps Amp Name / Price / Power: Bridged (Watts) / Non-Bridged: 8 Ohm / 4 Ohm / 2 Ohm / 1 Ohm (stable) / Fuse Rating (in no particular order) Amp Name Price Power 1. Crown 12000HD (2 chl PA) $8500? - Bridged: 9000w (8ohm) / 7500w(4ohm) - 8ohm: 2100w/chl - 4ohm: 4500w/chl - 2ohm: 5400w/chl(2.7ohm) or 3750/chl(2 ohm) - *no 1 ohm - 1750w fuse 2. DC Audio 10k Monoblock $2400? - [email protected]: 3000w - [email protected] 2ohm: 5500w - [email protected]: 10,000w - Fuse: 1k amps or 2k linked 3. Crescendo BC5500D $1,099 - *7100w (.5ohm 13v?) *(not 8ohm or linked) - [email protected]: 1500w - [email protected]: 2800w - [email protected]: 5800w - fuse:? 4. Sundown NS-1v2 $1649 - 13,000w (2ohm linked) - 4ohm:1800w - 2ohm:3500w - 1ohm6500w Fuse: 650a 5. Incriminator Audio ia80.1 $2699 - - 4ohm:2400w - 2ohm:4800w - 1ohm:9600w - fuse:? 6. Stetsom 7k2e $1392 - 4ohm:2500w - 2ohm:4500w - 1ohm:7530w - fuse:? 7. SounDigital SD35KD 24V ? - *35,000w at 1ohm (24v) - 1000amps 8. Electro Voice TG7 (2chl PA) $5037 - Bridged: 5000w(8ohm) / 7000w (4ohm) - 8ohm: 1500w/chl - 4ohm:2500w /chl - 2ohm:3500w/chl - Fuse: 1450w 9. Ashly KLR-5000 (2chl PA) $1599 - Bridged: 5000w(4ohm) - 8ohm: 1000w/chl - 4ohm: 1700w/chl - 2ohm: 2500w/chl -no 1 ohm - 24.7amps? 10. Crossfire XS-8k $price? - *1ohm: 8,[email protected] - 10,[email protected] -8ohm:N/A -4ohm:N/A -2ohm:N/A -1ohm:8,[email protected] - fuse? 11. Crossfire XS-8x $price? - *1ohm: 8,[email protected] - 12,[email protected] -8ohm:N/A -4ohm:N/A -2ohm:N/A -1ohm:8,[email protected] - fuse? 12. Cactus Sound K9 $price? - *user tested 12,[email protected]? -9,[email protected] (not sure what ohm) 15,[email protected] (not sure what ohm)...user tested 13. Populus 6500 - info coming... 14. Phoenix Gold Elite.1 $price? - - 2ohm:2400w - 1ohm:3200w 15. DC Audio 9k $price? *[email protected]: 9,800w @18v:11,000w - 4ohm:2400w (14.4v) - 2ohm:4800w(14.4v) - 1ohm:9,000w(14.4v) - 900amps or 1800amps linked 16. Phnx Gld The One $? - *12.6v: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] -14.4v:[email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] -16v:[email protected] / [email protected] [email protected] 17. Hertz Audio MP15K Unlimited $price? - 12vNormal: 1k x 2 (4ohm) 2k x 2 (2ohm) 3k x 2 (1ohm) *12/14.4/16/18v capable 18vBridged: 8,800w(4ohm) 12,000w(2ohm) 15,500w(1ohm) 18. Zapco ZX-26KD $12k? - [email protected]: 13,550w [email protected]: 20,000w [email protected]: 11,550w *[email protected]: 20840w 19. Zapco ZX-10KD $10k? - [email protected]: 7,550w [email protected]: 5,680w [email protected]: 9,780w *[email protected]: 10,440w *2 amps bridged: @ 2 ohm: 19,480w 20. Taramps T50kw $price? - [email protected]: 50,000wrms [email protected]: 28,584wrms - Fuse: 485 amp? 21. Taramps T6500D $price? - [email protected]: 7796wrms [email protected]: 4756wrms [email protected]: 2040wrms - [email protected]: 6500w [email protected]: 3965wrms [email protected]: 2535rms 22. Taramps T10.9kw:[email protected]:10,900wrms T14.2kw:[email protected]:14,200wrms T20.2kw:[email protected]:20,200wrms HD-8000D-2 ohm:[email protected]:9595wrms 12.6v:8,000w 23. Digital Designs M4a $2,679 each (msrp) - [email protected]: 5,200w [email protected]: 7,000w Dynamic power: 9,500w 24. Digital Designs M4 $1,799 each (msrp) - [email protected]: 3,200w [email protected]: 5,000w Dynamic power: 7,[email protected] 25. B2 M1U $2,299? [email protected]: 6,500w [email protected]: 9,900w [email protected]: 11,500w 14.4v-Linked: 10,[email protected] 19,[email protected] (other 12v,14v,16v configurations too) 26. Lanzar OPT110001D $1,099.99 3,[email protected] 6,[email protected] 10,[email protected] Fuse: 4 external 250a (required) 27. Precision Power PDX-10K $1,049.99 3,[email protected] 6,[email protected] 6,[email protected]? 10,[email protected] ohm 28. Lanzar OPTI6000D $829.99 3,[email protected] 4,[email protected] 6,[email protected]
  13. Came up with a new bowling technique that allows me to through a reverse right hook, I call it the "Backwards Flamingo Hook" and then me bowling a regular hook with a strike http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbC48zXQusI&list=UUEPILwa4kpMlutK8yA60Hkw&feature=share&index=2
  14. I understand the goal here, but the kid did not claim he had the world's loudest trailblazer. And he even states that he pulled everything out and literally installed it all the night before, so that would explain why it looks like it does, and I'm sure the kid was wanting to make it to the show with something to compete with than to not compete at all. Clearly this fits the DGAF title. The person that created this video wanted to make a mockery out of the kid and his efforts. But you've been in his shoes before, especially when it comes to the week or night before a competition. And then to have your work talked bad about after you gave a demo of what you put together and later to be talked about by a car audio shop that just loves to talk mess about the underdogs. Seriously? The kid may not know or had time to weld so he 2x4'ed a sheet of mdf and had the foam sealing for the roof to not flex, and foamed the sides so there wasn't any traps for bass to escape from the cab to the back area. As far as his wall setup goes, it's hard to tell but it looks like his subs were inverted 15s or 18s and the walls of the chamber they were in were smooth and braced. And the screw that's in the dash is probably holding on the panel that has more than likely been stressed and popped out from the bass. My point is there's no reason to be dogging this kid's efforts for what he did to get something together to compete at the show the next day. I'm sure that if he had all the time in the world, he would do his build proper.
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